10 Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish Reviews (2021)

Updated On: June 20, 2021

If you love catching saltwater fishes and preparing exquisitely delicious dishes with them, then you’d need a fillet knife. It allows you to separate the meat from the fish bones cleanly without tainting the flavor or damaging the flesh.

The best fillet knife for saltwater fish takes away the troubles that exist in filleting a fish. It’s razor-sharp, durable, and allows you to cut from every angle. You’ll be making super-thin slices with ease!

Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish

Now finding the right knife can be a daunting task since there are thousands of options available in the market. Allow us to save you from the confusion by presenting a comprehensive review of the best products!

  • German Stainless-Steel Blade
  • Included Protective Knife Sheath
  • Super Polymer Grip
  • Included a Black Sheath
  • Soft Grip Handle
  • Flexible Stainless Steel

How to Choose the Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish?

If you want the sharpest fillet knife with the highest quality, you must take some time to consider certain things. Spare some time to think about the features and qualities and match them up with your expectations and budget. This way, you’ll be able to land on a great decision and purchase the right product.

Here are some of the things that we believe every buyer should consider when buying a fillet knife for saltwater fish:

Blade Quality and Sharpness

When you bring home a fillet knife, you expect to use it for a long time. A knife is likely to have a long lifespan if it is built with premium materials. Blades made with carbon and steel materials tend to be extremely durable as they won’t break under pressure and resist rusts and corrosion.

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Many high-quality knives come with coating for enhanced durability. If you want your gear to offer buttery-smooth slicing ability, make sure it has great edges. It has to be sharp like a razor and allow you to cut effortlessly. A knife with maximum sharpness is likely to provide excellent performance.

Handle Quality and Comfortability

The quality of the handle is extremely important in a fillet knife. If it boasts a decent handle, you can engage in hours of filleting session without ever exhausting your hand. The best handle feels light and comfortable to hold, and offers an impressive grip.

Most of the handles are built with wood, plastic, or rubber. Although wooden handles are quite sturdy, they tend to get slippery and start to rot after prolonged use in a wet environment. However, rubber and plastic materials are more durable in the sense that they don’t rot. Furthermore, they offer better non-slip grips.

When you’re buying a fillet knife, make sure the knife is soft and slip-resistant.

Blade Size

The size of the blade is quite important, too, because it determines whether the knife can handle certain fishes or not. With a small knife, you won’t be able to deal with larger fishes. Longer blades tend to be more versatile. In general, 6 to 7-inch blades are ideal for handling a wide range of fishes.


Flexibility is important because a stiff blade will break under pressure, but a flexible one will bend to prevent that from happening. Moreover, it’s easier to slice fishes with a knife that has decent flex. You will have better maneuverability, allowing you to be cleaner in your cuts.

Safety Features

Fillet knives are extremely dangerous, hands down. They can slice the toughest fish but also your skin if you’re not careful enough. With protective features, the danger level can be minimized. Look for knives that have special safety bolsters or finger-guards. This feature ensures your fingers don’t come in contact with the sharp blade.

KastKingKastKing 9 Inch Saltwater Fillet Knife
    • German Stainless-Steel Blade
    • Super Polymer Grip
    • Included Protective Knife Sheath
Rapala4Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet Knife For Saltwater
    • Included a Black Sheath
    • Soft Grip Handle
    • Flexible Stainless Steel
BuckBuck Folding Fillet Saltwater Fishing Knife
    • Titanium Coated Stainless Steel
    • Folding Design for Convenient Carrying
    • Glass Polypropylene Handle
DexterDexter Russel Saltwater Fillet Knife
    • High Carbon Steel Blade
    • Slip Resistant Polypropylene Handles
    • Flex for Versatility
BubbaBubba 9 Inch Saltwater Flex Fillet Knife
    • Super Sharp Blade
    • Non Slip Grip Handle
    • Sheath for Easy Carrying
RapalaRapala Saltwater Fillet Knife 7 inch
    • Stainless Steel Material
    • Perfect for Small to Large Fishes
    • Comfort Grip Handle
DexterDexter 10-Inch Knife Saltwater Resistant
    • Slip Resistant Handle
    • Unique Edge Design
    • NSF Certified
American AnglerAmerican Angler Delta Series Saltwater Fillet Knife
    • German Stainless Steel Blade
    • No Slip Santoprene Handle
    • Corrosion & Rust Protection
KershawKershaw 9” Curved Saltwater Fillet Knife
    • 420J2 Stainless Steel
    • K-Texture Grip for Hold
    • Rust and Corrosion Resisting
GerberGerber 6 in. Saltwater Fish Fillet Knife
    • Innovative Handle
    • Full Tang Steel Blade
    • Have Sharpener and Durable Sheath

