10 Best Knife for Cutting Cheese Slices Properly

Updated On: June 20, 2021

Many people believe that cheese knives are unnecessary because whatever a cheese knife can do, a normal knife can as well. The problem arises while cutting a slice of soft creamy cheese. It sticks to the knife and refuses to come off.

We have all faced this problem and to solve this very issue, you need to get the best cheese knife set. With a cheese knife, you accurately can cut the cheese in any manner or quantity that you choose and enhance the taste of your dish.

The importance of cheese knives is hugely understated. So here, we will give it the proper attention it deserves by reviewing 10 of the very best ones out there.

Best Knife for Cutting Cheese
ProdyneProdyne CK-300 Multi Use Cheese Knife
    • Easier to cut soft cheese
    • 5.5-inch serrated edge
    • Stainless steel
LunarLunar Premium 6 Piece Cheese Knife Set
    • Cut all types of cheese
    • Handles are Bakelite
    • Perfect for gift
BOSKABOSKA Copenhagen Mini Cheese Knife Set
    • Different types of Cheese knives
    • Cut all type of cheese
    • Stainless steel
SupremeSupreme Housewares Vintage Cheese Spreaders
    • Cut soft cheese
    • Comfortable grip
    • Stainless steel
WincoWinco KCP 15 inch double handed cheese knife
    • Cutting hard cheese
    • High carbon steel
    • Multipurpose Use
LucasLucas Star Wars Circo Cheese Set
    • Cut all sorts of cheese
    • Have cheese slicer
    • Have cheeseboard
La CoteLa Cote 6 Piece Cheese Knife Set
    • Japanese stainless steel
    • Handles made of wood
    • Perfect for gift
BekithBekith 8-Pieces Set Cheese Knives
    • Hard cheese cut specialized
    • Small size and lightweight
    • Price surprisingly low
WusthofWusthof Gourmet Cheese Knife Set
    • Carbon stainless steel
    • Polymer handles
    • Have cheese board
FasmoveFasmove 8 Pieces Cheese Knife Set
    • Similar to Bekith knife set
    • Cut hard cheese
    • Handles round structure

Best Knife for Cutting Cheese Reviews

Now that you know about all the essential features that you need to look out for while buying a cheese knife, it is time to advance to the next stage.

Here, we have selected 10 of the very best knives, from which you can find the best one suited to your needs.

Prodyne CK-300 Multi Use Cheese Knife

Prodyne CK-300 Multi Use Cheese Knife

  • Easier to cut soft or semi soft creamy cheese
  • Comes with a 5.5-inch serrated edge
  • Stainless steel construction

Prodyne understands the need for versatility in a cheese knife and thus the versatility is palpable in this knife. As the name suggests, this knife is a multi-use knife and that owes largely to the well thought out design of the knife.

Firstly, the knife comes with multiple holes. These holes make it much easier to cut soft creamy cheese and make sure they don’t stick.

Secondly, it also has a forked tip. Because of this, you can cut almost any soft or semi-soft cheese with ease and pick them up with the prongs.

Thirdly, the knife comes with a 5.5-inch serrated edge. This makes it easier for you to cut semi-hard cheese as well.

However, versatility isn’t the only thing it emphasizes. The stainless steel construction also makes the knife very durable. This durability also extends to the handle as it is made of Bakelite and has an ergonomic grip.

But you may face difficulty cutting harder cheese like Parmesan or aged Cheddar with this knife. Also, the blade is too short for proper leverage and some people have expressed disappointment because of that.


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel that makes the blade durable
  • Comes with holes in the blood to avoid stickiness
  • The 5.5-inch serrated edge allows you to cut semi-hard cheese
  • Has prongs in the end for that lets you pick up the cheese
  • Equipped with a durable Bakelite handle with ergonomic grip


  • Very tough to cut hard cheese and butter
  • The blade is too short for proper leverage
Lunar Premium 6 Piece Cheese Knife Set

ICOSA Lunar 6-Piece Cheese Knife Set

  • Cut all sorts of cheese from soft to hard
  • Handles are made of Bakelite
  • Would make a perfect gift

Unlike the previous product, this product is an entire knife set. Considering this comes with 4 knives, 1 fork, and 1 cheese spreader, the whole set costs very low.

