Best Dishwasher Safe Knife Set – Easy To Wash

Updated On: June 30, 2021

Even after picking our ideal set of knives, we may often have some limitations as to how to treat them properly.

In many cases, putting a knife in a dishwasher because we’re in a hurry creates more troubles than we may expect, such as rust, sharpness loss, and damage done to the dishwasher due to the banging knives.

However, there are still several picks that you can safely put in the dishwasher, mostly due to their reliable build that keeps at bay the issues mentioned above.

Here, we’ll help you find the best dishwasher safe knife set. For our selection, we focused on perhaps the most essential feature dishwasher-safe products must-have, which are high-quality materials.

Want to find out more about these knives? Then let’s continue reading!

How to Choose the Best Dishwasher Safe Knife Set?

Not sure how to pick a set of knives strong enough for the dishwasher? Find out here as we discuss the essential features to consider before purchasing a set of dishwasher-safe kitchen knives.

Blade Material

Our main concern while looking for dishwasher-safe knives should be the material used to create the blade. While some cutlery features carbon, aluminum, or other materials, they’re not capable of enduring the chemicals and tough process of a dishwasher cycle.

Instead, what you want to have is stainless steel. This material is simply the most capable due to its high resistance to corrosion, rust, and stains. When put in the dishwasher, knives made of high-quality stainless steel will come out looking brand new.

While some steel variations could also be suitable for the dishwasher, German stainless steel is often the most secure choice.

Handle Material

Other than the blade, the next biggest feature we must consider is the build material for the handle.

Normally, we go for wooden handles because they’re easily the most good-looking type. However, we have to keep in mind whether or not this material will be able to resist in the dishwasher.

Other alternatives to wooden handles are plastic and even stainless steel. These materials are actually resistant, comfortable, and non-slip. Besides being able to resist a dishwasher cycle, they’ll also guarantee you get perfect maneuverability of the knives.

You also want to look out for triple-riveted, full-tang handles due to their superior build.

Type of Knives

Of course, since you’re aiming for a set, you should also be aware of which types of knives come included in said set.

For instance, many sets will offer cutlery like serrated, pairing, utility, Santoku, bread, and slicing knives. These are ideal because you get a variety of tools that will help you to complete almost any recipe you want to try.

On the other hand, some sets focus on a specific type of knife. As you’ll find out during our reviews, we covered a couple of sets that exclusively offer steak knives and no others.

Naturally, deciding which type of set to buy depends entirely on your needs.


Besides the knives, you want to check out whether or not the manufacturer is offering other accessories.

Most likely, the set includes additional tools like sharpeners, shears, peelers, and a wooden knife block. Although they may not seem like a big deal, every one of those items plays a significant role in keeping your knives in perfect condition.

For example, a wooden knife block is almost essential. It’s the perfect storage place to keep the knives neatly organized after getting them out of the dishwasher.

Also, sharpening is a must-do task to increase the cutlery’s lifespan, which is why a sharpening tool is a yet another product you need at your disposal.

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HenckelsJ.A. Henckels Dishwasher Safe 15-PC Knives Block Set
    • Dishwasher Safe High-Quality Stainless Steel
    • The Triple Rivet Handle Made Of Plastic
    • Comes With A Beautiful Hardwood Block
    • 15 Pcs Knife Set
HenckelsZwilling J.A. Henckels Dishwasher Safe Knife Block Set
    • High Quality German Stainless Steel
    • 15-Degree Bevel On Both Sides
    • 57+ Rockwell Hardness
    • 19 Pcs Knife Set
WanbasionWanbasion 16 Pieces Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Knives
    • The Blades Is German Stainless Steel
    • Space Saving Cyclinder Knife Block
    • Many Colors Available
    • 16 Pcs Knife Set
VictorinoxVictorinox Dishwasher Safe Cutlery Knife Block Set
    • High-Carbon European Stainless Steel
    • Handle reduces hand and wrist fatigue
    • Multitasking Cutlery Knife Block Set
    • 15 Pcs Knife Set
CuisinartCuisinart Dishwasher Safe 15-Piece Stainless Steel Knives
    • High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blades
    • Ergonomic Handle Provide Comfort
    • Durable Bolster For Perfect Stability
    • 15 Pcs Knife Set
KitchenAidKitchenAid 16-Piece Classic Dishwasher Safe Cutlery Set
    • High Carbon German 1.4028 Stainless Steel
    • Block Included Has A Built-In Sharpener
    • Ergonomic Triple-Rivet Handle
    • 16 Pcs Knife Set
MaisonMaison 19-Piece Premium Rustproof Kitchen Knife Set
    • Premium High Carbon German Steel
    • Triple Riveted For Max Durability
    • Anti Fatigue Ergonomic Handle
    • 19 Pcs Knife Set
MarcoMarco Almond 14-Piece Dishwasher Safe Rainbow Knife Set
    • A Set For All Your Kitchen Cutting
    • Natural Hardwood Block
    • Beautiful Gift Package Design
    • 14 Pcs Knife Set
Home Hero Steak Knives Set of 8 – Dishwasher Safe
    • Covered In A Durable Nonstick Coating
    • The Handle Is Made Of Polypropylene
    • Comes With A Rust Protective Coating
    • 8 Pcs Steak Knife Set
SKY LIGHT 4.5 Inch Dishwasher Safe Steck Knife Set
    • Non Serrated Surgical German Steel
    • 17-Degree Bevel On Both Sides
    • Triple Riveted And Full Tang Handle
    • 4 Pcs Steak Knife Set

