Best Brisket Knife for Slicing and Trimming, BBQ Knife in 2021

Updated On: July 10, 2021

Who doesn’t love juicy smoked brisket? I’m asking because this is one of my favorite dishes. A perfectly cooked brisket will give you a heavenly feel with its tenderness and flavor. The presentation even affects the flavor of your brisket. People eat with their eyes before eating with their mouths.

Brisket Knife Reviews

Preparing a perfectly smoked brisket takes up to 10 hours. You would want to make sure that it looks great along with its taste. . Using a regular knife will not bring any good here. For best results, you must get the best brisket knife.

All knives in the market are not the same. Different knives work differently depending on for what purpose you want to use. Slicing brisket is far more complicated than chopping vegetables. To make sure you get the right one, I have got some suggestions.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Brisket Knife

Preparing well-flavored brisket gets only half the work done. Slicing the brisket is the last very important step in preparing the meal. Most people overlook this part, but if you want perfection, you must address it with care.

There are different types of brisket knives available in the market made from different materials. Not to be confused, you can keep these specific things in your mind to consider your demand

Blade Type

Mainly, there are four types of blades found in the market that work as brisket knives.


Straight blades have smooth and straight edges. They’re suitable for vegetables, fruits, and meats. Most of the knives in the market are straight-edged, and they’re amazingly versatile.

Hollow Edged

Hollow edged blade surfaces are a little rough. The blade feels rough due to the vertical pits. These create air pockets between the blade and food to reduce friction during slicing.


Serrated edged blades have small teeth to allow you proper slicing through the brisket without ruining the outlook.


Granton blades have a row of pits on both sides of its body. These blades are a combination of precision and gentle action.


Two metal types are most popular among both chefs and home kitchen experts.


German steel is characterized as high-carbon stainless steel that includes different types of metals with steel. The combination makes the blade sharp and durable with excellent corrosion and stain resistance.


Japanese steel is popular for professional-grade culinary. The sharpness, durability, and excellent edge preservation of these steel has made them popular. But this is a pricey option.

RELETED: Japanese Knife Set


After the blade, the handle is the most important part of any knife. A spacious, grippy handle is greatly needed to make your work smooth. Good handle makes your knife well balanced and speedy. Having an ergonomic handle allows you to continue using, even with a sweaty hand.

Electric Knife

When you’re about to buy an electric knife, you’ve to keep some basic things in mind. Normally, manual knives are suitable for any type of person. But, if you think that you don’t have that much energy to cut your raw or cooked brisket, you can go for an electric knife.

Blade Sheath

The size of your knife and sheath is also a matter for storage purposes. It protects the sharp edges as well as also prevents accidental cuts. Very few knife companies provide good quality sheath with knives. Although you can get an aftermarket blade sheath, it would be great if the manufacturer includes one.

Best Brisket Knife Review

If you want to get the right knife for handling brisketing tasks efficiently, I have a handful of suggestions for this purpose. Depending on the type of brisket, wisely choose a knife to meet the purposes well.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Granton Edge Brisket Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia Granton Edge Brisket Knife

  • A Superior Quality Japanese Steel
  • The Blade Remains Sharp For A Relatively Longer Period
  • The Ergonomic Handle Is Made Of Polypropylene

You must have heard about the Millennia brand if you are a chef. For those who have no idea, it’s a well-known brand in the food industry for making quality cutlery for professionals.

Blade is the first thing that you notice when it’s about getting a knife. This one features a razor-sharp Japanese steel high carbon blade to handle your brisket tasks flawlessly.

With minimum maintenance, the blade remains sharp for a relatively longer period. Also, compared to others, it’s fairly easier to re-sharpen due to its materials.

When it comes to the durability issue, the material doesn’t disappoint at all. Carbon steel is a quite tough material that you can rely on. Although you need to handle the knife carefully, the knife will provide you great longevity if you don’t abuse the blade.

This knife doesn’t only have a quality blade; the handle on it is user-friendly as well. Made of polypropylene, the handle feels great on the hand, and durable too. You will not slip the knife of your hand that easily. It also got a protective finger to make cutting safe and convenient.