The knives that the set comes with are work blade knife, narrow plane knife, flat cheese knife, and parmesan knife. So with this set, you can cut all sorts of cheese from soft to semi-hard and even hard cheese. The work blade knife also comes with prongs that allow you to serve the cheese on a platter efficiently.

Again, the cheese spreader is perfect for the extremely soft and creamy types of cheese. You can use that to spread the cheese on any surface you want. Additionally, the cheese fork is perfect for breaking up stubborn blocks of cheese. You can also use them to pick pieces of cheese up.

The handles are made of Bakelite and are extremely firm and comfortable. This makes the knives very easy to use. Also, the entire set comes packaged in a beautiful box that would make a perfect gift.

However, the only notable flaw about this knife is the fact that it is prone to rust. Hence, there is a chance that these knives won’t be as durable as you expect it to be despite their solid performance.


  • Comes with 4 different cheese knives for maximum versatility
  • Equipped with a cheese spreader and cheese fork along with the knives
  • All the knives have firm Bakelite handles
  • Comes in a beautiful and giftable package
  • Great value for money


  • Prone to rusts and stains
BOSKA Copenhagen Mini Cheese Knife Set

BOSKA Copenhagen Mini Cheese Knife Set

  • Different types of knives in the set
  • Cut almost any type of cheese
  • Made of pure stainless steel

This knife set is the definition of “less is more”. It focuses less on flash and more on pure performance from all aspects. It also comes at a very reasonable and budget-friendly price.

Let us first talk about the versatility of the knife set i.e. the different types of knives in the set. The knives present here will allow you to cut almost any type of cheese. It has your standard work blade knife with holes for soft cheese.

It also has a pronged knife and a gorgonzola knife that allows you to cut semi-hard cheese easily. Even for hard cheese, this set has you covered with the parmesan knife. So you don’t have to worry about versatility at all.

However, the work blade knife comes with pronged ends itself. So the addition of the pronged knife is a little redundant and unnecessary.

The construction definitely deserves praise. All the knives in the set are made of pure stainless steel. Because of this, the knives remain rust-free and thus are very durable.

They are also very easy to clean owing to their small frames. It takes very little time to wash them properly by hand. But the small frames have received complaints from many customers as well for being difficult to maneuver.


  • Comes with high-quality stainless steel blades
  • Equipped with a wide variety of knives with allow you to cut all types of cheese
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Extremely easy to clean


  • The size is a little too small
  • The addition of the pronged knife is unnecessary
Supreme Housewares Vintage Cheese Spreaders

Supreme Housewares Vintage Cheese Spreaders

  • Cut soft cheese with its four spreaders   
  • Have a firm and comfortable grip
  • Blades are made of stainless steel

If you are looking for versatility from a knife set, then this knife set isn’t for you. It doesn’t focus much on being able to cut all types of cheese. In fact, it primarily emphasizes on soft cheese with its four spreaders.

These spreaders come in variable sizes which you can use depending on the type of cheese or your comfort level. These are absolutely perfect for soft creamy cheese that needs to be spread.

Furthermore, the handles of these knives are an absolute highlight. Firstly, they are very ergonomic and thus have a firm and comfortable grip. Secondly, they are extremely attractive. The handles are made of wood and contain some handcrafted designs on them that make them look absolutely beautiful.

Additionally, the blades are made of stainless steel. This construction is what increases the longevity of the knives. A lot of customers have attested to its resistance to rust as well.

The overall set comes packaged in a beautiful box. Combined with the beautiful design of the handles, this makes for a perfect gift material.


  • Perfect for use on soft creamy cheese
  • Completely rust-resistant owing to its stainless steel construction
  • Comes with extremely beautiful looking wooden handles
  • Packaged in a nice and gift-worthy box


  • Only contains spreaders and thus lacks in versatility
Winco KCP 15 inch double handed cheese knife

Winco Double Handle Cheese Knife

  • Great for cutting hard and stubborn blocks of cheese
  • High carbon steel made 15 inch long blade
  • Works really well on fruits and vegetables

The specialty of this knife is undoubtedly the double handle feature. The double handle brings with it its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In the case of the advantages, you can have more stability while using both the handles of the knife. Also, it can be great for cutting those hard and stubborn blocks of cheese as you can apply more force. The 15-inch blade also contributes to cutting hard cheese perfectly.

