Best Vegetable Knife & Cleaver for Cutting, Chopping & Slicing

Updated On: June 20, 2021

Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, your meals must include vegetables.

Cutting vegetables is an art which must be perfected by every cook. Whatever the reason for your cooking, the appropriate knife will make your task much smoother. Besides, there are plenty of different varieties to choose from.

Best Vegetable Knife & Cleaver for Cutting

Although you may own a standard kitchen knife that you’ve become comfortable with, not all food is prepared the same way. You might want to have the best vegetable knife & cleaver for you as a backup, just in case you are met with a situation where your primary blade doesn’t meet the requirements for a specific meal.

In this article, we have listed the best models that we came across during our study.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Vegetable Knife

Before buying a kitchen knife, you have to remember certain essential factors. They are detailed below:

Type of Steel

There are many different types of steel from all over the world. And you want a knife with the highest possible carbon composition, that is, if you want a sturdy and robust knife that lasts you a long time.

Sometimes, you’ll find blades with multiple layers of steel and chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. Make sure to look out for those.

Sharpness of Blade

Always look for sharper blades as they will never fail to make your cutting experience better.

Different blades have types of edges. The ones with excellent edge retention are the ones you should get.

With ultra-sharp knives, you’ll chop, slice, dice, and mince vegetables much more comfortable and faster than remotely sharp ones.

Sharpness is always one of the most important facts when choosing a kitchen knife.


At present, Rockwell Hardness Scale (HRC) is by far the most effective method to assess steel hardness.

56 is the minimum degree of steel hardness on a remotely good vegetable knife. You must avoid all knives below the 56 marks because they lose sharpness very quickly and are also very tough to resharpen.

So, keep that in mind while making a purchasing decision.

Design & Material

Finally, look at the aesthetics. As you may know, cooking is a form of art, and you surely don’t want to end up with something you don’t like the looks of.

Don’t worry. There are many varieties of knives on the list with very different looks. Whether you are a minimalist, someone with exquisite taste, or a traditional person, you will indeed find a knife that matches your taste.

Make sure you check the appearance and material before making your final decision.

TUO Cutlery Vegetable Cleaver Knife
    • 18 Degree Handcrafted Finish
    • Pakkawood Handle
    • 56 on the HRC Scale
imarkuimarku Vegetable Knife for Slicing
    • Corrosion and Anti Tarnish Blade
    • Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle
    • 56-58 on the HRC Scale
DalstrongDalstrong 6-inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife
    • 66 Layers Japanese Steel
    • 8-12° Per Side Mirror Polish
    • G-10 Military Grade Handle
PAUDINPAUDIN Razor Sharp Vegetable Cleaver for Cutting
    • German 5Cr15Mov Stainless Steel
    • Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge
    • 56+ on the HRC Scale
ShunShun 5.5 Inch Vegetable Knife For Slicing
    • Tsuchime Finish Blade
    • Pakkawood Handle
    • VG-MAX Cutting Core
VestawareVestaware 8-Inch Vegetable Knife For Chopping
    • Stainless Steel Blade
    • 55 on the HRC Scale
    • Rosewood Handle
Home HeroHome Hero Chef Knife For Vegetable Cutting
    • Stain And Corrosion Resistant
    • TRP Protected Polypropylene Handle
    • Dishwasher Safe
The Mercer
The Mercer Culinary Genesis Vegetable Knife
    • High Carbon Stainless Steel
    • NSF Certified
    • Santoprene Handle
GlobalGlobal 7-inch Vegetable Knife For Slicing & Cutting
    • Cromova 18 Stainless Steel
    • Functional Design In Tradition
    • Razor Sharp Edge
WusthofWusthof Classic 5
    • X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel
    • 58 on the HRC Scale
    • Used Right & Left Handed People
CutluxeCutluxe Kitchen Vegetable Knife For Chopping
    • Full Tang Ergonomic Design
    • Sharpened At 14-16° Per Side
    • Professional Semi Bolster
YoshihiroYoshihiro VG-10 Nakiri Vegetable Knife
    • 46 Layers of Damascus Steel
    • Octagonal Ambrosia Handle
    • Included a Wooden Sheath
GlobalGlobal G-56-7 inch Hollow Ground Vegetable Knife
    • CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel
    • Corrosion & Rust Resistant
    • Razor Sharpness

13 Best Knife & Cleaver for Cutting Vegetable

Now, we introduce you to our personal favorites in vegetable knives and cleavers. We’ve got various delightful models here, so hopefully, you’ll find one you like!

