Cooking isn’t just a mere life skill; it’s a form of art. A plate of food can tell more stories than you can imagine. It’s a story of passion and love, it’s a story that starts from the farm, where a farmer produces your supplies with his heart on his sleeve to the love you bestow while cooking for a loved one. Food has a magical way of uniting people regardless of color, ethnicity, or whatever parameter we set. Food is a language that can connect two people from two very distinct corners of the world, without having to say a word. But, while we love to feed and be fed, we often underrate the engine room of our house, the kitchen. A well-organized kitchen is vital for scrumptious food as well as a healthy household.

Maggie Smith

Hello, people of the internet! This is Maggie Smith, just like you guys, I love to cook and feed my loved ones. I’m a homemaker based in Chicago, Illinois, who loves to learn and impart the knowledge to everyone like me. Blessed with my angels and their loving dad, I’ve spent a large chunk of my life, ensuring they get the best of the bests. In an attempt to make sure my family is always getting healthy and scrumptious food, I’ve dedicated my leisure to learning and mastering cuisines, recipes, and everything you need to know to revamp your kitchen. You can contact me by fillup the Contact Form.

Every once in a while, I come across stay-at-home moms like me, who struggle with their kitchens on a day-to-day basis. Kitchenky is my little world where I try to share a bit of my knowledge and learning to those who are learning. While I’m still a learner at heart myself, I believe together we can always do more. This little blog of mine is a co-operative, collaborative platform to tackle our day-to-day problems in the kitchen. Here, I want to discuss a myriad of topics, including:


If you didn’t already know, I love to cook! Whether cooking for my little children or serving for a massive house party, cooking for people makes me happier than anything. But, no one loves the same monotone dishes every day. Thus, I love researching on cuisines and recipes from all over the world. You’ll often find me with a cookbook trying to procure a science experiment out of it. I’ll be uploading my recipes from a plethora of international cuisines that come with my own twist. These recipes are proven crowd-pleasers, and I’m sure you’ll love them at first bite as well!

Tips and Tricks:

What makes a steak perfectly cooked all the way through? How to make the most luxurious pie crust every time? How to make a scrumptious meal in 15 minutes that will last a day? How to get rid of the nasty smell from the dish rack? What to do with leftover food? These are questions everyone asks when in a kitchen. While cookbooks and guides can give you an idea, nothing is as valuable as the skills learned the hard way. While cooking for my family, I’ve come across sticky situations and found solutions that make life more comfortable. I whole-heartedly believe you’ll find them helpful as well. Especially if you’re new to the kitchen.

Appliance Reviews:

A large part of my day is spent in the kitchen. Thus I want it to be a wholesome experience. Since I’m always working with a plethora of appliances every now and then, I like to invest in the best there is. Since there is no corporate drama involved, you’ll find my honest opinions about the appliances I’m using on a regular basis. I’ll try to discuss both the good and the bad, so you don’t end up spending your money in the wrong place.

Kitchen Design & Decoration:

What makes a kitchen more efficient is an efficient design. Putting stuff here and there not only makes the entire area cluttered. Furthermore, finding and arranging everything becomes a complete mess. Over the years, I’ve redesigned my kitchen several times for both efficiency and aesthetics. Thus, I’ll be uploading sustainable decoration tips as well as well-detailed design ideas to bring the best out of your kitchen space.