10 Best Gyuto Knife Reviews With Buying Guide

Updated On: August 5, 2021

In Japan, the word “Gyuto” represents a knife used to cut beef, and initially, the knife was built for this purpose. But with time, this knife had changed to match western cuisines.

Nowadays, the gyuto knife has become more of an all-purpose knife rather than a specialized one. And so, if you’re a chef or a food enthusiast, you must have this in your kitchen arsenal.

Given the wide range of kitchen knives each brand provides, it might be quite tricky to choose the right set for you. But no worries, to help you find the best gyuto knife, we have selected some of the top options out there.

Finding the right Gyuto knife will ease your entry into the world of Asian cuisine.

Best Gyuto Knife

10 Best Gyuto Knife Review

Here are the top Gyuto knives that you should check out. Below we’re going to review them for your convenience.

Dalstrong Shogun Series 8" Gyuto Chef’s Knife

Dalstrong Shogun Series 8″ Gyuto Chef’s Knife

  • Made Of Ultra Premium Japanese High Carbon AUS-10V Steel
  • The Mirror Polish Gives The Knife A Smooth Shine
  • Military Grade G10 Handle For Life Long Durability

You would find a myriad of knives with different lengths and features, but if you’re looking for one with modern aesthetics and incomparable durability, then you might want to check out this knife by Dalstrong.

With eight different length options, this knife from the Shogun series will undoubtedly be your accomplice in most of your cooking adventures. You’ll find a Shogun Gyuto in whichever size you prefer, ranging from as low as 6 inches to a high of 12 inches.

Straight out the packaging, the knife has a mean look to it. The triple-riveted handle provides extra resilience and prevents food from sticking onto the handle.

Besides, the blade design is not simple and is somewhat unusual, but it complements the aesthetic of the knife well. The rugged, slim blade has been hand-finished to perfection. The mirror polish gives the knife a smooth shine, which adds to the premium feel it.

This blade has been put through a lot before being carved into this masterpiece. Being cooled with nitrogen at shallow temperatures has enhanced durability and made it resistant to corrosion.

What’s more, this knife features Dalstrong’s Tsunami-rose Damascus layering on the blade. Below those layers are 66 other layers of top-quality high carbon steel making this knife pretty much indestructible.

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  • Military-grade handle for unmatched durability
  • The ergonomic design of the handle offers superior control and agility
  • High carbon steel with Damascus coating offers a premium look with years of guaranteed service
  • Nitrogen cooled blade is corrosion resistant and flexible


  • The overall weight of the knife might seem heavy for some users
Finding Dynasty Series Clad Steel Gyuto Knife

Finding Dynasty Series Clad Steel Gyuto Knife

  • Made Of Three Layers Of 9CR18MOV Clad Steel Blade
  • This Knife Handle Crafted From African Rosewood
  • The Balance Point Of The Knife Is From The Spine To Heel

If you’re looking for a knife that offers excellent versatility while providing you with the bare minimum required for your day-to-day activities, then this knife is just the one you need.

The Dynasty Series Gyuto knife from Findking will have you slicing away like a pro. Featuring an innovative octagonal handle, you will get the utmost precision in your cuts along with a stable grip. Also, the African rosewood build of the handle gives it a traditional Gyuto knife aesthetic.

Moreover, the weight balance on this knife is exceptional. The wooden handle doesn’t add extra weight; instead, it is heavier on the blade side. This is great in terms of precision and effectively using the rock chopping motion.

What’s more, the 9CR18MOV is top-quality steel used in the blade of the knife. Having an HRC of 60+/-2, you will be slicing and dicing through fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat. You name it, and you can chop it!

However, we advise against chopping or cutting through frozen products as it will lead to the deterioration of the edge.


  • African Rosewood adds a traditional touch
  • Octagon shaped handle provides more stability and grip
  • Three layers of 9CR18MOV clad steel blade are highly durable with great edge-retention
  • Weight balance allows you to cut through objects with ease


  • Can easily rust if not maintained properly
  • Octagon shaped handle takes some getting used to, and some might find it rather uncomfortable
Tojiro 8.2'' Japanese DP Gyuto Knife

Tojiro 8.2” Japanese DP Gyuto Knife

  • Made Of Three Layered Core VG10 Cobalt Alloy Steel
  • The Double Bevel Design Of The Blade Will Push Food In Both Directions
  • The Handle Is Laminated With Three Studs For Extra Sturdiness

Simple yet very dangerous is the way this Gyuto knife from Tojiro goes. The minimal stainless steel blade with its black handle will almost blend in with any available kitchenware you have.