TUO Cutlery Vegetable Cleaver Knife

TUO Cutlery Vegetable Cleaver Knife

  • Forged with Premium High Carbon German Stainless Steel
  • It Has an 18 Degree Handcrafted Finish on Both Sides
  • The Handle is Made From Pakka Wood

Today’s first option is among the highest-rated vegetable knives we’ve come across during our study. Here’s what makes this one so spectacular!

Packing an unbelievably sharp, full-tang blade, this 7-inch Chef’s knife is the ultimate tool for preparing vegetables. You will undoubtedly be pleased with the product, not just because of the branding, but also because of its elegance right out of the box.

Manufactured with high-carbon German steel, it has an 18-degree handcrafted finish on both sides. Each handle is made from Pakka wood, obtained from Africa, is distinctive, elegant & stunning.

Thanks to its high-carbon steel construction, the TUO Vegetable Cleaver Knife is very sturdy, and it reaches about 56 on the Hardness Rating Scale. Also, it is efficiently balanced and immune to stain.

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Although it does not come with a sheath, its added benefits make the need for a sheath obsolete. It has a sleek design, which adds sharpness, stability, and structural integrity to it. With all the fantastic features it entails, you will forget you wanted a sheath.

But still, make sure you order an extra sheath elsewhere because you surely don’t want to injure anyone.

If you need a knife for making vegetables, be it slicing, dicing, or chopping them, this same knife will make your work much more manageable.


  • The excellent visual style of packaging
  • Firm construction made of high-quality carbon steel
  • Sleek framework provides balance, power, and robustness
  • Can be used to prepare all sorts of vegetables, like potatoes and onions 
  • Great for beginners and professionals 


  • Slightly on the heavy side
  • Requires a lot of work to manage the handle

imarku Vegetable Knife for Slicing

imarku Vegetable Knife for Slicing

  • Construction with High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
  • The Handle is Made of Ergonomic Pakkawood 
  • 56 to 58 on the HRC Scale

Another top contender for the best cleavers and knives is the imarku Chef Knife, a pro kitchen knife. Let’s find out why this on the top of the list.

Crafted from excellent-quality, high-carbon stainless steel, the blade has long maintained its versatility. As the steel contains 0.6percent to 0.75 percent carbon, the knife is extremely durable. It is twice as strong as other knives from its category since they only have around 0.3 percent of carbon.

Designed to serve multiple purposes, the 8-inch imarku Chef Knife is perfect for professional chefs. Not only does it chop, dice, and slice vegetables well, it also separates meat from bones. However, it is advised not to use the same knife for cutting both vegetables and meat as that may give you salmonella.

This strong imarku knife has a Rockwell Hardness Scale of 56 to 58, which means it is one of the very most challenging knives in this category.

The impressive stainless steel is attached to a pakka handle, which gives the knife a more professional touch. This South African handle, recognized for providing comfort, stability, and endurance, also assures user-friendliness and mitigates discomfort, even after being continuously used for a prolonged period.

Made to prepare vegetables, this imarku knife does so with great effectiveness, starting from peeling potatoes to mincing garlic. You don’t want to miss out on this.


  • The ergonomic handle ensures comfort even after holding for a long time
  • Also provides superb maneuverability
  • Extraordinarily sharp and tough blade
  • Can be used to perform several different things like slicing garlic and removing meat from bones
  • Requires very low maintenance
  • Stain, corrosion, and rust-resistant


  • Somewhat heavy for beginners
  • Cutting frozen foods frequently requires frequent sharpening of the knife

Dalstrong 6-inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Dalstrong 6-Inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife

  • Ultra Sharp AUS-10V 66 Layers Japanese Super Steel
  • Hand-Finished Mirror Polish at 8-12° Per Side
  • Ultra-Premium G-10 Handle is Military Grade

Up next, we have the 6-inch Dalstrong Nakiri Vegetable Knife. Besides great aesthetics, this Japanese knife has some unique features that will make you want to get this right away.

