8 Awesome Cuisinart Knife Reviews – All Types of Knife is Here

Updated On: June 20, 2021

We have all heard the saying that cooking is an art. Look no further because your cooking, too, will be artistic when you use the very versatile Cuisinart knives. Efficient and long-lasting knives are a must when it comes to finishing your cutting tasks properly.

Aptly named Cuisinart, the brand designs and manufactures state-of-the-art home appliances and their knives too are of exceptional quality. Experience convenient features and enjoy precise cutting as you slice, dice, and chop through your beloved food items.

Go through these Cuisinart knife reviews to read about the 8 best knives by this brand that has the potential to become your best friend in the kitchen. They will surely stand the test of time and win your heart in a matter of days.

Cuisinart Knife Reviews
CuisinartCuisinart 8-Inch Triple Rivet Collection Chef’s Knife
    • High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades
    • Precision Tapered Ground Blades
    • Have Durable Extra Wide Safety Bolster
CuisinartCuisinart C77TR-3PR Triple Rivet 3.5″ Paring Knife
    • Stainless Steel Rivets Securing The Blade
    • Extra-Wide Forged Safety Bolster
    • Comes With A Blade Guard
CuisinartCuisinart AC One Size Electric Knife
    • Micro-Serrated Blades For Precise Cutting
    • Compact Bamboo Cutting Board
    • Can Be Washed In A Dishwasher
CuisinartCuisinart 12-Piece Knife Set With Blade Guards
    • Color Coded Knives Help Manage Tasks Strategically
    • 6 knives Serve Six Different Purposes
    • Safer & Lasts Longer Than Other Kitchen knives
CuisinartCuisinart 12 Piece Color Knife Set With Blade Guards
    • High-Quality Stainless Steel Slades
    • Nonstick Coating For Easy Slicing
    • Comes With A Protective Sheath
CuisinartCuisinart 15 Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set
    • Durable Bolster For Perfect Stability
    • Comes With A Storage Block
    • Can Be Cleaned In A Dishwasher
CuisinartCuisinart 15 Piece Classic Forged Triple Rivet Knife Set
    • Premium High Carbon Stainless Steel
    • Durable Extra Wide Safety Bolster
    • Comes With All The Pieces Necessary For Meal
CuisinartCuisinart Normandy 19 Piece Cutlery Block Set
    • Stainless Steel Handle Provides Comfort
    • Adds A Luxurious Look
    • Makes For A Unique Gift

Cuisinart Knife Reviews

Let us take a look at some of the top-rated, customer-loved, and conveniently designed knives of this brand.

Cuisinart 8-Inch Triple Rivet Collection Chef’s Knife

Cuisinart 8-Inch Triple Rivet Collection Chef’s Knife

  • Superior And Tougher High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades
  • Precision Tapered Ground Blades That Narrow Gradually
  • Forged Durable Extra-Wide Safety Bolster For Perfect Stability

Put your trust in the knife that is loved by so many users all around the world. No matter how frequently or rarely you cook, you will surely love this knife because of how handy and useful it is.

Accuracy and precision like you have never seen before comes with the Cuisinart Chef’s Knife. Its superior and tougher high-carbon stainless steel blades can handle any cutting task you throw at it. You can experience both comfort and safety while you are submerged in your cutting tasks with this one.

The blades have been tapered and narrow down to a fine edge. Safety bolster that has been forged to be extra-wide and rivets made from strong stainless steel secure the very sharp blade to the very comfortable handle. You will feel no hand fatigue even after extended periods of use as the handles are extraordinarily comfortable.

And the Cuisinart C77TR-CF-25 can retain sharpness for an extended period of time. Whenever it loses its sharpness, you can simply sharpen it with a sharpener. We recommend that you wash this knife by hand and wipe it dry afterward.