  • Extremely sharp Japanese carbon steel blade
  • Blade requires minimum maintenance
  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • Durable material
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to hold handle


  • Makes the front finger to slip onto the rear part of the blade
  • Cannot chop vegetables well
Victorinox Swiss Army 12-Inch Brisket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army 12-Inch Brisket Knife

  • The Blade Is Made Of High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • The Fibrox Pro Handle Provides You A Good Non Slip & Comfortable Grip
  • The knife Feels Lightweight And Extremely Easy To Hold

A versatile knife allows you to handle different cutting tasks flawlessly without wasting much time and effort. This one from Victorinox is one of those knives that can handle brisket slicing and carving, and other common kitchen tasks flawlessly.

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With its 12 inches quality stainless steel blade, you can slice through meats in a single and satisfying smooth motion. Making smaller and thinner slices of meat will become much more easy and convenient once you use this knife. Its long blade got a round tip to minimize friction while separating meats.

The blade is durable and extremely sharp to handle thicker meats nicely without requiring much effort from you. So, in terms of slicing, this can be the best knife for slicing brisket you can get at this price point.

Its 5.4 inches handle is also a quality one to wrap your fingers with great comfort. This ergonomically made Fibrox pro handle provides you a good non-slip and comfortable grip that allows you to work for prolonged periods without any issue.

The knife feels lightweight and extremely easy to hold; you will have great control and well balance while using it. As the blade is made of European steel, the entire construction feels quite lightweight. Due to the Granton blade, you will experience less friction and food sticking while processing meats.


  • Durable, lightweight, and quality stainless steel blade
  • Comfortable to hold handle reduces fatigue
  • Great performs at handling soft and firm meats
  • Long blade to cut smoothly
  • Non-slip grip on handle


  • Many units had issues due to poor packaging
  • Requires frequently sharpening
Cuisinart Electric Brisket Knife

Cuisinart Electric Brisket Knife

  • State Of The Art Electric Stainless Steel Knife
  • Both Handles Are Very Comfortable And User Friendly
  • It’s Very Easy To Use For Both Left And Right Handed Chefs

This Electric knife here can make your cutting work easier. Cuisinart is well known for its high performance and committed to its superior quality. They’re also famous for their innovative electric stainless-steel knives and state-of-the-art design.

The Cuisinart electric knife consists of two stainless steel blades that ensure high performance and make a way out for any hard task. One is the bread blade, and another is the carving blade. Both are experts for different purpose cuttings. Their 8 inches long size also complements them for being convenient multi-purpose knives.

Both handles are very comfortable and user-friendly. It’s very easy to use for both left and right-handed chefs. This butcher-block features a safety lock system to store the motor and knife when not in use, which is a great safety feature. The tray makes it look stylish and ensures safety on the table or in the drawer.

The powerful motor is one of the most selling points of this knife, making it the best electric knife for BBQ on the list. It has a pressure-activated one-touch motor. The motor consumes 130 watts, and that’s enough for most cases.


  • Durable and quality stainless-steel blade
  • Powerful motor with one-touch on/off trigger
  • Comfortable and efficient handle for both lefty and righty
  • Greatly performs at handling soft and firm meats
  • Elegant wooden look


  • Handle doesn’t have much grip on it
  • Motor sound is a bit noisy

Best Slicing Brisket Knife Review

Once you prepare and cock the brisket, you should have the right knife to slice and serve the brisket with an excellent cutting finish. For this purpose, these are the top picks.

DALSTRONG 12" Knife For Slicing Brisket

DALSTRONG 12″ Knife For Slicing Brisket

  • Ultra Sharp AUS-10V Vacuum Treated Japanese Super Steel
  • Edge Is Hand Finished Within A Staggering 8-12° Degree Angle Per Side
  • Military Grade Handle With Fiberglass Resin

Slicing knives are mostly multi-purpose ones. This knife from DALSTRONG shogun series is the legendary one to meet your all demand. It got an award-winning design. Made of durable and sharp materials, you will find it to last longer than regular knives.

You will be able to easily make long draw cuts using the knife. The sharp edge of the blade got a delicate hand finish, and you can easily make 8-12 degrees angular cuts without much struggle.