This groundbreaking Dalstrong knife blends excellent craftsmanship, state-of-the-art advanced technology, magnificent architecture, and the finest materials. Its spectacular and detailed designs make it stand apart from other knives in this category.

Coming in a 6-inch structure, this Dalstrong looks terrific inside the package and out. It has an insanely sharp blade and military-grade handle, which gives it a super sleek outlook. With its elegant surface, the G-10 handle also offers safety and convenience.

Its efficiency precedes the magnificent style of the Dalstrong Nakiri Vegetable Knife.

This Dalstrong knife incorporates an extremely sharp Japanese blade with a Rockwell Hardness Rating above 62. 66 superior layers of high-carbon stainless steel make it ideally structured, guaranteeing excellent durability, tenacity, and resistance to stains.

With its carefully refined blade, It doesn’t discriminate; it can cut, slice, and dice vegetables of all shapes and sizes, ranging from potatoes to parsley.

Unless you prefer minimalistic designed knives, you will love it.


  • Blade froze solid with liquid nitrogen and intensified with conventional Honbazuke 3-step procedure
  • Luxury stainless steel blade, rich in carbon
  • Magnificent patterns on the knife 
  • Outstanding durability due to triple-riveting
  • Immune to rust and stain


  • A bit too heavy for inexperienced consumers
  • Not appropriate if you prefer a plain-looking knife

PAUDIN Razor Sharp Vegetable Cleaver for Cutting

PAUDIN Razor Sharp Vegetable Cleaver for Cutting

  • Made of German 5Cr15Mov Stainless Steel 
  • The Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Allows you to Cut Vegetable Effortlessly
  • 56+ On The HRC Scale  

From our extensive research on the subject, we have concluded the PAUDIN Pro Kitchen Knife is the ultimate multipurpose vegetable knife. Here’s why this is one of the best choices for both kitchens and restaurants.

With a unique waved style blade, this vegetable knife is especially striking.

For a vegetable knife, sharpness is the most critical attribute, and this particular model shows excellent results in producing the sharpest blades on the market. To provide permanent sharpness, it is carefully crafted by skilled professionals having years of expertise on the field.

Attached to the blade is a smooth and convenient handle, ensuring maximum control and ease of motion. The compact size of the 8 inch makes it possible to handle the knife with much ease compared to more oversized chef’s knives.

With a thickness of 2 mm, this chef’s knife is suitable for all kinds of vegetable preparations.

This versatile vegetable knife can accommodate cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing vegetables, fruits, and even fish and meat. You can use it comfortably in your everyday cooking, be it at home or restaurant.


  • Possibly the most cost-efficient vegetable knife
  • The knife has a strong and durable blade made of high-carbon stainless steel
  • Protected from scratches and corrosion  
  • Excellent for cutting, slicing, dicing, chopping vegetables and boneless meat and fish
  • Low maintenance needed due to exemplary blade edge durability


  • Does not come with a knife guard

Shun 5.5 Inch Vegetable Knife For Slicing

Shun 5.5 Inch Vegetable Knife For Slicing

  • An Extremely Sharp Blade With Tsuchime Finish
  • PakkaWood Handle That Offers a Comfortable Grip
  • This Knife Comes With a Stunning Hand-Polished Surface

Our next contender for today comes from Shun. It is the TDM0742 Shun Premier Vegetable Knife. Some interesting aspects of this traditional style knife make it part of this list.

This 5.5-inch Premier Nakiri Knife was crafted by applying the Tsuchime forging technique from ancient Japan, ensuring the knife is extremely robust and has a classic design. 

As the blade on this knife comes with a stunning hand-polished surface, it has a particularly spectacular appearance that can not go overlooked. You can rely on this layered blade to effortlessly slip through vegetables allowing you to prepare food comfortably and safely without facing any kind of restrictions.

A generic Pakkawood handle, where the wood was laminated and touched up to give it a sophisticated look, goes with the stylish blade, which is also very solid. Coming with an ergonomic style, the textured handle makes it much less smooth and slip-resistant than standard chef’s knives.