In the case of the disadvantages, the double handle brings to the table, you cannot wield it with one hand. This knife was made for a very specific function and while it fulfills that function, it greatly lacks in versatility.

However, we should mention that this knife works really well on fruits and vegetables, especially the ones that are generally harder to cut. The simpler design also makes them very easy to clean by hands.

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The only other major complaint that can be made about the knife is its lack of rust-resistance and so rust may grow on the blade after a few months.


  • Comes with double handles that provide more stability
  • Equipped with a 15-inch blade which makes it perfect for hard cheese
  • Works exceptionally well with fruits or vegetables that are harder to cut
  • Very easy to clean owing to its simple design


  • Lacking in versatility and unsuitable on softer cheese
  • Susceptible to rusts
Lucas Star Wars Circo Cheese Set

Lucas Star Wars Circo Cheese Set

  • Cut all sorts of cheese in this kit
  • Comes with a cheese slicer
  • This set comes with a cheeseboard

The first thing that we need to mention about this knife set is the absolutely fantastic packaging. If you are a fan of Star Wars, you will absolutely adore this knife set. The set also comes in a very beautiful and giftable wooden box with fantastic hand-crafted designs that make it look like a rustic cheese knife set. 

But aesthetics aren’t the only thing that this set focuses on. Even in terms of quality and versatility, this knife set has you covered. There are knives to cut all sorts of cheese in this kit. For example, the slim blade knife is perfect for soft cheeses as it can avoid stickiness due to its thin frame.

Again, the pronged knife is great semi-soft to semi-hard types of cheese and the parmesan knife is perfect for harder varieties of cheese. Additionally, this set comes with a cheese slicer. The best cheese slicer will allow you to easily cut any type of cheese in fine slices to serve in burgers or sandwiches.

Aside from the range of knives that the set provides, it also cares about your overall convenience as this set comes with a cheeseboard. The only complaints from customers have been regarding the size of the knives as they can be too small for some people.


  • Comes in a very stylish wooden box
  • Makes for the perfect gift
  • Contains knives for all sorts of cheese
  • Has a cheese slicer for making fine slices of cheese
  • Comes with a cheeseboard


  • Knives are too small
La Cote 6 Piece Cheese Knife Set

La Cote 6 Piece Cheese Knife Set

  • High quality Japanese stainless steel made blade
  • Handles of the knives are all made of wood
  • The box make for the perfect gift material

The best part about the knives in the La Cote knife set is the fact that their knives are very large and thus gives you more leverage. Again, they are also great when it comes to cutting hard cheese.

Particularly, the two hard cheese knives and the two cheese cleavers are perfect for hard cheese. But they also have two work blade knives with prongs on their ends that are great for cutting soft cheese.

The quality of the knives in this set is also undoubtedly top-notch. Moreover, the blades are made of high quality Japanese stainless steel making it as durable as possible.

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Furthermore, the handles of the knives are all made of wood and are of different colors. They also have a smooth and glossy finish to them that makes them look very attractive.

Lastly, the whole set comes packaged in a lovely box. The aesthetics of the knives themselves and the box make for the perfect gift material.

However, the knife set could use some extra tools like a cheese spreader or a cheese fork to properly complete it. Also, there have been complaints that the handles can be prone to breaking if used roughly.


  • Knives are very large and thus easy to maneuver
  • Comes with 4 knives for hard cheese and 2 for soft cheese
  • Has a high quality Japanese stainless steel construction for maximum durability
  • Contains firm wooden handles with a smooth finish
  • Comes in a very beautiful box which makes it a great gift option


  • Lacks any sort of cheese spreader or fork
  • Handles are prone to breaking if used roughly
Bekith 8-Pieces Set Cheese Knives

Bekith 8-Pieces Set Cheese Knives

  • Primarily specializes in hard cheese
  • Quite small in size and lightweight
  • Cost of this set is surprisingly low

This knife set comes with two of four different cheese knives. So in case one gets lost or broken, you can have another one to rely upon one. Despite that, the cost of this set is surprisingly low and very affordable.

When it comes to the knives it provides, it primarily specializes in hard cheese. The knives that are available in the set are a parmesan knife, a flat cheese knife, and a narrow plane knife. The set also comes with an additional cheese fork.

