Best Kitchen Knife Set under $200 – Only Essential Knives

Updated On: June 30, 2021

Everyone wants the best, but the most promising items can put a hefty dent on your wallet, especially when it comes to knives. Generally, the price of an A-grade knife varies from $200 to $300. And if you are trying to learn how to be a professional chef or aren’t a very successful chef yet, then this article is just for you!

Best Kitchen Knife Set under $200

Here you will find the best kitchen knife set under $200! So, now you can enjoy all these extraordinary perks at an affordable range. But that is not all that this article has to offer.

The article contains numerous essential information that will permit you to enhance your cutlery skills, including the things that you should keep in mind before you purchase a knife set. Anyway, enough of beating around the bush. Let us get to the point straight.

What to Look for in a Knife Set

So, before we go anywhere, the first thing that we are going to cover in this article is how to choose a good knife set. Now, deciding whether a knife-set is suitable for an individual or not is entirely based on preference. However, there are certain things that the set should have to ensure that it serves you properly.


The first and foremost feature that you have to notice is the variety of utensils the knife-set has to offer. Well, there is no specific number on how many types of tools such a set should have, but we suggest that a knife set should at least contain more than five different types of knives in its collection.


In the case of knives, their construction is a crucial factor. You see, the construction of a knife determines various things, such as sharpness, longevity, and durability. Now, if you want a long-lasting knife that is also extremely resilient, then you should go for a knife that has an HRC scaling of 52 or beyond.

If you are not familiar with the term HRC, then it is short for Rockwell Hardness Rating. And this scale is used to determine how hard metal is. Nevertheless, the higher you go above on the HRC scale, the more rigid the knives become, and due to that, they lose their flexibility. Therefore, you should decide what you require.

Along with the hardness, you need to check what is the raw material used for making these items. Are you confused about which one is the best option? Well, our recommendation would be to opt for stainless-steel knives. They are more long-lasting and can be extremely sharp.


It might be shocking to you, but the handles of a knife are just as essential as the blade itself. The material used to make the handles will determine how comfortably you will be able to hold the knife and carry on with your task.

Not only the construction of the handles, but even the size of the handles of the knives play a significant role. If the handles don’t have a sizeable dimension, then the area where you can hold the knife is quite less. So, when you are choosing a knife set, you should check these features.


Cost-wise, knife sets are extremely pricy! So, it depends completely upon your preference for what will be the price of the knife that you are thinking of buying.

VestawareVestaware Stainless Steel Knife Set
    • Rubber Wooden Knife Block
    • Rosewood Handle
    • 16 Piece Knife Set
ImarkuImarku Stainless Steel Knife set
    • Absolute Marvel Design
    • 55 on The HRC Scale
    • 16 Piece Knife Set
TUO CutleryTUO Cutlery 8-PCS Knife Set with Wooden Block
    • High Carbon Stainless steel
    • Smooth and Glossy
    • 8 Piece Knife Set
WUSTHOFWUSTHOF Gourmet 7-PCS Starter Block Set
    • Synthetic Polyoxymethylene Handle
    • Corrosion and Dull Resisted
    • 7 Piece Knife Set
HenckelsJ.A. Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set
    • High Quality Stainless Steel
    • Dishwasher Safe Knife set
    • 15 Piece Knife Set
CalphalonCalphalon Classic Self Sharpening Knife Set
    • High Carbon no Stain Steel
    • Versatile Knife Set
    • 15 piece knife Set
AuskerAusker Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set
    • Pemium German Steel
    • Ergonomic Shape Handles
    • 6 Piece Knife Set
CanshanCanshan S1 Series Knife Set with Drawer Knife Block
    • X50Cr15MoV German Steel
    • NSF Certified
    • 5 Piece knife Set
HanmasterHanmaster Stainless Steel Razor Sharp Knife Set
    • German High Carbon Steel
    • Sandalwood Handle
    • 7 Piece knife Set
DamascusDamascus 7 Pcs Premium Knife Block Set
    • A-Grade Japanese 67-layer Steel
    • Comfortable Lightweight Handle
    • 7 Piece knife Set

10 Best Kitchen Knife Set under $200

Why go through the hassle of searching for countless hours for a top of the line knife set, when you can find them right here. In this section, you will find ten of the top cutlery knives sets in the business, and hopefully, you will find the knife-set of your dreams as well.

