Dinner Knife vs. Steak Knife – What’s the Difference?

Updated On: July 28, 2021

Before planning to host a dinner party, you should have proper knowledge about arranging the table. Otherwise, your guests will get annoyed because of the mismanagements.

Therefore, to arrange a perfect table, you need to learn about different knives and their purposes. But while doing that, the dinner and steak knife will create some confusion in your mind!

Well, we can’t let that happen to you, can we? Therefore, here is everything you need to learn about dinner knife vs. steak knife. So without wasting much time, follow our lead to the end.

What Is a Dinner Knife?

The dinner knife comes with the longest blade in a set of flatware. Its construction is primarily of silver or steel. And you can use this knife to cut and push any meal presented in front of you.

It doesn’t matter if you are at a formal dinner table or not; you can use this knife for eating your meal in any condition. However, if a bowl of soup is served as the main course, there is no necessity for this knife.

What Is a Steak Knife?

Well, the steak knife is generally used for cutting a steak. Thus, every household should have a great collection of these knives to be prepared for any occasion.

These sharp table knives are often designed with a serrated blade and wooden handles. Moreover, they are the sharpest knife you will see at a dinner table.

Dinner Knife vs. Steak knife – What are the Differences?

There are some differences between these knives that determine their usage. If you know about these distinct features and purposes, you can arrange your table flawlessly. So here are the differences between these two pieces of cutlery.

Usage of Dinner and Steak Knives

The dinner knife finds its use in cutting any food item you want. You can have it on any occasion, and nobody will roll their eyes!

On the other hand, you will see steak knives when a meat preparation is served. Otherwise, you won’t see it as you don’t need these sharp blades for eating anything else.

However, you will not have steak knives if the meat is roasted, and you can use your dinner knife to cut it.


A dinner knife usually comes in every set of flatware. But you have to get a separate steak knife set or a single one if you want to use it.

Blade Edges

If you own a steak knife, you will see that the edges are serrated and have a super sharp pointed tip. It allows you to cut the meat effortlessly.

In contrast, the dinner knives are mainly designed with straight and plain edges, but a few of them will come with slightly serrated edges so you can cut through the tougher food.

Knife Placement in a Table

The dinner knife is the first cutlery you will see on your plate’s right side, and the cutting edge will always be facing an inward position.

However, if the main course is meat-based, the steak knife will replace the dinner knife. Otherwise, you don’t put it on the table.

And there is also a general difference. You can place a dinner knife on your table on any occasion.

So, from breakfast to dinner, people can utilize this blade. But steak knives should be on the table only when you serve meat. Well, that’s pretty easy to remember, isn’t it?

Can You Use a Dinner Knife to Cut Salad?

Dinner knives are often served with salad if there are any big leaves to cut. If not, a regular salad knife will get the work done.

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Can You Use a Bread Knife instead of Steak Knives?

Yes. You can use a bread knife to cut meat as they come with serrated edges and sharpness. But you can do that in the kitchen only as it is totally against table etiquette!

Tips on How to Maintain Your Knives

If your knives aren’t well-maintained, it’s not going to look good on your table no matter how expensive they are! So here are some pro tips for you to maintain the top-notch condition of your knives.

  • To keep your blades razor-sharp, you need to hone and sharpen them frequently. It doesn’t matter how much money you spent on them. If you don’t sharpen them, they will get dull in no time!
  • It would be best if you always wash your knives right after using them. And clean those blades by hand as soaking in a dishwasher will damage their edges.
  • Keep your blades as dry as possible. And pat them dry with a cloth immediately after rinsing them to avoid corrosion.
  • If you are using and sharp blades with thin edges, try to use a cutting board all the time. Otherwise, the blades will get damaged after coming in contact with a stone or metal countertop.

Wrap up

Hopefully, after reading this article, you don’t have any doubts as we’ve covered everything you need to know about dinner knife vs. steak knife. Now throw some posh dinner parties as it is time for you to become the talk of the town.

Or you can just eat your dinner in front of the TV, whatever suits you the best!

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