  • Made with durable stainless steel
  • Precise and sharp cutting
  • Designed to be extra safe
  • Comfortable to use


  • Machine washing may damage the blade
  • Heavier than some other knives
  • May get chipped quickly
Cuisinart C77TR-3PR Triple Rivet 3.5″ Paring Knife

Cuisinart C77TR-3PR Triple Rivet 3.5″ Paring Knife

  • Stainless Steel Rivets Securing The Blade To The Comfortable Handle
  • The Knives Are Designed With An Extra-Wide Forged Safety Bolster
  • This Knife Comes With A Blade Guard For Safe And Easy Storage

Waste no money and no time on buying a separate peeler because the Cuisinart C77TR-3PR Triple Rivet paring knife can peel fruits and vegetables like no other. Peel quickly and efficiently with this all-purpose knife that is a master of accuracy and precision.

But do not stop there as this paring knife is a multitasking guru. Cut small garnishes, mince cloves of garlic, de-vein a shrimp, or remove seeds from vegetables and fruits with its sharp edge. The possibilities are endless with this small and lightweight paring knife.

Made from superior stainless steel, this knife comes with a blade guard for safe and easy storage. The exceptionally comfortable and brilliantly designed handle will give you no trouble while you are using it. Enjoy stability and control like never before because of the long-lasting and wide safety bolster.

You’ll find stainless steel rivets securing the blade to the handle and fit perfectly. And you will definitely feel the love after the first slice from this knife that costs so less but works like a pro. Though it can be washed in a dishwasher, we recommend hand washing it so that the blade can retain the sharpness and precision.

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  • Works great for its price
  • Can peel fruits and vegetables fast
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Comes with a blade guard
  • Made from good quality material
  • Durable and extra-wide bolster


  • Machine-wash tends to harm the blades
  • May get rusty if not sharpened regularly (check our self sharpening knife)
Cuisinart AC One Size Electric Knife

Cuisinart AC One Size Electric Knife

  • Universal Stainless Steel Micro-Serrated Blade Cuts Bread And Meat
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Handle For Right- Or Left-Handed Use
  • Carving/Serving Fork With Stainless Steel Tines

You will definitely spend less time cutting when you are using this knife set that can be operated electrically and includes a carving fork.

Practical right out of the box, this handy little set can perform some big tasks. Its high-quality micro-serrated blades can smoothly cut through both meat and loaves of bread. We know you will want to carve some chicken or turkey during dinner and serve it afterward with the carving/serving knife.

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This knife that has extraordinary value for its price also comes with a bamboo cutting board. Bamboo cutting boards resist knife scratches and thus last longer.

Moreover, you can use this knife by simply pressing the power switch that turns the blade on and off. This Cuisinart knife set has the most unique and clever storage system you will ever see. A storage tray holds the blade, fork, and power handle while the cutting board can be stored under the tray.

And your safety is always a top priority of Cuisinart, and this electric knife has been designed to be extra safe. Clean the sharp blade by releasing it with the touch of a button. Take extra care to wipe dry the pieces and the bamboo board after you are done using and cleaning them.


  • Clever and convenient storage option
  • Micro-serrated blades for precise cutting
  • Blade can be washed separately
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Bamboo cutting board lasts longer than a wood board


  • Electric blade makes a lot of noise
  • Bamboo cutting board requires intensive and extra care
Cuisinart 12-Piece Knife Set With Blade Guards

Cuisinart 12-Piece Knife Set With Blade Guards

  • The Blades Are Made From Premium Quality Stainless Steel
  • Nonstick Coating On Each Blade Helps You Slice And Dice Easily
  • Individual Blade Guards Retain Sharpness And Prevent Rusting

Make your kitchen look chic and gothic at the same time with this versatile 12-piece Cuisinart knife set that brings versatility and strategic cooking to your kitchen. This unique-looking knife set also makes for an interesting gift!

Manage all your tasks strategically with these color-coded knives by using them for separate tasks. Each of the 6 knives serves a different purpose, so you know all of your cutting, slicing, and peeling needs will be taken care of.

