10 Best Ceramic Knives Review with Buying Guide in 2021

Updated On: June 20, 2021

While we all love to count on steel knives, we should also consider buying a stronger breed of knives that can last longer and execute your cutting jobs with flawless slicing and dicing during the busy hours in the kitchen.

A ceramic knife isn’t probably the right knife for all-purpose uses, but if you want something that can cut through your vegetables with precision while your force being transmitted so easily, then it’s about time to buy one.

The best ceramic knives evolved their way into our kitchens through their unique appearance that seized a large number of kitchen lovers’ attention.

These knives are not glazed with ceramics like your personalized coffee mugs. Rather, they are primarily made from high-grade zirconium dioxide, which makes the knives as hard as diamonds. Such knives will enable you to perform more detailed culinary skills whenever they are at your fingertips.

10 Best Ceramic Knives Reviews

We have actually explored these knives that are accessible in the market at present. Each knife underneath is exceptional in its manner that makes them exclusively uncommon and worth your purchase.

Cuisinart 8-Inch Ceramic Knife

Cuisinart 8-Inch Ceramic Knife

  • The Blade Can Be Retain Longer Than Conventional Steel Knives
  • This Knife Is Perfect For Multi-Purpose Cutting, Dicing, Chopping, Slicing
  • Handle Is Ergonomically Designed To Provide Excellent Comfort

The first item on the list is from Cuisinart. If you have already been to several articles related to knives, you probably have read Cuisinart ceramic knives reviews.

This knife is perfect for multi-purpose cutting, dicing, chopping, slicing, etc. The knife carves easily through fruits, vegetables, boneless meat, and chicken.

Compared to regular stainless blades, you can expect it to last much longer. Being a water and corrosion-resistant knife, you will not face any issues using the knife. The blade is break-resistant, meaning it will not break while preparing foods whatsoever. However, don’t risk it dropping on hard surfaces.

The blade installed in it can retain longer than conventional steel knives. Once you sharpen the blade, you will be able to cut a wide variety of food prep items without facing difficulties due to dullness.

Apart from the blade, you also want to make sure that the handle on your knife is made of good material. Cuisinart seems to understand the fact well and crafted its handle with quality materials. The handle feels extremely ergonomic on hand and provides comfort even when you hold it for hours.

For day-to-day kitchen cutting needs, you will find its 8 inches length to be more than enough. The size also contributes to the overall control while cutting things. Overall, it’s an excellent knife that will definitely complement your kitchen.


  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Break-resistant blade while food prep
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Retains sharpness for longer
  • Pieced together with ergonomic handles
  • Well balanced 8 inches length


  • Can break if it’s dropped on hard surfaces
  • Blade gets chipped if it is not protected or used properly
  • Not dishwasher safe
Wolf War Kitchen Professional Ceramic Knife Set

Wolf War Kitchen Professional Ceramic Knife Set

  • Made Of High-Quality Zirconia Ceramics The Blades Are As Hard As Diamond
  • These Knives Do Not Carry The After Smell From Cutting A Specific Food Item
  • Weighs Quite Less Than Regular Stainless Knives

If you’re looking for gift-able knives with a sleek box to keep in, this can be the best ceramic knife set for you. The blades are razor-sharp, which cuts elegantly as if you’re cutting through butter. Cutting vegetables, fruits, boneless meat, and fish are pieces of cake for these knives.

From as little as 3 inches to a large 6 inches, this package includes 4 knives of different sizes to complete your kitchen cutting needs. Also, there is a vegetable peeler that gives perfection to pretty much all cutting tasks that you have to come across while preparing foods.

Made of high-quality zirconia ceramics, the blades are as hard as diamond. You can count on its wear-resistant edges only if you don’t abuse the knife. Don’t attempt to cut boned meat and anything hard food items.

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As for being a ceramic knife, it weighs way less than a regular kitchen knife. Thus, you can use it for a prolonged period without any uncomfortable issues.

For your comfort, all the knives feature ergonomic handles, providing you great control and grip while cutting.

Emphasizing safety and health, these knives do not carry the after-smell from cutting a specific food item. Moreover, these knives do not affect the color, nutrition, or freshness of your food. Therefore, this set of knives will work very well either as a gift or for own use.