10 Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish Reviews

Here are our top 10 10 fillet knife reviews that are designed specifically for filleting saltwater fishes. Each review contains enough details about the products to help you easily find your most preferred one!

KastKing 9 Inch Saltwater Fillet Knife

KastKing 9 Inch Saltwater Fillet Knife

  • Razor Sharp German Stainless-Steel Blade
  • Non-Slip Super Polymer Grip
  • Comes Included Protective Knife Sheath 

We find the KastKing fillet knife to be the best saltwater fillet knife in the market that you can purchase for a relatively low price. Its sleek design with a black blade and orange handle is sure to attract anyone’s attention. You’ll be more satisfied with this gear’s exemplary performance in slicing up saltwater fishes.

The utilization of premium grade stainless-steel in constructing the blade makes this one incredibly sturdy. Thanks to the beautiful black finish, it can maintain the edge for a long time in both fresh and saltwater applications. Aided by the incredible sharpness, your cuts will be super smooth and remarkably clean!

This 9” blade sports a curved design that allows it to be highly flexible. As a result, the knife is capable of following natural contours, making it easier to debone the fishes flawlessly. You can rely on this piece of equipment to make those thin and delicate cuts with ease!

When you hold the handle, you will immediately feel how soft and non-slippery the grip feels. This is all because of the use of the super polymer grip. It’s comfortable, slip-resistant, and safer to use for sure. Additionally, the handle is very easy to clean.

For protecting the knife from harmful elements when it’s not in use, you’ll find an amazingly durable yet lightweight sheath where you can safely store it.


  • Highly versatile knife designed for filleting a wide range of saltwater fishes
  • Boasts a solid blade that is razor-sharp and curved for making clean cuts
  • Equipped with a non-slip and comfortable grip for enhanced control
  •  Comes included with a protective sheath


  • The grip is made with fabric material that can easily get smelly

Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet Knife For Saltwater

Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet Knife For Saltwater

  • A Black Sheath That Keeps The Knife Protected
  • Soft Grip Molded Textured Handle
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Construction

If you’re looking for something simple, that can get the job done just as efficiently as the others, then you should take a look at the Rapala4 Soft Grip fillet knife for Saltwater. It’s a decent piece of equipment that will easily cut through the toughest saltwater fishes with no trouble.

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You will find a sturdy blade made of Rapala flexible stainless steel attached to the handle. Don’t you dare touch the blade edge because you’ll hurt yourself! That’s because it’s razor-sharp right out of the box! This sharpness allows it to swiftly remove the meat right off the fishes with superior efficiency.

Thanks to the soft-grip handle that feels textured to the touch, you’ll be able to engage in hours of filleting job without exhausting your hand. It’s not coming out of your hand no matter what, aided by the excellent grip. In addition to that, you’ll have maximum control over the knife when you’re filleting.

This thing comes included with a black sheath that keeps the knife protected when you aren’t doing any slicing-and-dicing. This sheath is designed to fit your belt for easy carrying. The single-sharpener that this model ships with will allow you to easily re-sharpen it whenever the performance gets dulled.  