Cuisinart C55-12PMB knife set has blades that are made from premium quality stainless steel. Nonstick coating on each blade helps you slice and dice easily. Prepare for a big meal without feeling hand fatigue thanks to the extremely sturdy and comfortable handle on all of the knives.

You will especially love this Cuisinart knife set if you have children and young people in your house. An individual blade guard for each knife reduces the chance of an accident and provides more protection than a knife block.

Moreover, these blade covers will extend the long life of these knives by preventing rusting and retaining their extraordinary sharpness.


  • Adds a unique look to the cooking space
  • Color-coded knives help manage tasks strategically
  • 6 knives serve six different purposes
  • Individual blade guards retain sharpness and prevent rusting
  • Safer and lasts longer than other kitchen knives
  • Good value for the fairly low price


  • Nonstick coating does not last very long and tends to come off
  • Washing in a dishwasher will harm the blades
Cuisinart 12 Piece Color Knife Set With Blade Guards

Cuisinart 12 Piece Color Knife Set With Blade Guards

  • Top Quality Stainless Steel Blades That Also Have A Nonstick Coating
  • Separate Sheath For Each Knife Helps You Store Them Safely
  • Color Coding Reduces The Risk Of Cross-Contamination During Food Preparation

Want to wow your guests and make your kitchen décor stand out at the same time? Look no further as the Cuisinart C55-12PCKSAM knife set has 6 different colored knives that look stylish and get all your job done perfectly.

This highly rated knife set includes 6 different knives that serve 6 individual purposes. Cut, slice, dice, chop and peel to your heart’s content without wasting any time. Blades that are made of high-quality stainless steel and have a nonstick ceramic coating that will help you navigate through your tasks without any trouble.

Food prep has never been this easier. Manage your and your family members’ individual needs with color-coded knives that reduce chances of cross-contamination.

Keep yourself and the little ones safer by storing the knives with protective blade guards. This knife set costs surprisingly cheap and is also perfect for daily use.

Separate sheath for each knife helps you store them safely and retains their good quality. Wash these colorful knives by hand and make sure to dry them afterward. We urge you to never keep them soaked in water as that may damage the sharpness of the blades.


  • Top-quality stainless steel blades that also have a nonstick coating
  • Color-coded knives allow easy operation
  • Comes with a protective sheath for each knife
  • Makes for a good décor piece
  • Costs cheap but provides good value


  • Sharp knives but not packaged in a safe way
  • Cannot retain sharpness for much long
  • Paint gets chipped after extended use
Cuisinart 15 Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

Cuisinart 15 Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

  • Knives Are Crafted With Superior High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades
  • Knives Have A Strong Durable Bolster For Perfect Stability And Control
  • Easy To Clean And Precision Tapered Ground Blades

Meet a classic and multi-purpose knife set from Cuisinart that comes with a knife block for easy storage. This cheap but functional set has all the tools you will need to execute your cutting tasks properly.

The Cuisinart C77SS-15PK stainless steel knife set is the ultimate set that will provide the most value in terms of price. This cheap 15-piece set comes with a wide variety of knives as well as a pair of household shears, sharpening steel, and a knife block.

Quickly and accurately cut and slice through items that you need with the knives that have blades made of extreme quality stainless steel. Use the shears to finely chop herbs and sharpen the blades whenever you need with the sharpening wand.

Handle the knives carefully as the precision-tapered ground blades have extremely sharp and fine edges.

You will feel control like never before that comes from the bolsters being strong and sturdy. This easy-to-clean knife set is dishwasher-safe and thus takes up less of your time. Always remember to wipe dry your knives after they are cleaned. Store the knives in a storage block that is convenient and modern-looking.

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  • Great value for the price
  • Includes pieces that serve a multitude of purpose
  • Set includes a sharpening wand for easy and fast sharpening
  • Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
  • Comes with a storage block


  • Blades tend to get dull quickly
  • Will rust if good care is not taken
Cuisinart 15 Piece Classic Forged Triple Rivet Knife Set

Cuisinart 15 Piece Classic Forged Triple Rivet Knife Set

  • Made Of Premium Quality High Carbon Stainless Steel Material
  • Adds A Luxurious Look To Your Cooking Space
  • This Knife Block Set Gives To You A Lifetime Warranty

We hope you will take a look at the Cuisinart C77WTR-15P 15-piece set that is surely one of the most beautiful knife sets you will ever see. This gorgeous knife set also can perform very well in your kitchen.