Moreover, the featured blade on the knife is one that will not disappoint. The three-layered core made up of VG10 Cobalt Alloy Steel can cut through almost all food items with ease. Moreover, the double bevel design of the blade will push food in both directions, giving you smooth and consistent cuts every time.

Tojiro has coated the inner core VG10 steel with 13 more layers of chrome stainless steel, enhancing the durability and longevity of the knife to a great extent. Also, the added chrome layers make this knife stain-resistant, making it look just as good as the day you bought it.

The full tang design gives you extra stability and control when chopping on your board. Maneuvering the knife is a breeze with the newly designed laminated material used to construct the handle. The knife tang is secured to the handle with three studs, ensuring sturdiness and allowing for a firm grip.


  • Three layers of VG10 Cobalt Alloy Steel in the blade’s core
  • Full tang design enhances stability and control
  • Laminated handle with three studs for extra sturdiness
  • 13 layers of chromium stainless steel for stain resistance


  • Requires sharpening from time to time
  • Doesn’t provide the best edge retention
The Simple Song 8'' Japanese Gyuto Kitchen Knife

The Simple Song 8” Japanese Gyuto Kitchen Knife

  • Precision Forged From 420HC High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • The Edge Of The Blade Is Sharpened To 15 Degrees
  • The Full Tang Design Is Finished Off With A Rosewood Handle

Nothing comes as close to the traditional Japanese knives as this Gyuto from The Simple Song. The Japanese engravings on the blade, along with the wooden handle, reinforces the roots of the knife.

Right off the bat, we should look into the top-quality steel used to make the blade. The 420HC stainless steel has been heat-treated under extreme temperatures to enhance hardness. As a result, the edge retention on the knife is maximized.

Also, you don’t have to worry about using different knives for meat and vegetables because this one features a corrosion-resistant layer, preventing the formation of rust when in contact with water.

While trying to keep the knife close to its cultural roots, the manufacturers have integrated a single bevel design. The edge of the blade is sharpened to 15 degrees, while the other side is flat, giving you consistent and precise cuts.

Also, the full tang design is finished off with a rosewood handle, giving the knife an aesthetic elegance. The rosewood has been tested to ensure durability and minimized wear. The full tang design adds a proper weight balance ratio, aiding your ability to control the knife when rocking back and forth.


  • Single Bevel design, just how Gyuto knives should be
  • Rosewood handle adds to the aesthetic
  • Heat-treated 420HC stainless steel blade with maximum edge retention
  • Full tang design gives better control and stability


  • Weight might seem more massive than usual
  • Sharpness might be below par when compared to other knives
Yaxell Mon 8″ Gyuto Knife With Micarta Handle

Yaxell Mon 8″ Gyuto Knife With Micarta Handle

  • Constructed From A Three Layer Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium Steel
  • VG10 Stainless Steel Blade With Black Micarta Handle
  • The Sandblasted Finish Gives The Knife An Impressive Finish

This next knife from Yaxell has been carefully made to perfection, with extra effort on its advanced blade style.

The core of the blade is constructed from a three-layer Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium steel, which comes straight from Japan. In other words, it is a blade made of VG10 stainless steel, which has a high level of hardness.

The durability factor of the knife is never to be questioned. With a blade of that caliber, you’ll get to use it for a long time.

Looking deeper into the design, this knife has an incredibly exciting pattern on both sides of the blade. The wavy sandblasted finish combined with the wavy line you’d find in a katana makes this knife stand out with its head high.

Moving towards the end, this Gyuto is finished off with a beautiful black resin and linen Canvas Micarta handle, which gives the knife a dark wooden texture. Furthermore, it has two stainless steel rivets that hold the handle well with the body of the blade, ensuring stability when cutting.

Most importantly, you must be careful when washing this knife, use light detergents and mildly warm water. Otherwise, you might be at risk of sabotaging longevity and edge retention. You also read this article on how to clean a knife.