As the blade is nitrogen-cooled, you will get great flexibility while slicing brisket as well as other meats. Great slicing ability makes it the best brisket slicing knife within its class.

made of durable Japanese super hard steel, you can rely on the knife when it comes to durability It got 67-layers of premium grade high-quality carbon steel layers that further enhance the overall durability of the blade.

The handle on this knife is pleasing to hold. It got military-grade construction that feels premium as well. Hand polished and ergonomic handle is perfectly shaped to make it handier and more comfortable at the same time.

With all that being said about the knife, this is one of the best brisket slicing knives you can find in the market within this price range.


  • Japanese super hard steel blade
  • Attractive and unique design
  • Military-grade handle with fiberglass resin
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible blade


  • Handle may seem a little smaller than expected
  • May affect vegetable or thicker meat chopping as it’s lightweight
Dexter-Russell 12” Brisket Slicing Knife

Dexter-Russell 12” Brisket Slicing Knife

  • High-Carbon Material Made The Blade More Durable And Strong
  • Sharp Cutting Edges Ensure Smooth Cutting
  • Nice Grip On The Handle With Finger Guard Protected

With more than 200 years of knife-making experience, Dexter-Russell is a trustable name among professional chefs as well as knife enthusiasts. This 12” scalloped slicer is one of their pieces of expertise that you can leave brisketing tasks on it without worrying.

First of all, the blade is super sharp. The deadly edges made it so. Those edges allow you to cut smoothly without ruining the meat brisket pieces. The 12” long blade handles cutting tasks efficiently.

Whether you mostly have to deal with roast, brisket, ribs rack, or other tasks, you will find this knife to cut through flawlessly. High-carbon material made the blade more durable and strong.

The handle is well-balanced too. With its excellent grip finish and wave-like shape, you will be able to hold it comfortably. It got a finger guard to protect your hand from accidents while leaving enough space for big handed people. What else is needed from a handle?

NSF certification tells that it is already tested by kitchen professionals. So, you can use it in your kitchen and won’t have to regret the money you spent on it. What I didn’t like about the knife is that it doesn’t come with a sheath. Buy or make one for it.


  • Durable and razor-sharp carbon steel made
  • Sharp cutting edges ensure smooth cutting
  • Long blade gives more accuracy
  • Nice grip on the handle
  • Standard weight and easy to clean


  • Not for every type of slicing and chopping
  • Doesn’t come with a sheath
Wusthof Hollow Edge 14” Brisket Slicer

Wusthof Hollow Edge 14” Brisket Slicer

  • This Knife Made Of Chromium Molybdenum Vanadium Steel
  • The Manufacturer Used Advanced Laser Cutting Technology
  • Full Tang & Triple Rivet Well Balance Plastic Handle

In our list, every knife is a hard competitor to one another. Wusthof’s 14” brisket slicer is here to make the competition harder with some really useful features that enhance your overall cutting experience. The look of the blade makes much appeal, whether you are a professional or non-professional who engage in a lot of cuttings.

Most knives on the list are made from very good metals like carbon steel, Japanese steel, etc. However, this one is made of a single piece of alloy that outperforms other knives in terms of durability. You can also expect its razor-sharp blade to be ideal for pretty much all cutting tasks.

The manufacturer used advanced laser cutting technology that makes the edges incredibly sharp and precise. There are hollow edges on the body of this sharp blade that makes slicing pieces a breeze.

If the meal requires you to make extremely thin slices of meat, its blade will manage you to do so, which makes it the best knife for trimming brisket.

Even though the handle is made of plastic, the knife feels well-balanced to hold. Full tang and triple rivet will get you a perfect holding position regardless of your hand’s size. To protect your fingers from accidents, the knife features an edge guard for convenience.

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  • Single piece alloy made it super strong and durable
  • Laser cutting precise shape
  • Stain resistance increases durability
  • Well-balanced knife
  • Long blade eases slicing


  • Sheath’s quality is not up to the mark.
  • Difficult to store due to large size

Best Knife for Carving Brisket Review

Carving seems a bit difficult than slicing. A number of people struggle to perfectly carve brisket. To make it looks like professional work, you can choose one from these knives.