  • Equipped with a soft and slip-resistant handle
  • Boasts the company’s famous flexible stainless-steel construction
  • Offers enhanced comfort and control in operation
  • Comes with a black sheath that keeps the knife protected


  • The handle is too short for some people

Buck 0220BLS Knives Silver Creek Folding Fillet Fishing Knife

Buck Folding Fillet Saltwater Fishing Knife

  • Built with Titanium Coated Stainless Steel
  • Folding Design for Convenient Carrying and Storing
  • The Handle is Made with Blue Glass Polypropylene

The Buck silver creek folding fillet knife comes from Buck, one of the most famous knife manufacturers in America. So you can definitely count on its quality and performance. It’s designed to give you a professional filleting experience so that you can easily separate the meat from the bones in the cleanest way possible.

This is different from the other products on our list, as it is a folding knife. So, you can feel free to fold it and place it in your pocket or backpack when you’re done filleting. This eliminates the need to carry a convenient sheath.  

And the 6-inch blade is built with titanium-coated stainless steel that offers excellent durability and keeps it protected against rusts and corrosion. As a result, it can be used in both fresh and saltwater. Thanks to the extreme sharpness, you’ll be cutting and slicing through saltwater fishes with buttery smoothness.

Moreover, this thing’s attractive handle is made with blue glass polypropylene that’s reinforced. It’s also slip-resistant for easy and comfortable operation. Furthermore, the handle is TPE rubberized for providing enhanced comfort. It won’t fall off your hand even if you use it in a marine environment.


  • Comes from a reputed American manufacturer
  • Boasts a folding design for convenient carrying and storing
  • The grip offers a firm hold and comfortable use
  • Durable blade design for both fresh and saltwater


  • It’s slightly harder to re-sharpen

Dexter Russel Saltwater Fillet Knife

Dexter Russel Saltwater Fillet Knife

  • Stain Free High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Slip Resistant Polypropylene Handles
  • Offers a Decent Amount of Flex for Versatility

The Dexter-Russel P94812 fillet knife puts the Dexter quality at the affordable range, making it perfect for those who want high quality without spending a fortune. It’s a top-rated product with a positive reputation. You’ll get to debone any saltwater fish easily with this one!

Thanks to the finely crafted blade built from high-carbon stainless steel, it is exceptionally durable. It won’t develop those annoying stains and rusts. The harsh conditions of saltwater won’t be able to affect this thing in any way, making it ideal for any marine environment.

Furthermore, the blade is astoundingly sharp, which boasts a decent amount of flex. So, it can cleanly cut through most of the saltwater fishes. Aided by the remarkable thinness, it can be placed right between the skin and the meat, allowing you to be extremely precise in every cut.

When you grab the handle of this unit, you’ll instantly feel the softness of the polypropylene. It will stick to your hand without slipping due to the handle’s non-slip property. That means excellent comfortability and control over filleting.

If you’re tired of filleting with trashy knives, you’ll be surprised by how amazingly this piece of equipment gets the job done.


  • Skillfully crafted with durable and reliable steel
  • Designed to retain the sharpness even after long saltwater application
  • Offers a decent amount of flex for versatility
  • Equipped with a soft handle that sticks firmly to the hand


  • Doesn’t come with a protective sheath

Bubba 9 Inch Saltwater Flex Fillet Knife

Bubba 9 Inch Saltwater Flex Fillet Knife

  • Super Sharp Blade for Smooth Cutting
  • Non Slip Grip Handle
  • A Decent Sheath for Easy Carrying

The Bubba Flex fillet knife is a highly popular blade, hailed for its impressive ability of smoothly slicing through the skins and meats of saltwater fishes. It’s often regarded as the best chef knife due to its splendid performance in the kitchen and fishing spot alike.

You’ll be cutting the fishes with an outstandingly durable blade that sports Ti-Nitride coating, making it rust and corrosion-resistant. It’s astoundingly sharp, so don’t let it touch your skin at all! Thanks to the Flex feature, the blade is more lenient, allowing you to deal with heavier and tougher fishes with ease.

This thing will penetrate the scales effortlessly and offer easy maneuvering so that you don’t have to lose any meat during the deboning process. So, less wastage and more meat!