If you’re someone with tiny hands and you’ve always been hunting for an intricate knife, this could be the one. As this knife has a sharp and flexible tip,  you can cut with precision, even on the smallest and most intricate vegetable parts.


  • Suitable for slicing and dicing smaller, softer vegetables 
  • An extremely sharp blade with Tsuchime finish
  • African Pakkawood handle which looks stunning 
  • Remarkable endurance of blade. Doesn’t require much maintenance


  • The small size of the knife makes it challenging to grip with large hands

Vestaware 8-Inch Vegetable Knife For Chopping

Vestaware 8-Inch Vegetable Knife For Chopping

  • Premium High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
  • 55 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • Handle is Made of Rosewood for the Corrosion Resistance

Now we have the 8-inch Vestaware Vegetable Knife, which is an excellent budget knife for beginners. Let’s take a look at the fantastic things this knife features.

The Vestaware Vegetable Knife is perfect for beginners seeking something durable, but not exceptionally costly.

It has a high-carbon stainless steel blade with optimum sharpness and durability of edges. The high competition of carbon in the steel blade preserves its versatility and enhances its robustness.

Scoring about 55 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale, this vegetable knife proves it will remain sharp indefinitely. Besides, the blade contains chrome that offers a shiny appearance,  resistant to rust and stain, even after prolonged use.

Crafted to serve a range of purposes, this vegetable knife is ideal for slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping vegetables, fruits, and even boneless fish and meat. It is strongly recommended, though, that you don’t use the same knife to cut vegetables and meat to prevent contamination.

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Thanks to the compactness of the 8-inch knife, your arm won’t get sore even when you’re regularly using it for hours.

If you are a home cook who makes vegetables way too often, you can get this to make your cooking experience better and more enjoyable. With this knife, you can cut, slice, dice all sorts of vegetables with great comfort.


  • Appropriate  for inexperienced users 
  • Robust design with high carbon stainless steel
  • G-10 resin handle which ensures a stable yet comfortable  grip  
  • Looks fantastic and works seamlessly   
  • Perfect bargain price


  • Unbalanced welding, which creates knives with different hardness levels

Home Hero Chef Knife For Vegetable Cutting

Home Hero Chef Knife For Vegetable Cutting

  • The Stainless Steel Blade Is Stain And Corrosion Resistant
  • The Handle Is Made From TRP Protected Polypropylene
  • Safe To Use In The Top Rack Of Your Dishwasher

Another fantastic alternative for today is the Home Hero Chef knife, which is an 8-inch knife featuring some unique characteristics. Here are the unique features that make it special.

Crafted from stainless steel, the 8-inch Home Hero Chef knife has a razor-sharp blade and a very durable handle. As the blade in this chef’s knife has a non-stick surface, it allows precise cutting.

Moreover, the steel is stain and corrosion resistant, and you can easily clean this by placing it on your dishwasher.

Unlike cost-effective knives with cheap quality blades, this Home Hero Chef’s Knife is made with premium quality stainless steel. Its quality not only makes it super durable but also gives it a classy look.

Attached to the blade is a unique handle, which is far from ordinary. It is made from TRP Protected Polypropylene.

With all the superior materials, this chef’s knife is built to endure cooking preparations.

With its wonderfully constructed curve blade, this multi-functional knife allows you to use the knife with improved accuracy while cutting and chopping. You can make anything you like with this delicate, multi-functional vegetable knife.


  • Fantastic color and texture of the handle, which is also quite sturdy
  • Ultra-sharp edge which is easy to use and clean
  • Perfect for mincing, slicing, cutting vegetables and fruits
  • Pack also includes a sharper which is easy to operate
  • Can be used for peeling
  • Can also be used to cut meat like as well


  • Extreme pressure on the edge can cause it to break

The Mercer Culinary Genesis Vegetable Knife

The Mercer Culinary Genesis Vegetable Knife

  • High Carbon Forged Stainless Steel From Soligen, Germany
  • This National Science Foundation (NSF) Certified Vegetable Knife
  • Santoprene Handle For Comfort And Safe Grip

Another top-rated spray paint gun is the Mercer Culinary Vegetable Knife. It includes quite a lot of features that make it so exceptional.

