Best Knife for Cutting Cake 2021 Reviews With Buying Guide

Updated On: July 12, 2021

Cutting a cake such that you get even and clean layers is not an easy task. Most of the time if you’re using the wrong kind of knife you’ll end up mixing the frosting layers with the cake, making your cake slice look unprofessional.

With the right tool, you too can get that picture-perfect cake slice. Although it might seem trivial, most people eat using their eyes first. So if the cake you’re presenting is not presentable there’s a high chance your guests won’t find it appetizing.

Here are our suggestions for the best knife for cutting cake layers. Dense cakes, light cakes, cakes with frosting, cakes without frosting; we’ve got a knife for them all.

BakehouseBakehouse Professional 14
    • Food Grade Steel
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • 14 Inch Blade, 5.5 Inch Handle
DarnellDarnell 10/12 Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife
    • Stainless Steel Blade
    • PP Plastic Handle
    • Multifunctional Teeth Blade
LenoxLenox True Love 2-Piece Dessert Set
    • Non-Serrated Knife
    • Silver Plate Knife
    • Includes a Server
The Le’raze 2 Piece Goldleaf Cake Server Set
    • Gold Leaf Design Handle
    • A Perfact Gift Set
    • Easy to Cleaning
The Gifts
The Gifts Infinity Silver Cake Knife and Server Set
    • Polyresin Handles
    • 13 Inches Long Knife
    • Perfect for Gift
Ella Celebration Cake Knife & Server Set
    • Eye Catching Design
    • 14 Inches Tall Knife
    • Zinc Construction
    • Poly Resin Handles
    • Both Knife & Server is Serrated
    • Cut Dense and Fluffy Cakes
Towle Living Express 2-Piece Cake Server Set
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Cutting Cake Layers Neatly
TANG SONG Pearl Flower Wedding Cake Knife Set
    • 308 Stainless Steel
    • Heavily Decorated Knife Set
    • Great for Wedding Cake
CateringCatering Square and Triangle Cake Server Set
    • Plastic Made
    • Have Triangular cake Server
    • Handles Have a Good Grip

10 Best Knife for Cutting Cake Reviews

You need a separate cake knife and server set if you have to cut a cake at least once a month. Trust us, you’ll see the difference a good quality knife can make to the appearance of your cake slices.

Here are the sets and knives that we recommend for getting that picture-perfect cake slice.

Bakehouse Professional 14u0022 Stainless Steel Cake Knife

Bakehouse Professional 14″ Stainless Steel Cake Knife

  • The Steel is Food Grade and Non-Toxic
  • Dishwasher Safe Cake Knife
  • 14 Inch Blade, 5.5 Inch Handle

If you’re looking for a cake-cutting knife that will last you years, this is it. Made with solid steel this knife from Bakehouse trading is one of the most durable cake cutting knives. The steel is food grade and non-toxic.

It’s a flat knife like this that is great for both cutting and icing cake. Delicate in design, this is the knife you need if you want to cut clean slices of ice cream or heavily iced cake.

The handle is easy to hold and control so you can customize the size of your cake slice. Overall, it’s a great package, and should you decide to buy this, it would be a great deal for you.

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  • Food grade, non-toxic steel construction
  • Non-serrated knife for dense cakes like cheesecake or ice cream cake
  • Easy-grip handle that gives you full control
  • Stays sharp for a long time


  • Size is a bit too large for a cake cutting knife
Darnell 10/12 Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife

Darnell 10/12 Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife

  • Fine Polished Stainless Steel Blade
  • Non Slip PP Plastic Handle
  • Multifunctional Teeth Blade Spatula

Non-slip handles are a great feature to have in a cake-cutting knife that you also want to use for icing. This model has a handle made of plastic that has a special grip feature. Therefore, the knife does not slip out of your hand even if you’re holding the tool with greasy hands.

The handle is also designed to keep the shape and curves of the human hand in mind. So you can hold on to this knife for long hours without getting cramps.

Moreover, the non-serrated teeth blade knife can be used for spreading butter, icing cakes, cutting and shaping fondant, and for cutting cakes as well.

Although this is a knife for cutting just cakes, the blade on this is quite sharp. So you can use the tool for other purposes as well.


  • Multi-functional
  • Non-slip pp plastic handle that can be held for hours comfortably
  • Non-serrated teeth blade knife can be used on both fluffy and dense cakes
  • Fine-polished stainless steel blade


  • The handle might come loose after a while
Lenox True Love 2-Piece Dessert Set

Lenox True Love 2-Piece Dessert Set

  • The Blade is Non-Serrated But Sharp and Edged
  • Silver Plate Dessert Set
  • The knife Can be Sharpened

The Lenox true-love set is the perfect cake cutting knife and server set for a wedding!

As the blade is non-serrated but sharp and edged, the tool can cut through most kinds of cake without making it look like a child tried to destroy it with their hands.

Another plus side of having a non-serrated knife is that the tool looks more presentable and delicate instead of alarming.

You get a cute server along with this very sharp knife as well. Both the tools have a simple heart pattern engraved on them.