Bubba’s iconic red non-grip handle feels great in your hand as it offers comfort and control. It’s not likely to fall off your hand even after it gets wet. What’s more, the handle features a safety guard that will keep your fingers from reaching the razor-sharp blade or the spine of the fish.

When you’re all done filleting, you can safely keep this one in the durable sheath that comes with it. This allows hands-free carrying or safe storing.


  • Designed to be highly durable to handle saltwater and large fishes
  • Equipped with a super-sharp blade for smooth cutting
  • Comes with the manufacturer’s popular non-slip grip handle
  • Ships with a decent sheath for easy carrying


  • The blade might lose the sharpness a little too quickly

Rapala Saltwater Fillet Knife 7 inch

Rapala Saltwater Fillet Knife 7 inch

  • Super Durable Stainless Steel Material
  • Perfect for Small to Large Fishes
  • Comfort Grip Handle Resists Heat and Fatigue

The Rapala 7-inch saltwater fillet knife gets the job done just right without any nonsense. That’s right; this is a product that’s committed to delivering excellent filleting performance while remaining simple in design and operation. You can pick this one up and get to slicing right away!

For making your cuts clean and precise, it comes with an impressively sharp blade built with super durable stainless steel material. The tip is extra sharp and flexible to allow you to handle the most delicate filleting with ease.

It’s perfect for small to large fishes that you catch in saltwater. Don’t worry. Salt won’t be able to damage the blade, so you can expect years of service from this unit.

Moreover, the handle is large enough for any fisherman or chef. It’s the manufacturer’s special “comfort-grip” handle that feels pretty comfortable to hold. Furthermore, it firmly sticks to your hand, preventing the chance of slipping. So, you can get cutting without worrying about the knife falling off.

Carrying an open knife is extremely dangerous, but thanks to the sheath that comes included with this piece of equipment, you can safely carry it anywhere!


  • A simple knife designed for high-end performance
  • Super-sharp blade makes filleting easy
  • Comfort-grip handle allows you to work comfortably
  • Well-protected from the elements of saltwater


Dexter 10-Inch Knife Saltwater Resistant

Dexter 10-Inch Knife Saltwater Resistant

  • Slip Resistant Handle with Finger Protection
  • Unique Edge Geometry for Long Lasting
  • This Knife is NSF Certified 

Dexter Russel is a reliable brand that makes high-quality knives for filleting fishes. The Dexter 24823 10-inch knife is designed especially for sustaining in the saltwater environment and dealing with the larger fishes. You can even rely on it to fillet the game fishes!

Just like the other top-grade Dexter products, this one also boasts the proprietary DEXSTEEL blade. This blade is hand-honed by highly skilled artisans for giving it the ultimate edge, making it extraordinarily sharp. It boasts a unique blade shape designed to make the slicing-and-dicing easier!

As a result, you would be cutting right through the tough meats of big fishes as if they’re made of butter. You’ll be able to produce extremely clean results. The meat will remain unspoiled even after being filleted.

Thanks to the blade’s unique geometry, this one can retain the edge for a long time. Furthermore, you can easily restore sharpness whenever you want. To prevent saltwater damage, the entire blade is coated with rust and corrosion-resistant materials.

Sporting Dexter’s trademarked handle that’s slip-resistant, ergonomic, and textured, you’ll have great control and comfort whenever you hold this knife. The protective finger guard placed on top of the handle will keep your fingers protected from the ultra-sharp blade.


  • Designed for larger saltwater fishes
  • Comes with extremely sharp and durable DEXSTEEL blade
  • Sports an ergonomic and slip-resistant handle with finger protection
  • The unique geometry of the blade allows longer edge retention


  • The sheath needs to be bought separately

American Angler Delta Series Saltwater Fillet Knife

American Angler Delta Series Saltwater Fillet Knife

  • Highly Durable German Stainless Steel Blade
  • No Slip Santoprene Handle
  • The Blade Comes with Corrosion & Rust Protection

The American Angler Delta proves that quality and performance are not exclusive to expensive products. It’s a reasonably priced knife that offers enough sharpness and features to cleanly fillet any saltwater fish with excellent precision. If you’re looking for budget equipment, this is the one to go for!