  • Requires less sharpening
  • Weighs quite less than regular stainless knives
  • Non-absorbent to smell
  • Doesn’t wear-off
  • Ergonomically made handle
  • Different sizes versatile knife set


  • Average sharpness struggles to cut items with thicker skins
  • Will be chipped or broken if dropped on a hard surface
Vestaware 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

Vestaware 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

  • Cutting Tasks Become Much Easier When You Use These Lightweight Knives
  • The Blades Will Be Well Protected From Rust And Corrosion Hazards
  • The knives Are Accompanied By Compact Black Handles That Provide A Comfortable Grip

This set of knives contains premium cutlery knives featuring a​ 6.5-inch​ ​chef’s​ ​knife,​ a 5-inch​ ​slicing​ ​knife​, ​and​ a 4-inch​ ​paring​ ​knife. They provide the ultimate chopping abilities of stainless steel despite being lighter in weight.

Cutting tasks become much easier when you use these lightweight knives. Even though the blades are lightweight, these are also hard enough to last for years if you use them with care. Compared to other stainless steel blades, the sharpness lasts much longer; thus, you don’t need to sharpen the blades frequently.

As long as you use these knives only for soft cutting tasks, you will not need to replace them within a few years. Just make sure you don’t use them on hard foods.

Due to the stainless steel properties, the blades will be well protected from rust and corrosion hazards. In addition to that, oils, acids, germs, etc. aren’t problematic for its quality blade. You can easily wipe and rinse the food particles and clean the knife to keep the sharpness optimum.

Moreover, the knives are accompanied by compact black handles that provide a comfortable grip for smooth chopping and slicing. When you need to chop or cut vegetables, fruits, boneless meat, or other soft foods for a long time, it will not make holding uncomfortable.

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  • Ergonomic knives
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Easy to clean food particles from it


  • Sharpness doesn’t stand well against mid-duty cuttings
  • The blade is thicker than most ceramic knives
  • Some reports stated not being able to fit large hands well
Kyocera Advanced 7-Inch Ceramic Knife

Kyocera Advanced 7-Inch Ceramic Knife

  • Made From Kyocera’s Proprietary Zirconia Material
  • Lightweight With An Unrelenting Sharpness
  • You Can Wash This Knife Using A Dishwasher

Japanese ceramic knives have a good reputation for being extremely sharp. This blade is no exception to that. Originated from a well celebrated Japanese brand that gave clients excellent kitchen tools for quite a long time. It cuts all that you toss at it with marvelous streaks.

The black serrated blade corresponds to its handle. Its dual-sided cutting edge blade thinly slices fruits and vegetables, taking over the role of your favorite knife in the kitchen.

Apart from slicing fruits and vegetables, you will be able to make straight cuts of boneless meat and fish without much effort.

The knife is almost half the weight of a conventional kitchen knife. So, even if your cutting tasks require you to work for a long time, your hand will not feel uncomfortable holding the knife.

For ease of cleaning, you can wash the knife using a dishwasher. Its blade can withstand the harsh chemicals of dishwashers easily.

It’s the best knife not only for the perfect cuttings but also because of their aesthetic designs they’re irreplaceable. Nothing can beat this knife with its sharpness and unique design.


  • Ideal for larger slicing tasks
  • Comfortable grip on the handle
  • Ambidextrous handle
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Feels lightweight in hand
  • Doesn’t wear off in any condition
  • Dishwasher safe


  • High possibility to nick yourself
  • Can’t be sharpened with traditional tools
Farberware 2-piece Black Ceramic Knife Set

Farberware 4-Piece Black Ceramic Knife Set

  • These Knives Ceramic Blade Are Resistant To Both Rust And Wear
  • Ergonomically Designed Nonslip Soft Grip Handle
  • Convenient To Safely Store Because Of Sheath Covers

These knives possess a good cutting profile within a good budget. They’ve got nicely designed soft grip handles. The only real negative critique is that they’re not as strong as other ceramic knives. But they’re necessarily a deal-killer because you won’t get a knife better than these at this price point.

The set includes a 5 inches Santoku knife and 3 inches paring knife with sheaths for both knives. They’re dishwasher-safe, but hand washing is recommended to extend the durability.