Vestaware Stainless Steel Knife Set

Vestaware Stainless Steel Knife Set

  • Walnut Sharpener with Rubber Wooden Knife Block
  • The Handle is Made From Rosewood
  • 52 on the HRC Scale
  • 16 Piece Knife Set

There are few knives in the market that can compete with Vestaware’s amazing 16-Piece knife set. So, let us find out why! First of all, the set contains various kinds of knives that can be used for numerous purposes. The package includes a 7-inch Santoku knife, an 8-inch slicing knife, and so much more.

Apart from a wide range of options, the set also delivers a sharpener that is made from Walnut. Thus, you can sharpen the items whenever you want, and there is no need for you to buy anything separately.

Nevertheless, the full set of knives is not the only attractive feature of the package. Each of the knives’ handles is made from Rosewood, which resists corrosion, is fireproof, moisture-proof, and is guaranteed to ensure a satisfactory hold.

Another exceptional characteristic of the set’s knives is its durability and flexibility. In the Rockwell hardness scale, the blades measure a staggering 52, which means that their resilience to damage is spectacular and will always output fantastic performance.

Moreover, the 52 on the HRC scale also indicates that the blades are tough but are flexible enough for you to use these blades for the most complex varieties of cuts. By the way, the blades are also resistant to rust, corrosion, dents, scratches, and are surely going to last for several years without needing replacement.

To sum up the entire review, if you desire a world-class knife that can be used for many purposes and grants you numerous benefits, then you need this set in your life.


  • No need for a complicated cleaning procedure
  • Comes with an included sharpener along with various other beneficial utensils
  • The construction of the device is extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Can be used for various cutlery and culinary purpose
  • Grants easy and organized storage


  • The knives can be a tad heavy
Imarku Stainless Steel Knife set

Imarku Stainless Steel Knife set

  • The Design of The Knives is An Absolute Marvel
  • Each of The Blades Has a Serrated Section
  • 55 on The HRC Scale
  • 16 Piece Knife Set

It is a fact that a knife set can be very expensive! Keeping that in mind, Imarku built this knife set that is not only excellent but offers you all the essential utensils you will need to have the best cutlery experience at affordable pricing. 

If you are wondering what is provided within the package, then you will get a chef knife, a santoku knife, a carving knife, a sharpener, a bread knife, a utility knife, scissors, six steak knives, a paring knife, and a knife block. So, if you have this set, then you are pretty much ready for all sorts of cutting tasks. 

Moving on, the design of the knives is an absolute marvel. Each of the blades has a serrated section, which helps to cut thicker meats likes beef, and other such meat quite easily. Other than that, you can also use these excellent utensils for numerous cutting, slicing, and any similar jobs with great precision. 

And the handles were crafted to provide the users with optimum comfort, and thus, carving complex and intricate dishes and meats with this seat is easy-peasy. Furthermore, the durability of the knives is off the charts. They score approximately 55 on the HRC scale, so you know that they have splendid longevity.

Lastly, each of these knives is light, so maneuvering the utensils to get to the best results is such an offhand task. Plus, the sizeable handle dimensions allow you a firm yet comfortable grip to carry out your work smoothly. 


  • Begets you the best results and offers the finest 
  • Each of the utensils is light, which allows you to exceptional mobility
  • All the essential tools are provided on the day of purchase
  • Effortless storage
  • Very inexpensive product


  • The knives might not be very flexible
TUO Cutlery 8-PCS Knife Set with Wooden Block

TUO Cutlery 8-PCS Knife Set with Wooden Block

  • The knife Features a Smooth and Glossy Handle
  • The Eye Catching Thing of The Set is Its Gorgeous Looks
  • It is Made From High Carbon Stainless steel
  • The Handle is Made of Pakkawood 

This one is a tab bit expensive than most of the items in this article, but it still falls under the category of being affordable. The collection contains tons of noteworthy features, and after you are done reading this section, you might fall in love with this knife-set. 