This National Science Foundation (NSF) certified Vegetable Knife is crafted with stainless steel from Germany, which has a high composition of carbon. Its high production engineering offers protection against corrosion, discoloration, and stains.

Moreover, it features an ergonomic Santoprene handle, which ensures the ultimate convenience and secure hold.

Furthermore, it includes complete tang, which covers the total handle size for advanced stability. The blade features a tapered edge providing increased performance, lasting sharpness, and better flexibility when cutting fruits and vegetables.

Maintenance is simple for this particular model; you can simply clean the knife with water to ensure durability.

As a marvel of compactness, the blade in this knife seems to have the optimal balance required for cutting, chopping and preparing vegetables of all kinds. The incredibly narrow edge of the blade gives you some extra-thin pieces.

In the meantime, your fingers are kept safe by its curved edge, even when you are chopping vegetables continuously. It is without hesitation one of the finest knives for chopping vegetables.


  • Has a firm grip and fatigue-proof
  • Has durable razor-sharp edge which is tapered and provides the perfect balance
  • Quite long-lasting thanks to the bolster
  • Can withstand both hot and cold temperatures
  • Immune to cooking oil and exposure to rust
  • Certified from National Science Foundation (NSF)


  • Not appropriate for preparing meat in any way
  • Does not have the thickest steel

Global 7-inch Vegetable Knife For Slicing u0026 Cutting

Global 7-inch Vegetable Knife For Slicing & Cutting

  • Built From The Finest Quality Stainless Steel Called CROMOVA 18
  • Stainless Steel Handle Molded For Comfort, Dimpled For Safe Grip
  • Edge Retains Razor Sharpness Exceptionally Well

We have the 7-inch Global Vegetable Knife up next. Let’s see what makes this one of the most reliable knives on the market.

This original knife from Global guarantees durability, quality, and timeless elegance that represents the spirit of the Global philosophy and focuses on excellence.

Coming in a 7-inch package, this compact, correctly configured vegetable knife provides great technique when slicing and cutting vegetables and more. You can do all kinds of preparation using this same knife, starting from peeling potatoes to mincing onions.

Built from the finest quality stainless steel called CROMOVA 18, a mixture of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium, this blade is a Global special.

This blade has a distinctive angled outward edge sculpted from a single sheet of stainless steel and produces unprecedented performance. It also works for much longer than any other knives made of stainless steel out there.

Furthermore, this Global Vegetable Knife comes with an assurance that it will not disrupt or crack under any conditions, all thanks to its lightweight and durable construction.

Besides exquisite design, the model includes excellent edge retention. More so, the knife’s stainless steel handle guarantees convenience and stable hold.


  • Sharp straight out of the package and excellent edge retention
  • Includes a robust, ergonomic handle 
  • Top of the class stainless steel with little maintenance required
  • Very convenient to use and carry
  • Causes little to no tearing of skin when slicing through vegetables
  • Perfect for beginners and home-cooks


  • Loses sharpness over time

Wusthof Classic 5u0022 Hollow Edge Vegetable Cleaver

Wusthof Classic 5″ Hollow Edge Vegetable Cleaver

  • Made of X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel, Solingen, Germany
  • 58 On The Hardness Rockwell Scale
  • Can Be Used By Both Right & Left Handed People

Our only vegetable knife from Wusthof today is the Wusthof Classic 5-inch Vegetable Cleaver. Crafted in Germany, this Vegetable Cleaver has some of the best features of its category.

We observed that the compositions of this Wusthof Classic Knife were very similar to the Global knives mentioned on this list. Much like the Global Knives, this one has a very smooth cutting point to the tip.

Although not as sharp as the finest quality blades out there, this Vegetable knife has a pretty sharp edge.

Some people tend to avoid blades that are too sharp for various reasons. Now, if you are one of those people, this one’s undoubtedly for you. But if you’re not, don’t worry. You can sharpen it yourself or quickly get it sharpened by sending it to sharpening services where they use specialized western techniques.

If you intend to use your knife for rough use, you should get this. Made of X50CrMoV15 stainless steel, like all other Wusthof Classics, contains Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium.

Having 58 Rockwell Hardness, this knife can withstand very harsh applications compared to almost all other blades in its category.