Make heads turn with this knife set that will add a timeless, luxurious look to your cooking space. This thoughtfully assembled set includes all the knives you may ever need as well as a pair of household shears and a piece of sharpening steel.

Premium quality high-carbon stainless steel material has been used to manufacture the blades that can cut through the necessary items smoothly. The very wide bolsters help you control the knife easily while the steel rivets secure the sharp blade to the sturdy handle.

Cuisinart always cares about your safety, and that is why these knives are packaged carefully in a 15-piece block set. Whenever you are done using these very sharp tools, store them in the block carefully. The sharpening wand included with this set helps you sharpen the blades whenever necessary without spending any extra money.


  • Comes with all the pieces necessary for meal prep
  • Adds a luxurious look to cooking space
  • Sharp and packed safely
  • Comes with a storage block
  • Knife set includes a sharpening wand


  • Cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher
  • Product warranty does not cover rust
  • Pieces tend to discolor over time if not cared for properly
Cuisinart Normandy 19 Piece Cutlery Block Set

Cuisinart Normandy 19 Piece Cutlery Block Set

  • Superior High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades For Precision & Accuracy
  • Precision Tapered Ground Blades That Narrow Gradually
  • Ergonomically Designed Stainless Steel Handle Provides Comfort

Bring style in your cooking space with this knife set from the Normandy collection of Cuisinart. This new addition by the brand adds elegance to your kitchen while also serves as a great cutting tool.

And this knife set comes from the collection that was introduced, especially for home cooks who are looking to customize their cutlery according to their style and cooking space.

19 pieces of tools for cutting, slicing, dicing, peeling, carving, and so much more make this knife set an astounding and extremely unique gift. The blades made of stainless steel can carry on very precise cutting. Sharpening steel that comes with the set can sharpen the blades of the tools in a matter of seconds.

Equipped with a very uniquely designed knife block, this set boasts easy storage. Now you can keep the whole block away from the reach of children as the block can perfectly fit under cabinets. Make sure to take extra care of these elegant knives and never keep them soaked in water for long.


  • Set contains 19 pieces of cutting tools
  • Sharpening wand is included for easy sharpening
  • Makes for a unique gift
  • Great value for such a versatile set
  • Comes with a storage block that can be stored under a cabinet


  • Knife block is not sturdy
  • May rust quick without extra care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Cuisinart knives:

Q: How should I clean my Cuisinart knives?

A: Follow the instruction manual for cleaning directions as some knives are both machine and hand washable, but some knives are only hand-washable. No matter how you clean the Cuisinart knives, always remember to dry them afterward properly. Learn More

Q: If I sharpen the colorful knives, will they lose the color on the blade?

A: Sharpening the colorful knives will not make them lose color on the blade.

Q: Where are the Cuisinart knives made?

A: Cuisinart knives are mostly made in China.

Q: How should I use and care for my serrated knife?

A: Knives that have serrated edges are better for cutting through crusty bread, citrus fruits, moist cakes, etc. These needless sharpening than other types of knives because they face less friction. Learn More

Q: How can I prevent electric knives from getting overheated?

A: We recommend you keep it turned off while you are not using it. After extended periods of use, clean the blade and dry it properly afterward.

Q: Is the electric knife noisy?

A: Yes, the electric knife is a little bit noisy. Hopefully, you will get used to it. If you have any medical condition or serious discomfort that arises from or gets triggered by the noise, we urge you to stop using it.

Final Words

After reading our Cuisinart knife reviews, we hope you have found something that will complement your cooking habits and your kitchen style. Always remember to stay safe in the kitchen during cutting tasks to reduce risks of mishaps and accidents.

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