The knives are quite small in size and thus they are very lightweight. This makes it easy to store as they don’t take up much space. However, the small size can be a problem for many as you cannot perform any heavy-duty tasks with them.

In addition, the design of the knives is extremely attractive. Because of the overall cute aesthetic, these would make for the perfect gift material. But many customers have complained that these knives break easily as a consequence of being too small. So, you have to be very careful while using these knives.


  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Specializes in cutting hard cheese
  • Very lightweight and thus easy to store
  • Makes for great gift material owing to their attractive design


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks because of the small size
  • Can break easily in case of rough use
Wusthof Gourmet Cheese Knife Set

Wusthof Gourmet Cheese Knife Set

  • Made of high carbon stainless steel
  • High quality polymer handles
  • Come with a cheese board

The Wusthof cheese knives set is one of the premium knife sets. They absolutely deliver in terms of quality and functionality. But the price is unfortunately very high.

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However, when it comes to quality, versatility, and performance, this set doesn’t hold back. There are three different knives in this set for various functions. Firstly, you have the cheese plane for making the perfect cheese slices. Secondly, you have the traditional work blade knife with holes to avoid stickiness.

Lastly, there is the slim blade knife. The specialty of this knife is that it also has a cheese grater on its body. So you can perform multiple functions with this one.

The construction of the knives definitely deserves a lot of praise. These are made of high carbon stainless steel. Users of this knife set have attested to its durability multiple times.

More so, the handles of the knives are made of high-quality polymer. They also have a perfectly contoured grip for maximum comfort and convenience.

While this set does come with a cheese board, it is cheaply made and requires a lot of improvements. You would be better off getting a separate cheese board.


  • Comes with knives for cutting both soft and hard types of cheese
  • Has a cheese grater on the body of the slim blade knife
  • The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel and thus is very durable
  • Comes with a polymer handle with a contoured grip


  • Very expensive
  • Has a cheaply made cheeseboard

Fasmove 8 Pieces Cheese Knife Set

Fasmove 8 Pieces Cheese Knife Set

  • Similar to the Bekith knife set
  • Specializes to cut hard cheese
  • Handles have a round structure

This knife set is very similar to the Bekith knife set in the variations, design, construction, and many other properties.

For example, this set also contains 4 different knives and two each kind just like the Bekith knife set. So, this one also offers a similar advantage in case one gets broken or lost.

Just like the Bekith knife set, this one also specializes in providing the best hard cheese knife. The knives in the set are a flat cheese knife, a narrow plane knife, and a parmesan knife. Additionally, they have a cheese fork as well.

Other aspects that are similar are the size, weight, and cost. The size of the knives is very small which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. The good part is the fact they are lightweight and thus easy to store. But the bad part is that they are tough to maneuver and cannot perform heavy-duty tasks.

However, there are aspects that are different from the Bekith set as well. For example, the handles are completely different. The handles in the Fasmove set have a round-ish structure and are arguably more contoured.

Again, it is also not as prone to breaking as the Bekith knife set and thus has higher durability.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Comes with 3 different knives that are very good for cutting hard cheese
  • Has a round contoured handle that is very comfortable
  • Easy to store owing to the smaller frame


  • Incapable of heavy-duty tasks as the size is very small

How to Choose the Best Knife for Cutting Cheese

Before we move on to the reviews of the 10 best cheese knives, it is essential to know what features you need to look out for. By understanding these features, you will have a much clearer idea of what to expect from a cheese knife. You will also be able to understand the reviews much better.

Type of Knife

There are multiple variations of cheese knives and that is something we will get into as we move further into the article. But before you buy a cheese knife, you need to know the type of knife you need. This depends on the types of cheese you usually use.

The best way to ensure the maximum versatility is to get a multi-purpose knife or a knife set containing multiple types of knife. Still, you may not get all the types of knife you need in a particular set. So, it is very important to first consider the types of cheese you usually consume and then determine the knives you need.


The material of construction is considered to be extremely important when buying a cheese knife. Moreover, the materials used in making a cheese knife determine the durability and efficiency of the knife.

For maximum durability, it is best to get knives that are made of stainless steel or porcelain. Knives made from these can be cleaned by hand with little to no risks of rusts or stains. They can also be sharpened and shaped if needed.