MAIRICO Ultra Sharp 11-inch Carving Knife For Brisket

MAIRICO Ultra Sharp 11-inch Carving Knife For Brisket

  • Sharp Blade With Premium Stainless Steel
  • Provides Well Balanced Weight Distribution And Secure Grip
  • Suitable For Any Kind Of Kitchen Work

Professional chefs always make sure that they get a knife by which they can make clean cuts with minimum efforts. MAIRICO premium carving knife is one of those knives that makes cutting a lot easier and convenient.

The blade is crafted in a way that allows you to make all types of cut as long as you are dealing with meats. Its design greatly complements the weight, which makes it a well-balanced and ideal multi-purpose knife. From fish to meats and fruits to vegetables, it can slice pretty much everything.

As professionals require a long blade, this 11 inches blade will come very useful to them, which greatly adds more to its versatility.

Like the previous one, the handle on this one is also made of plastic. But, it got enough grip and is well spacious for large hands too. Finger guard at the joint of blade and handle makes you feel safe and comfortable use it. This can be one of the best knives for cutting brisket in the market within this price range.


  • Long premium quality blade
  • Great design
  • Suitable for any kind of kitchen work
  • Well-gripped handle with a finger guard


  • Pricey option
  • Flexible, thus not ideal for regular use
Zelite Infinity 12 Inch Slicing Carving Knife For Brisket

Zelite Infinity 12 Inch Slicing Carving Knife For Brisket

  • This Knife Is Made Of High Carbon German Blade
  • Non Stick And Stain Resistant Handle Material
  • Hand Finished Using The Traditional 3-Step Honbazuke Method

Although this knife is been in the market recently, its quality builds, great design, and using convenience make it a popular choice among both professionals and non-professionals.

Zelite used high carbon German blade in this knife. German steel is durable and sharp enough to handle most kitchen cuttings without much struggle. The blade is razor-sharp, and like most knives on the list, it’s rust and corrosion-resistant. So, you don’t need to worry about its maintenance.

As the blade is 12 inches long, it’s ideal for chefs. Due to the large blade, slicing and trimming are like cupcakes to this knife. For preparing brisket, you will get many satisfactory results.

Good quality knives come with great handles. This is not an exception to the knife. The handle feels comfortable on the hand. The black color makes it more elegant and creates much appeal to enthusiasts. The combination of plastic and metal makes it a durable knife to rely on.

When you hold the knife, you will feel it’s much more premium than what it costs. Thanks to the hand finishing work. If you are to take your chopping and cutting experience to the next level, definitely it’s a worthy choice.


  • Stunning look with premier carving
  • Made from high carbon German stainless steel
  • Non-stick and stain-resistant material
  • Rounded handle is perfect for Chefs pinch grip style


  • Handle is thinner than the picture
  • Sometimes single bevel makes problem during slicing
Kessaku 12-Inch Carving Slicing Knife For Brisket

Kessaku 12-Inch Carving Slicing Knife For Brisket

  • German Specially Formulated 1.4116 Stainless Steel Makes The Blade
  • The Blades Edges Got A 16-Degree Angular Shape For Both Site
  • The knife Also Got A Well Burnished Military Grade Handle

Among chefs, Kessaku is the name of a premium quality knife maker. Their knives are made from the finest materials and handcrafted by their expert technicians. This one will give you the feel of owning a professional chef’s knife in your kitchen.

German specially formulated 1.4116 stainless steel makes the blade superior in quality. Blades edges got a 16-degree angular shape. As it’s much thinner than ordinary chef knives, which makes it the best carving knife for brisket.

You can easily make thinner slices of meat within a short time while maintaining great precision in cuts.

The knife also got a well-burnished military-grade handle. Kessaku’s logo at the bottom of the handle and triple rivet construction makes it look stunning to see. You will also get great control while using it for versatile cutting purposes.

Inside the package, you will see a handful of items — the magnetic closure box, special protective sheath, cleaning cloth to look polished and fresh. You cannot ask more from a knife manufacturer. It will surely get you great value for your money.