  • The sandblasted finish gives the knife an impressive finish
  • Black Micarta handle held firmly with two steel rivets
  • Katana Sword design adds to the Japanese aesthetics
  • Constructed from Japanese Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium steel


  • The blade isn’t scratch-resistant
  • Might require honing and sharpening often
FAMCÜTE 8 Inch Professional Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife

FAMCÜTE 8 Inch Professional Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife

  • Made From Authentic High Quality 9CR18MOV Japanese Steel
  • The Handle Is Crafted From African Rosewood
  • Comfortable Grip With Precise Cutting

Moving on, we have this rugged yet elegant Japanese chef knife from FAMCÜTE. The specifications packed within this knife are so well balanced, it will give even the best Chef knife out there a run for its money.

When you begin using the knife, you will immediately notice the octagonal shape of the handle. With ergonomics in mind, the overall roundness of the African Rosewood gives the knife a premium feel while also enhancing its control.

Coming in at an overall length of 14 inches, most people would call this a “true 8-inch” knife. At this length, the maneuverability of the blade is much smoother and requires less force from the user.

Next, we take your attention towards the beautifully crafted blade. Made from authentic high-quality 9CR18MOV Japanese steel, this is the perfect kitchen companion for any chef.

Packing an HRC of 60+/-2, the hardness of this knife speaks for itself. Also, maintaining this knife is relatively easy. Just remember to keep away from frozen materials as they might sabotage the knife’s edge.

The weight balance on this knife is just the right ratio, resulting in more comfortable cutting motions. A well-balanced weight ratio is responsible for the precision of each cut along with the wear and tear the knife experiences, both of which are great with this Chef knife.


  • Well balanced weight ratio for added comfort
  • 9CR18MOV authentic Japanese steel used for the blade’s core.’
  • Ergonomic handle design for better grip
  • Well-made


  • Frozen items might detriment the edge of the knife
Enso HD Series 8'' Stainless Steel Gyuto Chef’s Knife

Enso HD Series 8” Stainless Steel Gyuto Chef’s Knife

  • Made Of 37-layer Stainless Damascus Blades With Hammered Finish
  • Double Bevel Edge Have For Both Right And Left Handed Use
  • You Can Cut Everything With This Knife

If you’re someone who has been in the knife game for a long, then you already know the weight Enso has in the market. Bringing you some of the highest quality Japanese knives, you will surely never be disappointed.

At first glance, the sophisticated aesthetics of the blade will surely leave you in awe. The 37 layered Damascus blade and its Tsuchime finish make the knife stand out amongst all others. You’ve never seen anything like it. Crafted to a perfect length of 8-inches, the weight ratio on this blade is just heavenly.

It also has been excelling in providing high-quality blades since 1932. So, whether you’re mincing, dicing, chopping, or switching from fruits and vegetables to meat, this Chef’s knife will survive it all.

Featuring a double bevel edge, it’s perfect for both left and right-handed use. Furthermore, the 12-degree cutting angle gives you consistent and almost effortless slices each time.

The triple-riveted black canvas micarta handle is an Enso HD signature. Along with intensifying the aesthetics, the full tang design is concealed within this handle, ensuring sturdiness and durability.


  • Top-quality Damascus blade has a high hardness level
  • Extremely versatile, cut almost anything from meat to fruits and vegetables
  • Double bevel design allows left-handed to use
  • Full tang enclosed in the handle, boosting stability and control over the knife
  • A “true 8-inch” chef knife


  • Sometimes comes with uneven edges
  • The handle doesn’t feel as premium as wooden counterparts
Yoshihiro Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife

Yoshihiro Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife

  • 46 Layers Hammered Damascus With VG-10 Gold Steel Core
  • Include A Protective Blade Cover
  • Excellent For Both Home Chefs And Professional Chefs

Quite honestly, this next knife on the list doesn’t need an introduction, given the brand’s history. Any Gyuto knife review you look at online, you will soon notice it morph into a Yoshihiro knives review instead. That’s just how good these guys are!

This 46 layered VG10 Damascus series has been the longest-running best seller for Yoshihiro. With unmatched versatility paired with high-quality steel, you cannot go wrong with this.

Featuring a traditional Japanese Gyuto shape, the back and forth rocking motion is as smooth as ever. Besides, the high level of hardness allows the blade to be made thinner, slicing through almost anything put in front of it.