This thing is available in various sizes and shapes to be suitable for any type of fish. Whether you’ve got crappies or big tunas, you can slice through all of them using the highly durable German stainless steel blade. It’s sharp, tough, and requires low-maintenance, making it an angler favorite!

Although this model is tough and scary for the fishes, it’s rather comfortable for your arm. Thanks to the no-slip Santoprene handle, you’ll feel an amazing grip each time your grab this knife, allowing you to fillet in peace. From start to finish, you’ll have complete control so that you can handle the most delicate cuts with ease.

Since it’s designed for saltwater fishes, the blade comes with corrosion and rust protection. This unit is sure to offer its services to you for seasons after seasons!


  • Offers quality and performance at a reasonable price
  • Equipped with a razor-sharp blade for efficient cutting
  • Available in a wide range of sizes for handling fishes of any size
  • Designed to be easy to handle


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a sheath

Kershaw 9” Curved Saltwater Fillet Knife

Kershaw 9” Curved Saltwater Fillet Knife

  • Made of Durable 420J2 Stainless Steel
  • Exclusive K-Texture Grip for a Strong Hold
  • Capable of Resisting Rust and Corrosion

Kershaw is another trustworthy name in the world of knives. Their 9-in curved fillet knife offers exactly the kind of quality and performance you expect from a reputed brand. It’s a reliable product that easily goes through the scales of the fishes and debones them without damaging the flesh in any way.

To make this thing suitable for saltwater, Kershaw used amazingly durable 420J2 stainless steel in the construction of the blade. This material is capable of resisting rust and corrosion in any marine environment. Thanks to the satin finish, it looks appealing and makes it harder to notice the stains and scratches.

The blade is slightly curved to offer just the right amount of flex to make the cuts cleaner. You won’t be wasting any precious meat as it will help you to be precise in your filleting and slicing tasks. It’s perfect for dealing with medium to large fishes.

You’ll be able to hold this model firmly and comfortably thanks to the use of glass-filled nylon on the handle that sports textured overmold. Additionally, the K-texture grip enhances the grip. So, there is no chance of any slip-offs!

For keeping this unit safely stored, you’ll find an amazing blade protector that will keep this one shielded against harm.


  • Stainless-steel blade offers strength and durability
  • A decent handle prevents slip-offs and offers comfort
  • Razor-sharp curved blade for easy slicing
  • Satin finish enhances its attractiveness


  • Doesn’t offer much flexibility

Gerber 6 in. Saltwater Fish Fillet Knife

Gerber 6 in. Saltwater Fish Fillet Knife

  • Innovative Handle for Superior Control and Comfort
  • Full Tang 9Cr18MoV Steel Blade
  • Built in Sharpener and Durable Sheath

Lastly, we’ve got the Gerber Controller 6-in saltwater fish fillet knife. It’s designed to offer strength and toughness that’s required for handling the harshness of a saltwater environment and dealing with tough fishes. You can count on it to make short work of the messy filleting tasks.

Take it out with you, whether you’re Kayak fishing, bank fishing, or fly fishing, as it’s ideal for every environment. With the durability and sharpness that comes from the full-tang 9Cr18MoV steel blade, you can delicately cut through to the spine of the fish. Then you’ll be able to quickly remove the meat cleanly from the bones.

The blade is great at resisting both rust and corrosion. It’s impossible to fillet flawlessly without a decent handle. Well, this thing has got the right kind of handle to offer comfort and control. This allows you to be more smooth in your cuts.

With the application of the HydroTread grip, it can easily get rid of the water and provide excellent traction. This translates to amazing control over the knife. This unit even comes with a reliable sheath and built-in sharpener for added convenience.


  • Built with durable steel to resist rust and corrosion
  • Offers enough sharpness to allow flawless deboning
  • Equipped with an innovative handle for superior control and comfort
  • Comes included with a built-in sharpener and durable sheath


  • The sharpness could’ve been better

How to Fillet a Saltwater Fish?