  • German superior quality stainless-steel made blade
  • Powerful fiberglass knife
  • Well balanced 12” length blade
  • Handcrafted flawless construction
  • Premium box with magnetic closure, sheath and polishing cloth


  • Average sharpness
  • Extra pressure may be required to cut due to its thin and light profile

Best knife for Trimming Brisket Review

You cannot use a regular brisket knife when it comes to trimming. For such precise tasks, you need a trimming knife from the list below.

Mercer Culinary 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife For Trimming Brisket

Mercer Culinary 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife For Trimming Brisket

  • Made From A Single Piece Of High Carbon Japanese Stainless Steel
  • The knife Made Of A Good Combination Of Santoprene & Polypropylene
  • Textured Finger Points Provide Slip Resistance, Grip, And Safety

Japanese steel knives are one of the sharpest ones you will find in the market. This one from Mercer Culinary is also made of such sharp steel so that you can experience uncompromised sharpness regardless of your cutting requirements. For the trust issue about the quality, it has NSF certification.

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The Mercer knife is made from a single piece of high carbon Japanese stainless steel. Compared to most carbon steel blades, you will find it more sharp and durable. But, you will have to handle the knife with care as Japanese steel becomes blunt easily. However, unlike other blades, this one is fairly easier to resharpen.

Due to the high-quality material, the blade is corrosion, rust, and discoloration resistant. The Sharp edge is easy to sharp, makes chopping effortless. If you previously used other knives, and this is the first time that you are about to use a Japanese knife, you will experience the difference.

It’s a small knife, and so is its handle. But its features are the ones that make much appeal to buy it. The knife is a good combination of Santoprene and polypropylene in the handle for comfort and durability. Its textured finger points make it easier to have control while trimming. It has enough space to hold, regardless of the size of your hand.


  • Single piece construction
  • Grippe, textured finger points
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to sharp


  • Regular use will make the blade blunt quickly
  • Backside of the blade may cause accident
Victorinox 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife For Trimming Brisket

Victorinox 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife For Trimming Brisket

  • High Quality Carbon Steel Construction
  • The Handle Has A Nice Grip To It And Feels Great In Hand
  • Can Be Used For Deboning Meat Professionally

Among chefs, Victrinox Swiss Knife is a trusted name since 1884. With a small length of 6”, it’s ready to serve big tasks. If you’re a meat side cook, surely you can go for this.

This knife is specialized in the field of removing meat from the bone. It got a pointy tip that does an excellent job and makes removing meat from bones a lot easier. For ease of slicing, it has a semi-stiff curve construction. Its sharpness is well renowned but may become blunt fast if you don’t handle it with care.

High-quality carbon steel construction makes the knife extremely durable. However, the sharpness is above average on this. As far as slicing, boning, trimming, and other similar tasks are concerned, you will find the knife to be more than enough for such tasks.

The handle has a nice grip to it and feels great in hand. Even if your hand is wet, you will find enough grip to continue cutting in your preferred style and speed. The ergonomic Fibro Pro handle is also durable that will last you more than a few years. NSF certification buys you some great relief in quality verification issues.


  • Small yet powerful
  • Can be used for deboning meat professionally
  • Ergonomic, grippe handle
  • NSF verification


  • Fish filleting is not possible with this knife
  • Tip is not super sharp and may become blunt fast with excessive use
Dexter Russell 6-Inch Boning Knife For Trimming Brisket

Dexter Russell 6-Inch Boning Knife For Trimming Brisket

  • Small Shape And Curved Blade For A Better Outcome
  • Grippe Handle With Finger Guard
  • Made From High Carbon Stainless Steel

Dexter-Russell has come late but took the market with a storm. Unique color, look, and performance in an affordable price range have brought them into the position. With perfect shape and accuracy, it may become your favorite trimming knife in the kitchen.

For knives, blades always come first. It has a flexible 6” curved blade, which is made from high carbon stainless steel. The blade is super sharp for your trimming tasks and easy to keep sharp. You’ll find anything hard to dislike about this knife.

Next comes the unique handle. The handle is the right size for maximum hand shapes. It is no less important than its blade. You will feel much comfort while holding the knife in your hand.