Furthermore, Yoshihiro takes their blade designs to a whole new level with the innovative hammered texture, which reduces and even eliminates any sort of friction you might experience. This brings an end to all your problems with food sticking to the blade of the knife right after cutting.

Moving over towards the handle, it is shaped like an octagon, improving control and providing you with a firm grip. The wooden texture is far more durable than other materials while also adding to the aesthetics of the blade.


  • 46 layered Damascus VG10 steel is known for hardness and durability
  • Protective blade cover included
  • Innovative hammered texture prevents food from sticking to the blade
  • Lightweight handle for better control


  • Sharpening the blade requires you to be extra careful
Mikarto Professional Grade Japanese Gyuto Knife

Mikarto Professional Grade Japanese Gyuto Knife

  • Made AUS-10V (Vacuum Treated) Japanese Damascus 67-layers
  • Coming In At 62+ In The Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • Military Grade G-10 Handle Reinforced With Three Rivets

Versatility takes on a new name with this all-purpose Gyuto knife from MIkarto. Made from the best quality materials with the finest craftsmen, this knife is evidence of what high-end looks like.

Also, packing an AUS-10V vacuum-heated Damascus blade, the sharpness of this knife is incomparable. Perfect for slicing through meat, vegetables, and fruits, you will witness professional-level control and high-quality precision.

Moreover, the edge retention on this knife is excellent and rightfully, so being built with 66 layers of the best quality steel. Coming in at 62+ in the Rockwell Hardness Scale, the durability of this knife will surely leave the competitors in the ashes.

Also, the extra layers make the blade resistant to rust and corrosion, so you can cut through frozen or raw meat any time you want. It’s safe to say this knife is a deserving candidate for the best sushi knife award, with its superb design and professional-grade blade.

With a length of 8-inches, Mikarto has taken extra care when designing the blade of this knife. The full tang design is enclosed within the G-10 handle, which has been further reinforced with three rivets.

Moreover, the hammered finish on the blade creates a scale-like pattern that prevents food from sticking. Other than this, it looks great in your kitchen too!


  • Military-grade G-10 handle reinforced with three rivets
  • Hammered finish for added aesthetics
  • 66 Layers of AUS-10V vacuum heated steel in the blade’s core
  • Great sharpness


  • Carries a bit of weight to it
  • The blade is thicker than usual Gyuto knives
KATSURA Woodworking Project Kit 8 inch Gyuto Chef Knife

KATSURA Woodworking Project Kit 8 inch Gyuto Chef Knife

  • The Blade Core Is Built With 66 Layers Of VG10 Damascus Steel
  • Full Tang Design For Extra Stability And Control
  • This Knife Comes Inside A Handcrafted Gift Box

Last but certainly not below par when compared to the other knives on the list, we have the 8-inch Gyuto from Katsura. Rather than a fully built knife out the box, this is more of a DIY project for you.

For starters, when it first arrives, you’ll notice the knife is a full tang design with nothing on the handle. Weird right? This is precisely how Katsura wanted it, giving you complete control of the materials you want to use in making the handle.

While some people are comfortable with wooden handles, others might be more inclined towards Micarta. If you’re feeling too funky, you can even add a layer of leather to enhance the aesthetics.

The blade core is built with 66 layers of VG10 Damascus steel, providing some of the best edge retentions in the market. Maintaining this knife is a breeze as the high-quality steel will continue to be razor-sharp for many years, reducing the need to sharpen it at frequent intervals.


  • Gives you full control of your handle material and design
  • 66 Layers of VG-10 Damascus steel with maximum edge retention
  • Full tang design for extra stability and control
  • Easy maintenance sharpness


  • Getting the perfect weight balance ratio might be difficult with the custom made handle

How to Choose the Best Gyuto Knife

Choosing the Gyuto knife isn’t an easy decision, especially when you consider the various features that differentiate a good knife from a bad one. In the long run, the characteristics listed below should help you make a more conscious decision.


There has been a long lying misconception that the ideal length of your knife depends on your physical height. As a result, people have been more inclined towards long blades.

However, you will soon realize that this is not the case, because the length depends heavily on a few other factors such as your cutting board, workspace, and the items you cut.

Often, we have noticed that the average length of 8 inches should be sufficient for most of your day-to-day cooking activities. And so, this would be a safe option to begin with, after which you can further experiment with other lengths based on your preference.