Right of the bat, the eye-catching thing of the set is its gorgeous looks. The knife features a smooth and glossy handle, which is going to look great in the hands of almost anyone. Consequently, if you feel that your kitchen is missing something, then it is probably this gem of a set. 

However, this masterwork is not only for the show! It is made from High Carbon Stainless steel, which gives the product extreme tolerance and sturdiness. Moreover, the stainless-steel build also makes these items impervious to numerous Earthly damages.

In addition to having a fine stainless-steel build, the handles of the unit are extraordinary as well. They contain a Pekka handle, which gives the users a relaxed as well as a pleasant grip. Plus, the handles are also marvelously long-lived as they will not expand, crack, or shrink under pressure.

Now, imagine all these fabulous attributes in each one of these knives. Yes, you did not read this part wrong! Each one of the knives has all the characteristics that we have stated, so we can assure you that you will be having the most fun cutlery experience with this set. 


  • The set comes with every essential
  • Has a durable and long-lasting blade as well as handles
  • The blades will allow you to make the most precise cuts
  • Contains a marvelous look that will fulfill your kitchens decor


  • Pricewise, the product will dent your wallet
WUSTHOF Gourmet 7-PCS Starter Block Set

WUSTHOF Gourmet 7-PCS Starter Block Set

  • The Blade Features a High Carbon Stainless Steel Build
  • 56 on The HRC Scale
  • Highly Durable Triple Riveted Synthetic Polyoxymethylene Handle
  • Corrosion and Dull Resisted knife Set

When it comes to sharpness, Wusthoff takes the prize! The blade features a high carbon stainless steel build, which facilitates the user with an incredibly sharp blade and allows them to cut through any ingredient with exceptional ease.

Now, having a stainless-steel build gives the knives resistance towards rust, corrosion, dents, etc. To be brief, the construction gives the knife top-notch endurance along with outstanding cutting parameters. 

Furthermore, the set is a complete set with 3-inch speak point pairing knives, a 4.5-inch utility knife, 6-inch serrated knife, and a cook’s knife, and the list goes one. Hence, no matter what sort of cutlery task you want to do, with this one, you can practically do them all.

And that is not all. On the day of purchase, you will be provided with a block as well. Now, you can organize all these utensils, and will always have the required knife around you almost all the time.

Unlike all the other knife companies in the market, this one comes with handles that are just first-class. The manufacturers focused a lot on convenience and comfort, and that is why they gave these blades such a wonderful handle. Due to this, maneuvering the item feels blissful and, we can assure you that you will be having a lot of fun.

Speaking of convenience, the weight of the knives allows the users to use these spectacles with incredible ease and move them to get the most precise cuts on almost any kind of ingredient.

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  • Light and flexible characteristics
  • Storing the item is such an offhand task
  • The package is a full set of 7-pieces of knives
  • Effortless maintenance


  • Expensive
J.A. Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set

J.A. Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set

  • Fabricated From High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Professional Satin Finish Blade Boasts Cutting
  • Dishwasher Safe Knife Set
  • 15 Piece Knife Set

From 1731 to this date, J.A. Henckels has been among the elite brands for knife makers in the business. Hence, you can expect the finest performance from their products, especially this one. The set is a complete compilation of all the cutlery utensils you would need for any type of cooking tasks.

This set contains fifteen different types of knives that can be used for countless varieties of dishes. A few noteworthy mentions are a 3-inch paring knife, a 5-inch serrated knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, six 4.5-inch steak knives, sharpening shear, and a block that will systematically contain all these.