Thanks to its grip handle. Like the blade, its handle is quite easy to clean as well, which means regardless of how much stain and sweat the handle has to endure, you can clean and keep it looks like a new one easily.

Considering the amount this knife charges, it’s one of the best knives in the market within this price range. It works like butter; you’ll feel it. This knife works as an all-purpose knife, which is going to save your money.


  • Unique design and color
  • Small shape and curved blade for a better outcome
  • Flexible stainless steel blade
  • Grippe handle with finger guard
  • Easy to clean


  • Edge of the blade got average sharpness
  • Steel grade may not fulfill your expectation for this price

Best BBQ Knife Review

To be able to separate pieces from an entire BBQ turkey or chicken, I have quite a few picks for tasks. Let’s check our turkey carving knife.

DALSTRONG 12” Gladiator Series BBQ Knife

DALSTRONG 12” Gladiator Series BBQ Knife

  • Made Of High Carbon German Steel
  • Hand Polished Edge At 14-16 Degrees Per Side
  • G10 Garolite Handle That Is Triple Riveted With A Grip That Ensures    Comfort

If you want to bring a warrior-like feel in your kitchen and are fond of long knives, DALSTRONG 12’ knife may become your most favorite. The combination of award-winning design, premium imported materials, and razor-like performance has come combined to fulfill all your culinary needs.

Maximum chef’s knives are 11” or 12”. This one is also 12,” but it’s called extra-long. With every single stroke, you’ll get paper-like thin slices. Its smooth cutting will give you a butter-like feel when slicing fish, meat, BBQ, or roast.

Premium quality Garman carbon steel and its one-piece steel construction has given it insane durability and razor-like sharpness. The blade is super hard and outnumbers most of its competitors in the market when it comes to a good balance between durability and sharpness.

Its craftsmanship is quite stunning. The handle is the unique one on the list. It’s made from Spanish Pakkawood and laminated to make it more grippe, balanced, and strong. For ease of transport and storing, the manufacturer provides a sheath for the knife.


  • Single piece Garman carbon durable construction
  • Rock like hardness
  • Hand sharpened finish
  • Comfortable handle
  • Stain and water-resistant


  • Not very good one for large beef or gammons
  • Its size makes it a bit difficult to store
Victorinox 8 Piece Cutlery Fibrox Pro Ultimate BBQ Set

Victorinox 8 Piece Cutlery Fibrox Pro Ultimate BBQ Set

  • All knives In The Set Are Made From High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • A Rolling Bag Is Provided To Carry Them Safely
  • Each knife Features An Ergonomic Fibrox Pro Handle

If you haven’t heard about Victorinox, it’s a trusted century-old brand, and now it’s an iconic name known as Swiss army knife. Here we’ve brought the ultimate BBQ set in the list, which is the favorite of all chefs from amateur to professional. The set includes almost every type of knives and a knife roll.

All knives in the set are made from high carbon stainless steel, and they are laser tested. The blade is sharp and lightweight. You can give any shape of clean and precise cuts to your meat.

Particularly 8-piece handles different types of tasks. The blade is very easy to clean. You can clean it with your hand and dry it immediately for convenience.

The ergonomic handles are really good quality. They’re well spacious and suitable for both left and right-handed people. Fibrox Pro feature makes them non-slip even if your hand is wet. You will feel great balance and weight due to well-crafted handles and perfectly-forged lightweight blades.

Overall, considering the design and performance, this can be the best BBQ knife for you. NSF certification also proves its quality.

A rolling bag is provided to carry them safely. That’s for free, but you will not like its quality. To keep the sharpness, they should be sharpened after a couple of days.


  • Made from lightweight and high-quality European steel
  • Provided roll bag to handle easily
  • NSF certified
  • Razor like sharpness is a time saver
  • Spacious and comfortable handle


  • Roll bag is not that much good in quality
  • Requires frequent sharpening
  • Handle is not full tang
Cuisinart AC Electric Knife For BBQ

Cuisinart AC Electric Knife For BBQ

  • Featuring A Micro Serrated Stainless Steel Blade
  • Comfortable For Both Left And Right Handed People
  • Stainless Steel Carving Fork Included In The Package

Another electric knife from Cuisinart. As most electric knives, you can rest assured about this knife regarding pretty much effortless cutting experience. Even if you throw a party, and you need to make slices one after another, the knife will manage you to do the work done without tiring your hand.