Another thing that sets this Wusthof knife from all the others is its ambidextrousness. You can use this knife even if your left hand is your dominant hand. And this something that gets overlooked in almost everything.

Wusthof has established a good reputation over the years, and with this model, it has proved to be extremely adaptable to customer needs. Unless consistent sharpness is your primary preference, this knife can accommodate you in preparing all kinds of food.

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  • Ambidextrous, can be used by both right and left-handed people
  • Special stainless steel ensures extreme endurance
  • High durability allows rough usage
  • Much cheaper than similar models


  • The blade is not as sharp as others in the category

Cutluxe Kitchen Vegetable Knife For Chopping

Cutluxe Kitchen Vegetable Knife For Chopping

  • German High Carbon Stainless Steel Tempered
  • Laminated Pakkawood Handle For Superior Strength
  • Hand Honed Sharpened At 14-16° Per Side

When high-quality vegetable knives are in question, the Cutluxe Vegetable Knife can not be overlooked. Let’s dive right into the cool features right away!

Accurately made with German high carbon stainless steel, this knife was ideally built for excellence. It has a Rockwell Hardness of above 56, which offers long-lasting durability and resistance from stain and corrosion.

Featuring a razor-sharp blade, where the edge is handcrafted with 14 to 16 degrees per side, provides optimum sharpness. It also ensures excellent edge durability, further facilitating precision cutting and slicing with each use.

At 8-inch, this finely made vegetable knife is tapered to an ultra-sharp edge. Thanks to its super sharp edge, this multi-purpose cleaver is ideal for preparing both vegetables and meat.

You can use this Cutluxe knife to cut vegetables of all shapes and sizes, be it large eggplants or small cloves of garlic, and cut boneless meat. But make sure never to use the same knife for both to prevent contamination.

Another significant aspect of the premium Pakkawood handle is its complete tang ergonomic feature. For secure grasp and total balance, the Cutluxe Cleaver Knife is triple-riveted and ensures the utmost convenience and incredible control. It is laminated and coated to ensure a properly sanitized.


  • Hand polished blade that offers extreme sharpness
  • Extremely hard and has great edge retention
  • Very long-lasting
  • Resistant to discoloration and corrosion
  • Can even be used to prepare meat
  • Reasonably priced


  • Couldn’t find any significant drawback

Yoshihiro VG-10 Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Yoshihiro VG-10 Nakiri Vegetable Knife

  • Made With 46 Layers Of Damascus Grade Stainless Steel
  • Included A Protective Wooden Sheath Called “Saya”
  • The Handle Is Made Of “Octagonal Ambrosia”

From Yoshihiro, our next pick is the VG-10 Japanese Vegetable Chefs Knife, which is the ultimate vegetable knife for beginners and even professionals. This nakiri style chef’s knife will win you over with its looks and performance.

Besides its stylish looks, the knife has some other great features.

So, the blade in this Nakiri knife is essentially made with 46 layers of Damascus grade stainless steel, and it also has an incredibly sharp doubled-edged tip. It is attached to an Octagonal Ambrosia Handle, a popularly known handcrafting method.

As we all know, Yoshihiro knives are mostly known for their versatility. And the sharp blade of this particular knife with an elongated edge allows a relatively seamless pace, which makes it easier for people to get some cutting done.

With its distinct ability to cut, chop, slice, and mince vegetables, fruits, and meat, this knife proves its versatility. This blend of arts and tradition makes this super unique.

Whether you are a skilled chef or home cook who often works in a kitchen, this Yoshihiro VG-10 Vegetable Knife will do wonders for you.


  • Compact and light in weight
  • The blade has a sturdy, clean edge which provides perfect stability
  • Reasonably lightweight handle
  • The sharpness of the knife lasts for an extended period
  • Style is a kind of a fusion of arts and culture


  • A slight difference between the bolster and the handle, which appears a little out of place

Global G-56-7 inch Hollow Ground Vegetable Knife

Global G-56-7 inch Hollow Ground Vegetable Knife

  • Made Of CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel
  • Both Right And Left Handed People Easily Use
  • Ice Tempered Cutting Edge Retains Razor Sharpness

Our last choice for today is the Global G-56 Vegetable Knife. So, let’s look at some of the extraordinary features this Global knife brings!