Even though the blades aren’t as strong as other ones on the list, these are definitely better than conventional steel knives. You will be able to effortlessly glide the blades through soft foods while maintaining precise cuts every time. And of course, there will be no rust and corrosion hazard whatsoever.

To keep the blades’ performance optimum, consider not using the knives on hard and frozen fruits and vegetables.

For your comfort and convenience, these knives got ergonomically crafted handles that are non-slip. Thus, even when your hand gets wet, you can still get a firm grip on the handles and continue cutting without any disturbance.


  • Excellent sharpness
  • Non-slip handle
  • Rust-resistant durable blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Convenient to safely store because of sheath covers


  • A little brittle
  • Not too strong like other ceramic knives
Cook N Home 9-piece Ceramic Knife Set

Cook N Home 9-piece Ceramic Knife Set

  • Comes With 6 in. Chef’s, 5 in. Utility, 4 in. Fruit, 3 in. Paring Knives With Sheaths & A Peeler
  • Does Not Give Any Metallic Taste To The Food
  • This Knife Easy To Clean, Prevents Rust, And Hygienic

Want to try out ceramic knives without paying much? You just found them! This is a nice affordable set with the nine pieces being the four knives, four sheaths, and a peeler. The knives are extremely sharp and do their job impressively.

Though these knives cut very well, they should be used on softer cutting boards only. Using marble and glass cutting boards will damage the blades eventually.

Blades are made of quality materials — you will find them sharp enough to handle most tasks quite well. Once you sharpen the blades, just forget sharpening for more than you can imagine. The ability to retain sharpness is great on these.

These best ceramic kitchen knives are much harder than regular steel knives. There will be no metallic taste while using them to cut delicate fruits and vegetables. The material doesn’t react with food particles; thus, foods contain their original taste and odor.

Since the surface of the blades is impermeable, cleaning them will be breeze-like. However, don’t attempt to wash them using a dishwasher. To retain the sharpness and material well, be sure to hand wash it whenever you are done with cuttings.


  • Lightweight and hard blades
  • Good sharpness
  • Does not give any metallic taste to the food
  • Affordable
  • Comes with protective sheaths


  • No finger guard
  • Peeler is not as sharp as other ceramic peelers
VOS 8-Inch Ceramic Knife With Sheath Cover Box

VOS 8-Inch Ceramic Knife With Sheath Cover Box

  • This Lightweight Handle That Provides A Comfortable & Balanced Grip
  • Features A Rust-Proof Surface That Resists Damage From Acids Or Oils
  • It Comes In An Elegant Gift Box

The next on the list is a zirconium ceramic knife from VOS. its great quality blade, impressive performance, retain-ability, and durability make it ideal kitchen equipment to have.

One thing is really special about this knife, that’s its size. With its 8 inches long blade, you can pretty much handle huge loads of vegetables and fruits for salad, whether you are preparing it for the family or an event. The size makes it the best ceramic chef knife that you can have in your kitchen.

Regardless of how ridiculously you hold the knife, you will soon discover that this knife feels extremely comfortable and well balanced in hand. The knife comes with an eloquent box that makes it look much giftable to give out to your loved ones, or you can store it inside the box if you buy it for yourself.

You will never love a knife more than this if you’re looking for a long one that can chiffonade kale, spinach, and sorrel into uniformed strings so beautifully.

If you like to eat vegetables often, this is probably the best for you as it has been tested out with all sorts of vegetables. Moreover, the edge yields a blade that is twice as sharper than steel knives.

Even if it’s not an all-purpose knife, it will surely have a sweet spot in your kitchen when you find out how easy it dices your vegetables.


  • Conveniently long and sharp
  • Equipped with a non-slip handle
  • Light as feather
  • Rust and wear-proof
  • Comes with a sheath and box


  • Some customers complained that they’re a bit dull out of the box
  • Blade chips if conduct hard surfaces
Coiwin Kitchen Cutlery Ceramic Knife Set with Sheaths

Coiwin Kitchen Cutlery Ceramic Knife Set with Sheaths

  • This Knife Made Of Quality Zirconia Ceramic Material
  • Stays Sharps Longer Then Stainless Steel Knives
  • Package Includes A Sheath For Each Knife

The Coiwin ceramic knives are another handy tool that made it to our best ceramic knives list. It’s a beautiful set that includes a chef knife, a utility knife, a paring knife, a fruit knife, and a peeler. So, the deal comes with pretty much all that you need in your kitchen cutlery tasks.