Featuring a micro-serrated stainless steel blade, the knife will perform great whether you use it to cut bread or meat. You will also get a carving fork with a bamboo cutting board.

The blade is perfect for different purpose cuttings, as it’s 8” long. You can keep it sharp with a sharpener but never use the sharpener to cut bread.

Moreover, the handle is very comfortable and balanced at the same time. Although it feels a bit heavy compared to other ones, both right and left-handed persons can use it conveniently. You may have to take time to get used to with its weight and balance. The handle gets a bit warm, and it’s not as durable as most knives on the list.

It comes with a safety lock feature, which is nice to have, especially when you forget to turn it off. This feature is also used for cleaning purposes. The storage tray makes it look stylish and ensures safety on the table or in the drawer. More about knife safety tips.


  • Comfortable for both left and right-handed people
  • Stainless steel carving fork included in the package
  • Safety lock button works immediately
  • Removable blade for cleaning purpose
  • Storage tray for safeguard and power handling of knife


  • Design is not that much professional
  • Weak construction
  • Handle overheats for long time usage

Best Blade: Straight, Serrated, Scalloped, or Granton

Every tool has a unique proficiency field. You have to use the proper tool for your intended task. However, you can use a plyer for hammering a nail on the wall. But is that an efficient tool to use for this purpose? Or a hammer?

The same rule is also applicable for blades. But most people know less or not don’t feel the interest to know about using the right knife for the right purposes.

Straight Blade

Straight blade is actually a straight-edged blade, the way it sounds. The special thing about these blades is the pointy tip and extremely keen edge. This makes the blades sharp and gives precision and control.

Serrated Blade

Fine-bulging edged blades are called serrated blades. Their edges are less precise but very efficient at slicing cuts. Oh, I almost forgot, the serrated blade is for meat, not for butter.

Scalloped Blades

Basically, scalloped blades are used in bakery, dairy, snacks, meat cutting, and other industries. The edges on these blades are heat treated, which makes the back parts flexible and protects from breakage.

Granton Blade

Granton is a knifemaker company from England. Now, Granton is described as a blade with an identical row of scallops along both sides of the blade and a straight edge. It can be sharpened like a regular knife and honed with a knife steel.

In our opinion, a Granton blade is best for your kitchen. When the task is slicing brisket, nothing can beat a Graton knife.

Difference Between Slicing, Carving & Trimming Knife

I have already reviewed knives for slicing, carving, and trimming brisket. In case you were able to trace the differences among them, that’s good. If not, allow me to explain.

Carving Knife

Usually, carving knives lengths between 8 to 14 inches. The blade is thick and rigid with a tip specially used for cutting meat and departing from the bone. Choosing a long carving knife will always give you an extra benefit of using it as an all-purpose knife.

Slicing knife

Apparently, slicing knives look quite similar to carving knives. They are long and narrow with a straight edge. The tip can be blunt or pointed. Blades range between 8 to 14 inches or 6 to 10 inches. Slicing knives are ideal for a home kitchen to prepare vegetables, meat, and brisket; but, you can’t use these for boning or peeling.

Trimming knife

As the name goes, trimming knives are reliable for trimming off fat from meat. They’re more curved than a boning knife and good for small slicing and peeling. These knives also come great for decoration purposes.

Why Do I Need a Knife to Slice Brisket?

Most people don’t get the reason for using a separate knife when it comes to slicing brisket. This is not because you cannot prepare brisket without a brisket knife. But, when it comes to preparing the dish for any occasion or event, you want to make sure everything looks perfect as if people are having dinner at a restaurant.

To be able to smoothly slice brisket, you would need a knife with a long blade. The sharpness of a blade, as well as a balanced weight, is needed to create smooth and satisfying motion. Your dish can tear and look shabby if you cut brisket excessively.