Apart from a wide array of utensils, each of the knives is a piece of art. They are made from some of the hardest metals on planet Earth called stainless steel. Not only does this heavy-duty construction gives this item exceptional toughness and longevity, but it also makes the structure impervious to dents, scratches, rusts, etc.

And finally, you don’t have to undergo any complex cleaning methods to maintain these knives. All you have to do is rinse and wipe them after every use, and if that seems like a hassle, then you can just put them in a dishwasher. 


  • Dishwasher compatible
  • Maintaining these metals is an effortless task
  • You get a wide array of utensils that keeps you well equipped for all tasks
  • Storing the item is an effortless task
  • The blades have a heavy-duty and long-lasting construction


  • The knives lack flexibility 
Calphalon Classic Self Sharpening Knife Set

Calphalon Classic Self Sharpening Knife Set

  • High Carbon No Stain Steel
  • Versatile Set for Every Cutting Task
  • Full Tang Design for Strength and Balance
  • 15 Piece Knife Set

Do you know what makes this such a good option? Well, the package comes with 15 different knives that can be used for various culinary purposes. The set contains a four half-an-inch paring knife, kitchen shears, and the list is endless. We are saying that if you have this in your arsenal, you can pretty much cook almost anything.

Except for the vast range of options, the knives’ built-in ceramic construction gives it a self-sharpening feature. Meaning, you won’t have to spend the extra time sharpening the tools, and you will always have a knife that is sharp and ready to be used. 

Speaking of sharpness, the blade’s edge is particularly sharp, which permits you to cut through the harshest of meat like its butter. And its lightweight feature and comfortable and pleasant handles assist you in moving and using the item any way you want.

Also, the permanence of the item is fantastic. It has a stainless-steel structure that grants the item exceptional resilience and long life and makes the knives resistant to almost all kinds of earthly damages. Plus, the handles are also made from a durable and comfortable material. 

Coming to the looks, the blades have an artistic look to it. Each of the tools has a simple silver blade and black handle with rivets that hold the handle in place. And such a simplistic outlook makes it a fine addition to your kitchen. So, along with great performance, the tool will also look great in your kitchen for sure.

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  • Storing the items in your kitchen is a breezy job
  • The knives have extreme endurance and have a strong build
  • You have a huge variety of working option with this package
  • Has an attractive look


  • The product lacks flexibility
Ausker Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set

Ausker Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set

  • Made of Premium German Steel for Lasting Durability
  • Handles Made of Gentle, BPA Free, Non Toxic Plastic
  • Includes a Built-in Knife Sharpener 
  • 6 Piece Knife Set

There are few knives in the market that look as good as the Ausker 6-Piece knife-set. You see, when it comes to décor, the littlest details matter. Each knife has a black bottom with a silver color on the top, which is why it has such an eye-catching look, and we are sure that it is going to make your kitchen look complete.

A good feature of this is that the block of the set is properly created to effortlessly fit all the utensils that are provided in the deal. Once you are done using it, all you have to do is clean the knives and slide them into the slots of the block. 

In order to maintain quality, all of the blades were made from a single bar of stainless-steel metal bar. As a result, each of the blades has similar intense durability and will serve you for a long time without fail. Along with the blades, even the handles are made from top-quality materials that grant you a soft and pleasant hold. 

By the way, you must be curious about the type of tools that this deal offers. Well, the package contains a paring knife, a multi-slicer knife, a Santoku, a chef knife, a carving knife, a bread knife, and a block. In short, all the necessary utensils will be provided on the day of purchase.

To end this review, we would like to give this product a thumbs up for its usability and toughness. This is definitely a must-have item.