It is also essential to clarify with the seller whether the length of the knife is measured from the handle to the tip of heel to tip. This will prevent you from making bad judgments as the measuring style varies from one brand to another.

Build Material

Some of the best Gyuto knives are made of two types of stainless steel, SG2 and VG10. While both of these materials are highly durable and dense, the only difference you would find is the carbon content within them. The VG10 contains a higher carbon percentage than the SG2 allowing it to retain its edge better.

Regardless of the type of steel used, you wouldn’t have to worry about longevity as most Gyuto knives provide excellent edge retention and don’t easily chip away.

Handle Construction

The build material for the handle will significantly affect the level of comfort you derive from using your Gyuto knife. Generally, you will find yourself choosing between two types of handles, the western design, and the wooden design.

A traditional Japanese Gyuto chef knife will consist of a wooden handle that is lighter when compared to its western counterparts.

The main difference is that wooden handle knives have a massive blade, whereas the western handles have a bulky design and more even weight distribution. However, your choice of handle depends entirely on your preference.

While some might find heavy handles uncomfortable, others might derive more control and precision from them.

Why You Need the Best Gyuto Knives in your Kitchen?

So why should you go the extra mile and pick out a Gyuto knife over the regular chef knife? An interesting question, but the answer is always out in the clear. Versatility, that’s why.

From slicing meat to fruits, you name it, and the Gyuto knife will cut it for you. Unlike the chef knife, the Gyuto is thinner and made of high-quality steel. This gives it an extra edge in terms of consistency and durability. These knives will last you ages.

Furthermore, they require almost no maintenance at all, which takes the extra load off your shoulders.

Also, the length and shape of the Gyuto knife aid its versatile trait as cutting back and forth is much more comfortable. From mincing, carving to slicing, this knife will effortlessly be your go-to tool for all your cutting needs.

However, you must know that it is vital to have both knives in your kitchen. This is because the chef knife also has its own set of advantages that shouldn’t be discarded.

How to Care Gyuto Knife?

Now, we know we have been stressing the fact that Gyuto knives are easy to maintain. However, there are some do’s and don’ts that we all must follow to ensure the longevity of these beautiful pieces of metal.

Don’t Leave the Knife in the Dishwasher Right after Use

First things first, right after using the knife, don’t just leave it there or put it in the dishwasher. Instead, you should be handwashing it with soap. On that note, using a soap that contains acidic extracts like citrus or bleach can quickly wear the surface of the knife.

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Don’t Expose the Knife to Water for a Long Duration

In addition, you shouldn’t be leaving the knife exposed to water for prolonged periods and as a result, you will be saving the steel from rust. Similarly, humid conditions can also cause the blade to develop rust spots by reacting with the water molecules in the air.

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A good practice would be to wash the knife after use, dry it off with a soft cloth, and put it away in the knife rack or kitchen drawer.

Clean the Handle

Other than the blade itself, it is essential to keep the handle clean as well. The traditional Gyuto knives will come with wooden handles that swell from absorbing water. And so, it is always a good idea to completely dry off the blade rather than air drying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is powdered steel build better than the regular ones?

A: While it’s true that the powdered steel knives excel when it comes to durability, they are quite expensive. Unlike the other steel knives with heavy hardness, powdered steel knives are more problematic and thinner but not brittle at all.

However, we would advise powdered steel knives to be a luxury and a viable option for those who are passionate about cooking to perfection.

Q: Can I sharpen the knives with Grindstone?

A: Yes, you can, but using rough grindstone might put scratches and damage the blade. MORE READ

Q: Is the shape of the Gyuto knife symmetric?

A: No. Gyuto knives are always asymmetric in shape.

Q: What is a full tang?

A: A full tang design is when the blade of the knife extends to the handle.

Q: Should I choose a knife with a thick cutting edge or a thin one?

A: While it is never easy to choose between the two and we would always advise having both in the kitchen, if you did have to choose one, it would be the thin one.

A thin cutting edge will give you more consistency, and it is also versatile when it comes to cutting vegetables or meat.

Final Words

All the knives mentioned above are considered to be the best in the market. However, choosing one will require you to assess your own set of needs and preferences. We hope our Gyuto knife review guide makes it easier for you to choose the best one.


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