This authentic knife ensures longevity, consistency, and everlasting style, reflecting the essence of the concept of Global and focusing on perfection.

Carved from one sole sheet of stainless steel, the blade includes a superior outwards curved edge for unparalleled results. It is constructed with a vacuous handle full of sand to reach the required weight and provide the proper balance.

Constructed with the best quality stainless steel called CROMOVA 18, a combination of Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium, this blade is only available form Global.

Frozen and strengthened to a Rockwell Hardness of nearly 58, this ultra-sharp razor tip of this blade can endure just about anything. It truly lasts much longer than most other stainless steel knives on the market.

The adjustable and stainless steel handles include a trademark dimple style, ensuring a supportive and robust grasp while cutting.

Thanks to its compact yet sturdy structure, this Nakiri knife comes with a guarantee that it won’t damage or break under any circumstances.

This finely balanced vegetable knife gets excellent control while preparing vegetables and fruits, whether cutting, slicing, chopping, or any other method. 


  • Amazing design
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Has excellent stability and superb edge retention
  • Made from highest quality materials
  • Highly durable
  • The knife has a super sharp blade, which can easily be sharpened if you feel the need


  • Slight construction issue where the handle meets the blade

How to Use a Nakiri Vegetable Knife

The Nakiri Knife, Japanese for Vegetable Knife, has an ultra-sharp, hollow-shaped ground blade with perforations that optimize friction while cutting seasonal vegetables and prevent sticking.

Explicitly designed to cut vegetables, it doesn’t have any sharp tip, and it’s very convenient to use, precisely when cutting vegetables.

Although quite different from classic western style knives, which require rocking motion, the Nakiri Knife requires up and down gliding motion.

First, you ought to have a superior, firm grip to make sure you don’t cut your fingers. And when you cut the vegetables, you have to move your knife up and down while gently grazing your knuckles to use it as a guideline.

At the same time, you have to remember to pull your hand back to prevent any injuries.

How to Use a Vegetable Knife

When peeling vegetables, place your fingers around the handle of the knife and turn the bladed side your way. Then, using the left hand, insert the blade inside the vegetable, and gently glide the knife towards you to remove the peel.

Continue working in circles around the vegetable. If the blade cuts off more than the flesh, then adjust the pressure on the vegetable.

Secondly, when removing seeds from vegetables, firstly, cut off the top part of the vegetable, which is almost always the stem, then dig into the flesh and with the tip of the knife and gently pull the seeds away.

Finally, when dicing up small vegetables like garlic, place the vegetable on a chopping board and use it to slice them into pieces carefully. Make sure to keep your fingers at a reasonable distance from the sharp part of the knife.

Frequently Asked for Questions

Q: What is a vegetable knife used for?

A: A vegetable knife, as the name implies, is used mainly for preparing vegetables. It is used for slicing, dicing, and chopping off vegetables of all shapes and sizes.

Q: Which are the ideal knives for cutting vegetables?

A: While most kitchen knives are used to cut vegetables, like paring knives and chef’s knives, the ultra-sharp bladed Japanese Nakiri Knife is explicitly crafted for the job.

Q: What is the ideal length of a vegetable knife?

A: Generally, somewhere between 5 and 7 inches, but it could vary.

Q: What to do when you cut meat with a vegetable knife?

A: If you cut meat with a knife that was previously used to cut vegetables, it’s okay. However, it wouldn’t be safe to use the same knife to cut vegetables. You risk contaminating the vegetables with salmonella.

Mostly if the vegetables are being consumed raw.

It is only remotely acceptable if you cook the vegetables at a temperature high enough to prevent any possible salmonella transmission, but it is still not recommended.

Q: Why use a vegetable knife?

A: Kitchen knives, like paring knives and chef’s knives, are some of the best inventions of kitchenware. These, single handedly, make your vegetable preparation easier.

Having a special knife for vegetables makes cutting and slicing vegetables much safer, too.

Final Words

If you really want to savor your cooking experience, you have to find yourself the best vegetable knife & cleaver.

Once you’ve used one of the premium-quality knives and cleavers mentioned above, your whole cooking perspective will change. Thanks to its flexibility and dependability, your vegetable knife will certainly substitute much of the cooking equipment in your kitchen.

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