Made of quality zirconia ceramic material, you can count on the blade regarding sharpness and retain-ability. The blades are pretty solid and hard, yet lightweight enough for you to work with it for a long time.

Unlike traditional steel knives, these don’t require frequent sharpening. Ceramic blades are extremely good at retaining sharpness, and this is not an exception to this.

You can conveniently use these knives to cut vegetables, fruits, boneless meat, fish, and other soft food items without worrying about rust and corrosion. Due to its excellent ability to resist stain, oils, and other elements, you are assured about the longevity of these blades as well.

These knives are perfect for multi-purpose slicing and dicing as they’re built with ceramic coating for easy non-stick movements. The set includes 4 sheaths for each knife, making them sheltered from any accidental contact.

Pieced with colorful handles, the set will definitely complement your kitchen if you like to gaze at the bright colors to keep up a bright mood in your kitchen.


  • Color-coded handles
  • Ergonomic cutlery
  • Lightweight
  • Stain-resistant
  • Non-absorbent to any food elements
  • Package includes a sheath for each knife


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Several customers complained about design flaws
Wacool 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

Wacool 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

  • Made From A Proprietary Blend Of The Highest Quality Zirconia
  • Colorful Handle And Ideal For Gift
  • Comes With BPA Free Quality Sheaths

Another knife-set in our ceramic knives review. These aren’t just plain ceramic knives; they are amazingly sharp, rust-resistant, and chemically impervious. The set includes a 6 inches chef’s knife, 5 inches utility knife, and 4 inches paring knife.

Made of the highest quality zirconia material and forged with a cold isostatic pressing process, the blades are sharp, durable, and strong. If you hold one of the blades in hand, it would be hard to believe such a lightweight blade can be impressively hard and strong.

Their sharpness makes them a joy to work with as they can reduce a lot of preparation time in your kitchen. The handle provides a very comfortable grip, and it’s also easy to pick because of its feather lightweight.

As far as durability is concerned, these blades are extremely rust-resistant. In addition to that, day-to-day food preparing oils, odors, salt, etc. cannot cause the blade to get damaged easily.

Engineered with great balance and the ability to retain 15x times better than conventional ones, these are among the best ceramic kitchen knives on the list.

The final buffing of these knives is that they’re easy to clean as well. A mild soap on a sponge or a dishcloth is enough to make them look like a set of knives that were bought anew.

Comes with BPA free quality sheaths; there will be no change in taste and odor using these knives while preparing foods whatsoever.


  • Impervious to oil, salt, and chemicals
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Comes with sheath
  • Color-coded handles
  • Retains sharpness well


  • Cannot be flexed and twisted
  • Not very sharp
Imori Advance Ceramic Knife Set

IMORI Advance Ceramic Knife Set

  • These knives Are Made With High Grade Zirconia
  • Comes With A Protective Gift Box
  • They Feature Ergonomic Non-Slip Handles & Are Chef-Rated For Quality

There’s no doubt that these knives are just plain perfect. These knives are made with high-grade zirconia, causing them to stay razor-sharp up to ten times longer than regular steel knives. Plus, you will be able to use them conveniently without worrying about getting rusted.

The entire set features a 6” chef knife, 5’’ slicing knife, and a 4” paring knife. Putting customer’s safety in mind, the knives are rounded with safe edge back corners to avoid slipping the fingers when you aren’t often profoundly focused on your safety.

When it comes to day-to-day cuttings, these knives stand out quite impressive. From vegetables to boneless meat or any other soft food items, you can chop and cut through effortlessly.

For more convenience, each knife comes with a custom-fitted sheath to make storing them while ensuring safety. You can easily store them snugly inside a protective box or drawer without any issues.

Even if you sweat in the kitchen, the ergonomic non-slip handles come in handy for your work. These handles are found in professional chefs’ knives, which means you get some premium quality materials without paying much.