Another reason why you need of one these knives is that you need to slice the meat before it is cooked. And in a raw state, meats are tough to cut due to fiber. A brisket knife can easily cut those lean muscles into smooth and thin pieces, and you would need much less time to prepare the brisket properly.

Can I Use an Electric Slicing Knife for Brisket?

Between two types of knives, an electric knife is helpful if you feel that you don’t have that much strength to slice a brisket or turkey. In such cases, go for an electric knife to slice meats without much effort. If that is the situation, you can go for an electric knife, which will make your work done with less effort.

As these knives have motor, cutting and slicing would be much faster. Changing the blade is very easy in an electric knife. Also, you can control the cutting power as per the meals require.

However, keep in mind that electric knives are a bit expensive. Most models overheat while working, and you may have to turn the knife off in the middle of cutting. Also, it will produce noise as the knife is powered by a motor. If there is no power outlet nearby, it will not be able to use the knife.

How to Slice Beef Brisket?

If you’ve your tools ready and a perfect brisket in your hand, the task that left is slicing and eating it like never before.

  • At first, observe the whole brisket and its directions from different points
  • Keep the cooked brisket in foil paper for a couple of hours before serving to keep the juice in the meat
  • A long serrated sharp knife with a pointed edge will work more efficiently
  • Cut the brisket through the middle to make two equal parts
  • Slice the brisket into flat pieces against the grain
  • Trim off excess fats from the outside of the brisket
  • Cut off the overcooked and dry tip
  • Slice into your required shape

Your sliced briskets are ready to serve.

How to Take Care of My Brisket Slicing Knife?

A good knife should be taken good care. Don’t throw it in the dishwasher to clean at first. Depending on the material of the blade, you need to follow different cleaning methods. Properly looking after and maintenance will increase its longevity and give you better performance.

Here are some tips about how to take care;

  • Dishwasher is like an enemy for knives. The ingredients of the dishwasher make it so. Intensive hot water and detergent can damage the handle.
  • Maximum brisket knives are very easy to clean. You can clean your knife hand with warm water and soap. Make it dry right after washing to protect from staining.
  • For a razor-like sharp and edged blade, a good quality protective sheath is a must. A sheath will protect the edges from deterioration and you and family members from accidents.
  • To keep your knife always sharp, you can buy a budget-friendly simple sharpener or you can buy an electric knife sharpener.
  • Your cutting intensity or care while cutting will determine whether the sharpness will last for a long time or not. When cutting brisket, try not pressuring it downwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Brisket So Expensive?

A: Brisket wasn’t as expensive as today. One reason was that traditional smoked brisket was treated with religious enthusiasm in some states in America.

Another is, in a cow, there are only two briskets weighing between 6 to 12 pounds. It would take a considerable number of cows to meet public demand.

Q: What is the correct way to slice a brisket?

A: Steps to slice a brisket properly –

  • Cut your brisket into two sections in the middle.
  • Trim off excess fats from the outside of the brisket
  • Cut off the overcooked and dry tip
  • Slice into your required shape
  • Serve!

Q: Are Japanese knives better than German knives?

A: If you’re about to buy a high-quality knife, making a decision between Japanese and German knives is tough. German knives are a useful workhorse. On the other hand, Japanese knives are for fine and gentle slicing works. German knives are heavier and thicker and can be used on bones.

But the Japanese are thinner and perfect for precision work, and these are extremely sharp.

Q: Can an electric knife cut through frozen meat?

A: It would be difficult to cut through completely frozen meat with a manual knife. Softening it will make the work easier. Soak the frozen meat in warm water, and then attempt to cut it. But with an electric knife, you can’t cut the frozen meat, that’ll be sawing. After cutting you’ll get two portions and some pulps.

Q: How do restaurants keep the brisket moist?

A: In short, they wrap a double or even triple layer of foil papers on unsliced briskets and store them inside a heated ice cooler wrapping with towels. They keep the briskets in the foil when increasing the temperature in an oven, and pour some liquid inside the foil to keep the brisket moist.

Final Words

That was all from my side to share. If you haven’t chosen a specialist knife for your kitchen, this might be the time. Get the best brisket knife and prepare the meal like a professional chef.

Good luck!


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