Unlike most knives, the design of a cheese knife is extremely important and contributes a lot to the overall performance. For example, a soft cheese knife or a work blade knife comes with multiple holes in it to avoid stickiness. Again, a pronged knife has multiple prongs that help in serving the cheese.

Similarly, a parmesan knife has a very pointy end which makes it easy to cut harder cheese. These knives are uniquely designed for specific kinds of cheese. And so, we consider the design of the knives is one of the most important aspects when it comes to buying a cheese knife.


Boards are obviously an important factor in cutting cheese. Some cheese knife sets come with a board on which you can cut the cheese. If you already own board of that nature, then you don’t need one along with the knife set. Thus, you can save some costs and opt for a cheaper set.

But if you don’t own a board, you can look for the best cheese board set. Of course, you should make sure to assess the quality of the said board. There is no point in getting a knife set with a board that is cheaply made. In that case, you would be better off buying a board separately.

Types of Cheese Knife

There are multiple types of cheese knives based on the type of cheese they can cut. Before buying the best knife to cut cheese, you need to know about them. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

Work Blade Knives

These knives traditionally have multiple holes in them so that they can avoid cheese sticking on to them. This makes them perfect for softer types of cheese like Brie or Mozzarella.

Cheese Spreader

These are meant to be used on the softest types of cheese like cream cheese or Stacchio.

Pronged Cheese Knife

Pronged knives are meant to cut soft to semi-soft cheese like Brie or fresh Parmesan. But they are also great for picking cheese up and serving them on a platter owing to the prongs on the end.

Slim Blade Cheese Knife

This is another type of knife that is great for soft cheeses. It can also avoid stickiness because of its small surface area.

Flat Surface and Narrow Plane Cheese Knives

These two types of knives have a similar function and that is to cut hard cheese. The bigger surface area and the sharper edges help accomplish that.

Parmesan Knife

Parmesan Knives are generally small but very effective on hard cheeses because of their sharp and pointy end. These are great for cheese like Parmesan and Grana Padano.

Hard Cheese Knife

These are usually very large and have very sharp edges. They are meant for mature cheddar cheese, provolone, or Asiago.

How to Cut Cheese with Knife?

The process of cutting cheese depends on the type of cheese you are cutting. Here we will give you a general overview of the process.

Soft Cheese

Example: Brie, Brillat Savarin

  • Use a knife with a very thin blade or one with holes on the surface so that the cheese doesn’t stick to the surface of the knife.
  • Start cutting the cheese from the center and gradually cut outwards 

Semi-firm to Firm Cheese

Example: Pawlet, Gruyere, etc.

  • Take a chef’s knife with a thicker blade than usual
  • Make triangular slices for the best results
  • Start by cutting off the rind of the cheese and then gradually move your way through the cheese

Hard Cheese

Example: Aged Cheddar, Aged Gouda

  • When it comes to hard crumbly cheese like these, it is better to opt for chunking instead of cutting
  • Use a Parmesan Knife and stick it into the surface of the cheese and then twist it to form chunks of cheese

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a cheese knife?

A: A cheese knife is a special type of knife that is designed to cut cheese. The design of these types of knives usually differs from traditional knives because they are specifically made for cutting cheese.

Q: Why do cheese knives have holes?

A: Some cheese knives have holes in them so that soft cheese doesn’t stick while using cutting them. This way, you don’t lose cheese to the knife.

Q: How can I sharpen my cheese knives at home?

A: The best way to do this is to get a mini knife sharpener. You can find lots of them online or at stores near you. More

Q: How to clean my cheese knife set?

A: The best way to clean a cheese knife set is undoubtedly by hand washing. If you wash the knives with your hand, you can make sure that there isn’t any dirt or stray cheese particle on the knife yourself. More

Q: Why do cheese knives have different shapes?

A: Just like there are different types of cheeses, there are different types of knives. That is why cheese knives come in many different shapes and sizes.

Final Words

People often neglect the importance of cutting the cheese in the right way. But experts will always tell you that using the right material to cut the cheese properly greatly enhances the results, whether that is the aesthetics of your cheese board or the taste of any dish that you are making.

That is why getting the best knife for cutting cheese is so crucial. So, don’t waste any more time procrastinating and get yourselves the right cheese knife for you.

We hope our reviews could help you get a better understanding of your requirements. Based on that, make the decision that will benefit you. Stay safe and stay cheesy!

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