As all the blades are made of stain-proof materials, you will not notice any difference in taste and odor whatsoever. Unlike cheaper knives, the flavor and freshness will pretty much remain the same as if you are eating something raw.


  • Ergonomic non-slip handles
  • Featherweight
  • Comes with sheaths
  • Perfect knife set for kitchen cuttings


  • Can’t be sharpened with an ordinary sharpener if becomes blunt
  • Average sharpness

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Ceramic Knives?

It is well-known that everything has features, and if you don’t know the features before buying the stuff, then it’s not relevant for you to buy one. Sit back, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and get ready to learn the key features of an ideal ceramic knife.


Ceramic knives weigh around one-fifth of normal steel knives. This means they are more comfortable to hold because of their feather-light weight, and also, it will allow your hands to use a good body weight over your knife.

You might feel deceived when you’re holding a ceramic knife for the first time because it weighs similar to a plastic knife but that’s the specialty of a zirconium ceramic knife too light to be true.

If the last thing you want to do is to hold something lightweight while busying yourself in the kitchen, a ceramic knife fits perfectly for you.


Although ceramic knives weigh comparatively less than normal kitchen knives, they are capable of lending maximum strength to hold the edge for the longest time than any other steel knives. The high-quality zirconium constructions make this knife nearly indestructible.

If you think you should buy a knife that retains for an exceedingly long period, then look nowhere else.


A ceramic knife is relevantly more brutal than the ceramic knife because of its hardness. But because of its hardness, the knife can grind down to extremely sharp levels. Most ceramic knives do not require sharpening for an exceptionally long period.

A well-maintained steel knife can be as sharp as a ceramic knife, too, if it’s sharpened frequently. But if you want to avoid the hassle of sharpening, a ceramic knife is unequivocally ideal for you.


One of the misconceptions of ceramic knives is that they are extremely brittle and although it used to be the case before. Still, at present, many well-known knife manufacturers overcame the problem and came out with flexible knives that give out a lifetime warranty for both sharpness and breakage.

However, if you are still concerned about your knife being snapped into two, try cutting without much twisting and using less force because the knives are already sharp enough to do the work by itself.


A knife handle is equally as important as the blade. Most ceramic knife handles are distinctively ergonomic to hold and ambidextrous as well. Therefore, you will find yourself far away from lethargic sensations due to repetitive cutting through these knives. Dealing with handles won’t be an issue if you own a ceramic knife.


A ceramic knife is used for various techniques like cutting, slicing, chopping, dicing, carving, and much more. It cuts everything you throw at it with marvelous streaks. Although it’s not recommended for cutting boned and frozen food, it’s ideal for beginners, pros, and chefs alike.

Ceramic Knives vs Stainless Steel Knives

It’s a hard fact that both ceramic and steel knives are equally important as they come with their own pros and cons and they have their own uses for each job in your kitchen.

Ceramic Knives for Fruit Cutting, Steel for Heavy-Duty Stuff

Perhaps, each knife is better than the other knife on different occasions. For example, ceramic knives will always be your first choice for slicing a lot of acidic fruits. However, you’ll draw attention to steel knives for very heavy duty applications.

Ceramic Lasts Longer But Prone to Breaking When Dropped

In the case of hardness, ceramic knives are better than steel knives since they’re constructed with high-grade Zirconium. As a result, ceramic knives last longer.

However, despite the hardness, ceramic knives are prone to break and chip off when twisting or dropping on a hard surface. Steel knives are more flexible and they hardly break or chip off.

Steel Knives Are More Versatile

When it’s about versatility, steel knives take the lead. You can easily use one of these knives for deboning, carving, serrating, prying, and other purposes. Whereas, ceramic knives are multi-purpose ones.

Steel Knives Can Be Sharpened Many Ways, Ceramic Stays Sharp Longer

Fortunately, a ceramic knife stays sharp for a longer period. But the downside of this knife is that it can’t be sharpened with a normal sharpener. Steel knives can be sharpened in more than three different ways.

Ceramic Knives Don’t Rust

Stainless steels are likely to rust as they’re vulnerable to oxidation. Since ceramic knives are not metals, they don’t rust and they won’t release a metallic flavor on your food.