10 Best Dishwasher Safe Knife Set Review

After learning a bit more about what makes a set of knives dishwasher safe, we’re now in a better place to start looking for options. Here, we give you the top 10 sets of knives that proved to be more than capable of withstanding the toughness of the dishwasher.

J.A. Henckels Dishwasher Safe 15-PC Knives Block Set

J.A. Henckels Dishwasher Safe 15-PC Knives Block Set

  • Fabricated From Dishwasher Safe High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Traditional Lightweight Triple Rivet Handle Made Of Plastic
  • Comes With A Beautiful Hardwood Block  

With a variety of knives offered, which include paring, Santoku, Chef’s, and bread knives, this J.A. Henckels set provides many tools necessary for many cooking styles. Additionally, you get sharpener steel, kitchen shears, and a hardwood wooden block.

The main material included in the build of these knives is stainless steel, which we’re aware is one of the most resistant during the dishwasher cycles. Due to its single-piece design, handling each knife feels balanced, stable, and comfortable.

On the other hand, we have a plastic material used for the creation of the handles. Now, while this material isn’t what we’d expect in high-quality knives, it does provide enough comfort to cut ingredients smoothly. Additionally, the resistance of the handle allows you to put all of the knives in the dishwasher safely.

It’s the design of the handle that makes it good. We get a classic triple-rivet build featuring stainless steel endcap that delivers stability under any application. Plus, the full tang is also lightweight, improving maneuverability.

Before first using the knives, you’ll notice that the blades require some sharpening. Luckily, the sharpening tool included in the purchase is capable of getting a sharp edge out of the blades rather quickly.


  • Comes with a capable sharpening steel, shears & hardwood block
  • Features high-quality, dishwasher-safe stainless steel
  • Single-piece blade build provides balance
  • Full tang construction provides maximum stability


  • Blades require sharpening before first use
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Dishwasher Safe Knife Block Set

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Dishwasher Safe Knife Block Set

  • This 19-PC Knife Set Made Of High Quality German Stainless Steel
  • The Blade Has A 15-Degree Bevel On Both Sides
  • Ice Hardened To 57+ Rockwell Hardness

Created with what Zwilling calls a ‘special formula,’ each of the 19 knives included in this set is capable of meeting the most demanding expectations. The one-piece stamped blade, made of high-quality stainless steel, makes cutting, slicing, and carving easy tasks.

At 57 of Rockwell Hardness, the blades put up with almost anything — be it stains, rust, or corrosion. Furthermore, due to their hand sharpened and polished design, not only will they hold an incredibly sharp edge, but the knives are also stylish.

For the user’s comfort, the knives feature three-rivet handles. The polymer-based handle includes a full tang to guarantee a balanced performance while you’re cutting meat, vegetables, and more. Also, the ergonomic design reduces potential fatigue issues by providing a comfortable grip.

After going through the dishwasher test, every single knife of this set was put up with the process. Months after the first use, the stainless steel remains corrosion-free, with no signs of stains or rust either.

Despite including a useful accessory like a sharpener, the knife block is far from ideal. It isn’t durable, and some knives don’t fit properly inside. You’d have to the extra mile to get a proper block to keep all of these knives properly stored.