  • Uncomplicated usage and smooth storage
  • You get a complete set of knives for several culinary tasks
  • There is no complex cleaning method
  • Smooth and efficient ergonomics
  • Durable and long-lasting construction


  • The product is quite expensive
Canshan S1 Series Knife Set with Drawer Knife Block

Canshan S1 Series Knife Set with Drawer Knife Block

  • Full Tang Forged X50Cr15MoV German Steel
  • 58 On The HRC Scale
  • National Sanitation Foundation(NSF) Certified
  • 5 Piece knife Set

Next on our list is the Cangshan Store Series 1023022. Cangshan is a world-renowned knife company that generally focuses on the ergonomics just as much as the tolerance and hardness factor of a blade. For this particular knife set, they have used patented handles that are ergonomically convenient to use.

Also, the blades are practically weightless, and due to such a feature, the user will be able to manipulate the knife exactly the way they want. Hence, you can create your own masterpiece dish in the kitchen with impressive exactness. Now, hold on, there is still a lot of features left to be discussed.

On the HRC scale (which is a scale to determine the hardness of anything), the blades have a rating of approximately 58. Therefore, we can confirm that the durability and longevity of the item are pretty damn amazing. Along with that, the knives display resistance towards rust, corrosions, heat, and moisture.

Incidentally, once you purchase the package, you will have all the utensils you desire right from the start. The deal encompasses an 8-inch chef knife, a 7—inch Santoku knife, 5-inch serrated knife, an 8-inch bread knife, and a 3.5-inch Paring knife.

Then, there is a block that has slots that let you slide these knives inside with solace and permits you to store these utensils in an organized manner. The summary is that if you have this knife set, then you are well-equipped for all sorts of tasks.


  • Allows efficient operation and can be maneuvered to do complex tasks
  • Handles are pleasant to hold
  • Provides you with almost everything you need
  • The blades and the handles are incredibly dependable and long-lasting 


  • The blade lacks in the flexibility department 
Hanmaster Stainless Steel Razor Sharp Knife Set

Hanmaster Stainless Steel Razor Sharp Knife Set

  • German High Carbon Steel
  • The Environmental Resin and Sandalwood Handle
  • 58 On The HRC Scale
  • 7 Piece knife Set

Why go through the hassle of purchasing one knife at a time, when you can have them all at once? Yes, you read that right. Hanmaster presents to you an entire set of top-quality knives at reasonable pricing of around 100 to 110 dollars.

Not only a wide variety of knives, but the set also contains a block where you can organize the knives.

Are you interested to know what are the knives you will be presented with in this package? Well, you will have a 7” santoku knife, 3.5” paring knife, Acacia knife block, 5” utility knife, 8” chef’s knife, 8” bread knife, and metal forged shear. In short, you get everything you will need!

Besides, the construction of each blade is notable. They are made from high-quality stainless steel that has a scoring of 58 on the HRC scale along with a ceramic coating that improves the overall longevity and durability of the blade. Therefore, these blades will provide you optimum performance all the time. 

While we are on the subject of performance, the sharpness of the blades needs to be mentioned. You see, the edges have an angle of 16 to 18 degrees, which permits the blade to slice through almost anything smoothly. 

Lastly, each of the utensils is incredibly light. And due to this factor (along with its satisfactory handles that grant a comfortable grip), you can use these items to make the most complex cuts on the most delicate ingredients with comfort.


  • Offers you a satisfactory and smooth cut almost on every use
  • All the necessary tools and apparatus will be provided on the day of purchase
  • You are handed a wide array of working options
  • The durability and longevity of each of the blades is excellent


  • Because of such an HRC rating, the blades are not highly flexibly
Damascus 7 Pcs Premium Knife Block Set

Damascus 7 Pcs Premium Knife Block Set 

  • The Blades Made of A-Grade Japanese AUS-10 67-layer Steel
  • Comfortable Handles and Lightweight Feature
  • 62 On The HRC Scale
  • Ultra Premium G10 Handle Durable and Resists Moisture

Few can match this blade when it comes to easy usability and offhand storage. Why? Well, take a look, when developers were making this beast, they ensured to give it comfortable handles as well as a lightweight feature. This feature will render you the control you need when working with delicate and complex dishes. 