The knife in the set can be sharpened, so you can use the tool for other purposes after you’re done with your function.


  • A non-serrated sharp blade that can cut through any kind of cake
  • The simple engraved design makes the tools look more presentable and classier
  • The knife can be sharpened
  • Includes server that is also made with stainless steel


  • Non-rust-resistant
The Le’raze 2 Piece Goldleaf Cake Server Set

The Le’raze 2 Piece Goldleaf Cake Server Set

  • With a Gold Leaf Design on The Handles
  • Stainless Steel and Brass Leaf Cake Set
  • Easy to Cleaning and Maintaining

A beautiful gold cake knife and a server set like this one is quite hard to pass. The intricate gold twig handles on the knife and the server adds a classy but boho vibe to your cake table.

Considering how these were made for decoration or just for cake cutting purposes, they’re quite sharp. So, they can cut through your cake without destroying its shape and fluffiness.

Thanks to the stainless steel construction of the tools you can store and preserve them for many parties to come. The handles are made of brass, so they won’t fade or discolor. Hand washes them with mild soap to keep them looking brand new.


  • Handles made with brass; no possibility of discoloration
  • Stainless steel sharp knife
  • Intricate gold twig design
  • Can be reused multiple times
  • Easy to clean


  • Odd shaped handles make the tools hard to use at times
The Gifts Infinity Silver Cake Knife and Server Set

The Gifts Infinity Silver Cake Knife and Server Set

  • The Handles is Made of Durable Poly Resin
  • Knife is 13 Inches Long
  • Perfect For a Wedding Gift

Can’t find a cake knife that is pretty but long enough to cut your huge cake? We’ve got just the knife for you.

The knife that you get in this set is a whopping 13 inches in height making this the perfect tool to cut larger and bigger cakes with. Even the server is wide and large enough to carry big slices.

To ensure that you don’t mess up the shape of your cake slices, this knife comes in a handy serrated design.

The polyresin handle on the server can be engraved for free for your special day. Both the tools have a minimal heart design but it’s quite easy to add decorations to the handles if needed.


  • Free engraving on server
  • Simple but classic heart design
  • Easy to add decorations on to the handles
  • 13-inch long knife perfect for cutting larger cakes
  • Durable poly resin handles


  • The knife is a bit flimsy
Ella Celebration Cake Knife u0026 Server Set

Ella Celebration Cake Knife & Server Set

  • The Design of The Knife is Elegant and Eye Catching
  • 14-inch tall Cake knife Set 
  • Made of Gold Plated Zinc Alloy

A simple gold cake cutting knife set will never go out of style. Especially this one from Ella celebrations which comes in a classy light gold hue. Colors like this go with most kinds of decorations.

The design of the knife is elegant and eye-catching. You can use these for birthday parties, weddings, or any kind of celebration. This gold plated knife and server set will surely turn some heads.

Sturdy zinc construction makes the knife durable and long-lasting. Unlike other celebration cake cutting knives, this one is built with proper and high-quality materials.

14 inches in height, you can use this knife for cutting cakes of any size.


  • Light gold elegant design
  • 14-inch tall knife; perfect for cakes of any size
  • Zinc construction makes the knife long-lasting
  • Can be reused if cleaned and maintained properly


  • Sometimes the pair does not match
FASHIONCRAFT Double Heart Design Cake Knife

FASHIONCRAFT Double Heart Design Cake Knife

  • Handles on This Set Are Made From Poly Resin
  • The Knife and The Server is Serrated
  • Perfect for Cutting Dense and Fluffy Cakes

Both the knife and the cake server in this set come with serrated blades. So if you’re having a huge party and find yourself in need of another knife, you can just use the server as a cake cutter. What a great tool to have at hand!

Handles on this set are made from polyresin. They come in an old-time Victorian pattern that will never go out of style. A big advantage of this design is that it makes the handles quite choppy, so they are easier to hold.

The serrated knives are made to cut fluffy cakes but they can cut through dense or creamy cakes as well.


  • Won’t break or crack so easily
  • Both the knife and the server is serrated
  • Can cut both dense and fluffy cakes
  • Comes in a classy Victorian bold design
  • The handle is easy to hold on to


  • Both the blade and the handles are prone to getting scratches
Towle Living Express 2-Piece Cake Server Set

Towle Living Express 2-Piece Cake Server Set

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Construction   
  • Dishwasher Safe Cake Knife Set
  • Best for Cutting Cake Layers Neatly

Don’t want cake cutting tools that have fancy designs or hearts all over them? We’ve got just the thing for you.

Towle makes these amazing cake cutting knives and a server set that has the simplest design. You’ll find just one short cute quote on the edges of the handle. It’s not noticeable and does not catch the eye either.

This set is made with high-quality stainless steel that stays shiny all the time. You won’t have to polish this set at all.

As there are no designs or fancy additions to this set, you can put it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

This lightly serrated tool is the knife for cutting cake layers. The frosting and the cake won’t mix, giving you a cake that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine.