You’ve got to be careful in filleting a saltwater fish if you want to reduce wastes and keep the meat untainted. By following our step-by-step guide, you should be able to fillet your catch easily. Just make sure that you’ve got the best saltwater fishing knife before starting.

Step-1: First, properly clean your equipment along with the fish that you’re planning to cut.

Step-2: Now, place the fish on a smooth surface.

Step-3: Go ahead and place your fillet knife right behind the pectoral fins and the gills. Start cutting gently and keep dragging until you reach the fish’s ribs.

Step-4: This time, start dragging your knife onwards to the tail. Continue cutting by the ribs. For guidance, you can use your fish’s backbone.

Step-5: Now is the time to deal with the other side of the fish, so lift it up and turn it over. Then apply the 2nd and the 3rd step on this side.

Step-6: Carefully place the blade near the fish ribs, then slowly slice the whole rib and separate it cleanly from the fish bones.

Step-7: Lastly, push the blade into the fish close to the tail before removing the fillet.

Why Every Angler Needs Quality Fillet Knife?

Any avid angler or weekend warrior understands the importance of a quality fillet knife. In fact, without one, your fishing trips won’t be complete simply because you won’t be able to prepare the fish meats after catching them. There is no feeling greater than preparing, cooking, and eating your own catch!

Without a high-quality fillet knife, you would have a hard time removing the meat from the bones. You’d have to put in a lot of effort to get the job done, and you still won’t be content with the results. That’s because the blades aren’t sharp enough to make clean cuts. You’d be wasting a lot of precious meat in the process.

If you’ve got the right kind of knife, you can fillet lots of fishes without exhausting your arms. You’ll be able to perfectly slice up your catches, get rid of the bones without wasting any meat. There won’t be any need to give extra efforts like you have to with poor quality products.

A quality fillet knife makes the entire fishing process a much enjoyable endeavor. That’s why every angler places value on decent ones.  

How to Maintain Your Fillet Knife?

If you want your fillet knife to last a long time, you should regularly maintain it. Proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of your product. Here is how you can maintain your fillet knife:

  1. Clean the knife after each filleting session and properly store it away.
  2. Refrain from storing the knife before wiping off the moisture.
  3. Avoid putting it in the dishwasher unless it’s dishwasher-approved.
  4. Do not apply a detergent on the blade unless it’s unavoidable.
  5. Do not keep the blade submerged in water.
  6. Use special racks or knife blocks to store the knives.
  7. Re-sharpen the blade when it is necessary using the best fillet knife sharpener.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best fillet knives:

Q: What the best fillet knife for salmon?

A: If you’re looking for the best salmon fillet knife, the “Bubba 9 Inch Flex Fillet Knife” can be a perfect choice. It’s a durable product that boasts a sharp blade with decent flexibility and thinness to delicately handle salmons.

Q: What is the best fish fillet knife?

A: There are many top-notch fish fillet knives, so it’s a tough question to answer. In our opinion, the “KastKing Fillet Knife” offers the kind of quality and performance you expect from the best fish fillet knife. It’s equipped with a superior blade and handle to make your cutting experience smoother.

Q: What knife do you use for fish?

A: For preparing the fishes, a fillet knife is the best choice because it’s designed to cleanly remove the fish meats from the bones. Normal kitchen knives might not be as effective.

Q: Should you consider an electric fillet knife for saltwater fish?

A: Electric fillet knives make it even easier to fillet fishes, so you can definitely consider them. However, they are usually more expensive and requires electrical power to run.

Q: Is a knife for filleting saltwater fish the same thing as a fish cleaning knife?

A: Well, not really. Most anglers employ both kinds of knives. Fish cleaning knives are more efficient at scaling the fishes and removing the guts. On the other hand, fillet knives are more appropriate for slicing and dicing.

Final Words

Finding the best fillet knife for saltwater fish is no easy task. We had to perform meticulous research to round up the best ones in the market. You can go for any of the ones we’ve reviewed to enjoy a wonderful filleting experience. They’re all reasonably priced and offers excellent slicing performance.

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