Performance-wise this set is a marvel! Each of the knives is extremely sharp and will cut through the toughest ingredients like its butter. Pun intended. Moreover, the blades have a made from A-grade Japanese AUS-10 Super cutting steel.

Such an exquisite raw material used in its construction offers the marvelous cutting power that these knives have.

Keeping the world-class cutting capabilities aside, these knives are also quite reliable and have a high tolerance. The AUS-10 Steel grants the knives a hardness score of roughly 62 on the Rockwell Hardness scale. Hence, you can confidently do your task without worry.

Another feature that these knives have is a fantastic design! It has a G-10 construction with flower rivets that improve the sturdiness of the knives. So, you can hold the knives with great comfort and carry out numerous complicated cutlery chores. 

Also, the lightweight feature of the knives further enhances the convenience of using the blades. This product is surely something you would want to have a second glance over.


  • Each blade is made from durable and long-lasting metal
  • The sharpness of the knives is astounding
  • Comfortable handles and lightweight feature
  • You can organize the entire collection of knives on the block provided to you


  • The knives lack flexibility 

Types of Kitchen Knives and Supplementary Included in Knife Sets and Their Uses

There are certain knives that are always included in a kitchen knife-set. Now, if you have ever been confused about their purpose, then fear no more as this section will tell you exactly what they will do.

Paring Knife

These are generally the smallest knife in a set and are the ideal choice for all sorts of intricate tasks.

Santoku Knife

The Santoku is used for a wide array of cutlery jobs and is a Japanese knife that is famous for its diverse working options. Read next to our Japanese knife post.

Chef’s Knife

Need to cut raw meat, or do you need to slice fruits and vegetables, or perhaps you need to chop some cheese? No matter what the task, the chef’s knife is going to support you in almost all cases.


Quite often, you will be provided with shears in a knife set. These are used to sharpen the knives.


A knife set can contain 5 to 20 pieces of knives in its collection, and if you have to stash these somewhere, then there is a big chance that you will lose a single piece. Hence, the blocks are provided so that you can store these knives and find a particular knife whenever you want.

Though there are several other knives in a knife-set, these are the ones that are always included in a knife-set.

How to Maintain Your Knife Set?

You do not have to be an expert to maintain a simple kitchen knife set, and there is no need to follow any byzantine procedure while cleaning a knife set. Nonetheless, the first thing that you have to ensure whether your knife set is dishwasher compatible or not.

If the set is compatible with a dishwasher, then maintaining the item becomes even more convenient. After you are done using the utensils, slide the whole product inside the dishwasher, and you do not have to do anything else.

Now, if it is not dishwasher compatible, then you have to rinse the blades with soap water and wipe the liquid off. Leave it to dry and then slide it inside the block again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best kitchen knife sets:

Q: What is the average price of a knife set?

A: The average price is 50$ to 150$. Though there are some that can be quite expensive, and it is entirely upon you whether you would stick to the ones that have an average cost and the ones that are expensive.

Q: How to sharpen a knife?

A: You can sharpen the knives using shear. Before every use, you will have to rub the knives with the shear more.

Q: Is it necessary to have so many different types of cooking utensils?

A: Yes, it is quite essential to have these utensils in your arsenal. In the world of cutlery and culinary, you need tonnes of tools for numerous kinds of operation.

Q: Are these items going to last for a long time?

A: Of course, a single knife set is going to last for at least five to six years without fail. And if it is made of stainless steel, then it might last even longer. So, when you want a long-lasting knife, we suggest that you opt for a stainless-steel one.

Q: Are these rustproof?

A: Yes, these items are made from stainless steel, so that is why they are rustproof. It is better to always opt for rustproof items for them to last longer more.

Final Words

In the world of cooking, everything has to perfect! Starting from ingredients to utensils, having the finest will give you the edge in this competitive world. And that is why we have displayed you the best kitchen knife set under $200 in the section above.

You know what to look for, what sort of knives are necessary, and how you will maintain your knife set. All that is left for you to do is to go along and buy a set for yourself!

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