  • Simple and user-friendly design
  • Can be put in the dishwasher
  • Best for cutting cake layers neatly
  • Stainless steel construction that does not need polishing


  • Stainless steel handles can be slippery
TANG SONG Pearl Flower Wedding Cake Knife Set

TANG SONG Pearl Flower Wedding Cake Knife Set

  • Construction With 308 Stainless Steel  
  • Heavily Decorated Knife and Server Set
  • This Set is Great for Wedding Cake

If you like being extra at all your functions and in life, you’ll love this knife. Decorated with ribbons, flowers, and beads this is one of the most extravagant cake cutting knives out there.

Both the knife and the server are embellished with these ornaments. Your special day deserves a special knife. Why not get this fancy and fun cake cutting set to make the day even more memorable?

Made with 308 stainless steel, this knife won’t wobble at all. The knife and the server will last ages before you see any signs of breakage or cracking.

This model is also one of the most affordable sets on our list. After all, why spend so much on a tool you’re only going to use once?


  • Heavily decorated knife and server set; perfect for weddings
  • Affordable price
  • 308 stainless steel knife that does not wobble
  • Comes in an elegant gift box; can be a great present for engaged couples


  • You can probably use this only for one or two functions because of the heavy decorations
Catering Square and Triangle Cake Server Set

Catering Square and Triangle Cake Server Set

  • Made of Clear Plastic
  • Traditional Triangular Cake Server Included
  • The Ergonomic Handles Have a Good Grip

Now, this set is something unique. A clear cake cutting knife and server set that is this good looking is something you rarely see at functions.

This clear plastic cake server set is what you need if you want to stand out in the crowd. They look quite simple but very elegant.

Besides being so beautiful, this set is also quite ergonomic. The handles have a good grip on them. To make lifting and serving cake easier, the server in this set comes in a rectangular shape. There’s no chance of spilling or falling when you’re using a cake server of this design.

If you don’t like that, there’s also a traditional triangular cake server included in the set.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Unique clear plastic design
  • Rectangular cake server to prevent spillage
  • The traditional triangular server also included
  • Can be reused multiple times
  • Easy to clean


  • Plastic is not the most durable material

How to Level A Cake with A Knife

Leveling a cake without a leveler is not impossible. With the proper knowledge, you can level a cake using a plastic cake knife as well.

Keep reading if you want to know how to get a perfectly leveled cake with a cake cutting or normal knife.

Make sure the cake you want to level is at room temperature

The cold cake will also work but never try to level cake that is hot or warm.

You’ll need a serrated knife to do this task as neatly as possible. To reduce cake wastage start cutting from the dome of the cake, not from the edges.

Keep your knife parallel to the countertop and start cutting

Turn the cake around as you cut. Once you’re done cutting around the edges you can take any normal knife to separate the dome from the cake.

This process takes a bit of practice, but it can give you amazing results if done right.

How to Decorate A Wedding Cake Knife

The knife that you use on your wedding day is as important as the cake you cut. This knife is going to be in most of your wedding pictures, so you better have it decorated! Luckily, there’s a lot of easy ways you can decorate your wedding knife without having to spend too much money.

By Adding Accessories

The easiest way to decorate your wedding cake knife is to add accessories to it. Add as many flowers and ribbons as your heart desires. Match these accessories with the theme colors of your wedding.

Crystals, stickers, and sequences are also a great addition. Don’t go too crazy though. According to, less can sometimes be more when decorating your wedding cake knife.

Employing an Engraver

If you do have a budget, we suggest you take your knife to an engraver. A professional can engrave your initials or the wedding date on to the knife. An engraved knife can be preserved and used as decoration as well. It’s something sweet that you can remember your wedding day with.

To save time, you can also purchase a wedding cake knife set.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have any further queries about a cake cutting knife, you can check out these commonly asked questions that we have answered for you.

Q: Why does my cake crumble and fall apart when I try to cut it?

A: This usually happens if you use too much flour in your cake batter. As your cake is dryer it will crumble easier. A cake can also fall apart if it is not chilled before cutting.

Q: How can I stop the cake from sticking to my knife?

A: Clean your cake knife using a kitchen towel and some warm water every time you cut. This will prevent the cake from sticking to the knife on the next cut.

Q: How long do you need to cool the cake before cutting?

A: This depends on the size of the cake and how many layers of frosting it has. It’s always a great idea to chill your cake overnight or for at least three hours before you start cutting it.

Q: Can you cut a pound cake using a plain knife?

A: Cakes that usually have no frosting or are fluffy should always be cut with a serrated knife. Cutting a pound cake with a plain knife will push it and ruin the shape.

Q: Why does my icing melt on my cake?

A: You’re probably trying to ice your cake while it’s hot. This will melt the icing. Keep your cake in the freezer before icing.

Final Words

Cutting cake with a plain or butter knife is a disaster that is best avoided. Just get a knife that is designed to cut the cake. With the best knife for cutting a cake in your hand, you can get slices that look exactly like the ones you save on your Pinterest board!

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