Ceramic Knives Vs. Shun Knives

Of course, there are tons of differences between these two knives, but at the end of the day, they’re both valuable and attractive to catch enough attention. The facts that we’re going to unveil will help you to make a sensible decision and buy a knife that will match your needs completely.

Ceramic Lasts Longer But Brittle

While ceramic knives are made of zirconium dioxide, shun knives are made of steel. Therefore, it’s convincing that ceramic knives will undoubtedly last longer than shun knives. However, ceramic knives are more brittle than shun knives despite the blade having a sharper edge.

Shun Knives Are Heavier

In case of weight, shun knives weigh comparatively more than ceramic knives. Some of the shun knives come with wooden handles, and that’s why they weigh more than ceramic knives.

Shun Knives Are Gorgeous Looking

As far as the look goes, shun knives are more sophisticated and well designed since they’re all handcrafted and hand-hammered through professional craftsmanship.

Ceramic knives, on the other hand, are less sophisticated and simpler in design. Even if some ceramic knives hold designs, they’re more subtle and contain fewer patterns.

Shun Knives May Retain Food Particles

On the downside, due to their rough design, shun knives are likely to accumulate food particles while ceramic knives do not accumulate any food particles as they don’t contain rough designs. Also, the pores of such a knife are smaller than shun knives.

How to Sharpen Ceramic Knives at Home?

If ceramic knives are similarly abused like steel knives because of abnormal use of cutting and slicing, they’ll eventually get blunt. But the good news is that they can be sharpened, but they require more skillful performance while sharpening than steel knives.

Here we’ll enlighten you three effective ways of sharpening your ceramic knives to successfully retrieve their previous sharpness.

Diamond Stones

Since diamonds are harder than ceramic, you can easily sharpen your knives with a few gentle strokes as they give out the best results for sharpening.

It’s not recommended to use much force while sharpening a knife because the blade might snap into two. Getting it sharpened by a professional knife-maker is far better and risk-free.


Using a sheet of sandpaper as a sharpener is a good alternative to diamond stones although the knives will not be as sharp in contrast. However, sandpapers can do a praiseworthy task in recovering the sharp edge back into the blade.

Spyderco Sharpmaker

This method is a bit risky to follow. There are a couple of mixed reactions to this particular sharpener. You might not get a professional-grade sharp finishing in the first few attempts, but when you get a hold of it, it will be worth your efforts. It is wise to use cheap knives in the first few attempts for good practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a ceramic knife?

A: A ceramic knife is a much more delicate knife than a traditional steel knife. This is made of zirconium dioxide, produced by heating the powdered zirconia, and then pounded into shape by high-tech machines. It is thinner but sharper than steel knives.

Q: Why use a ceramic knife?

A: When we cut an onion or potato with a steel knife, the blade bows and curves to the sides irritatingly. On the other hand, a ceramic chef knife cuts them with precision like a hot knife through butter. Compared to other steel knives, ceramic ones retain sharpness much longer and require less sharpening.

Q: How good are ceramic knives?

A: Ceramic knives are not trendy for nothing. They’re not just delicate, but also corrosion-free and do not carry odors. Moreover, they do not require thorough washing and rinsing as they are easier to clean than traditional steel knives.

Although ceramic knives weigh comparatively less than normal kitchen knives, they are capable of lending maximum strength to hold the edge for the longest time than any other steel knives. The high-quality zirconium constructions make this knife nearly indestructible.

Q: Do ceramic knives stay sharp?

A: Statistically, ceramic knives retain their sharpness for up to five years. It’s great because steel knives need to get sharpened almost every month. Ceramic knives rarely need to be sharpened.

Q: Are ceramic knives dishwashers safe?

A: Many ceramic knives manufacturers give reassurance to customers that the knives are dishwasher safe. However, it can’t be denied that ceramic knives will last longer if they’re hand-washed instead.

Also, the blades will chip off easily if the knife comes in contact with other utensils when the machine rattles on its own accord.

Final Words

Even though ceramic knives are not an all-rounder for cutlery, they’re not just some ordinary knives that will go blunt and beaten-up as easily. Hopefully, the article was informative enough for you to decide which would be the best ceramic knives for your kitchen needs.

We are committed to helping you in selecting the foremost appropriate option so that you can happily set off on your next cooking adventure.

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