  • Complete set of 19 pieces to cover big or small tasks
  • Stainless steel is resistant to rust & corrosion
  • Every blade holds a razor-sharp edge
  • Includes a sharpening tool to keep your blades in proper condition


  • Knife block included in this set isn’t good
Wanbasion 16 Pieces Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Knives

Wanbasion 16 Pieces Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Knives

  • Stainlsee Steel & Space-Saving Cyclinder Knife Block Set
  • Other Colors Available Are Green, Black, Orange, And White
  • Excellent Sharp & Long Edge Retention

If you’ve had enough of traditional cutlery, maybe a less orthodox pick is what you need. This set offers just that, as it combines traditional materials with an eye-catching design to make the knives stand out in every kitchen.

This set offers 16 pieces, including a knife sharpener, shears, and an acrylic block. As one of the most visible traits, the knives come with a blue titanium coating that looks surprisingly good. Other colors available are green, black, orange, and white.

The material of the blades is German stainless steel, which is popular for its durability and high resistance. Perhaps the most surprising fact about these products is that they come out of the dishwasher with the coating in perfect condition.

Another benefit of the German stainless steel seen in these knives is that it holds its edge remarkably well. No longer will you have to spend hours sharpening to get a cutting edge.

The only disadvantage of this set is the block, which seems made of cheap plastic that isn’t durable. If you’re not careful, this block may end up compromising the integrity of your knives. As we always recommend, buying another wooden block would be a wise decision.


  • Features high-grade steel that resists dishwasher cycles
  • Good-looking & vibrant blue color design
  • Set includes a knife block, shears, sharpener & peeler
  • Stainless steel material is capable of holding a sharp edge


  • Block included in this set is low-quality, and it won’t last long
Victorinox Dishwasher Safe Cutlery Knife Block Set

Victorinox Dishwasher Safe Cutlery Knife Block Set

  • The Durability Provided By The High-Carbon European Stainless Steel
  • The Swiss Classic Handle That Is Both Comfortable And Durable
  • These knives Are The Perfect Choice For Either Big Or Small Tasks

By offering paring, utility, steak, chef’s, Santoku, and bread knives, the following Victorinox 15-Pieces set guarantees you’ll be ready for any occasion. What’s even better is that, after you finish cooking, you can let the dishwasher clean all of them for you!

These knives are the perfect choice for either big or small tasks. The durability provided by the high-carbon stainless steel, enhanced by an ice-tempered procedure, ensures remarkable resistance against rust. Because of that, you can put them in the dishwasher safely.

Each knife comes with the Swiss Classic handle that is both comfortable and durable. The weight feels pleasant in the user’s hand, guaranteeing a secure, firm grip from beginning to end.

Additionally, the handle doesn’t get any damage from moisture or chemicals often involved in the dishwasher cleaning cycles.

To make the set better, the purchase includes a honing steel piece, kitchen shears, and a hardwood block.

While every other accessory mentioned above works well, the hardwood block isn’t necessarily what you’d expect. The slots are too wide, meaning the knives don’t fit properly, and there’s plenty of space left open.

The perfect solution would be to acquire another block more fitting for these knives. Of course, that’s an extra expense you’d have to make if you don’t want this dishwasher-safe cutlery set lying around the kitchen dangerously.



  • Includes a variety of knives for different applications
  • High-carbon stainless steel build is dishwasher-safe
  • Swiss Classic handle provides comfort & a secure grip
  • Comes with several accessories like shears & a sharpening tool


  • Knives don’t fit well in the hardwood block included
Cuisinart Dishwasher Safe 15-Piece Stainless Steel Knives

Cuisinart Dishwasher Safe 15-Piece Stainless Steel Knives

  • Each knife Features High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blades
  • Ergonomic Handle Design Guarantees A Comfortable Experience
  • This Knife Offers A Durable Bolster For Perfect Stability & Control

Cuisinart remains one of the most capable brands out there, as it consistently provides reliable kitchen utensils to improve our cooking experience. In this case, we have a 15-piece set made of resistant stainless steel, plus you get a nice-looking block to keep them safe.

The knives included give you plenty of versatility to create a variety of delicious dishes. Apart from classic pieces like a chef knife and a serrated knife, you also get a sharpening steel tool and shears.

Each knife features high-carbon stainless steel blades. The sharp edge this material is capable of holding provides precise cuts, whether you’re working with raw meat or fruits. Plus, once in the dishwasher, the steel retains its integrity during the washing cycles.

The blade isn’t the only stainless steel you’ll find in these knives. For the handle, the brand uses the same material, which is more than ideal as it offers total resistance in the dishwasher.

Of course, the stainless steel handles also have a few disadvantages. The handle of the steak knives feels much thinner, making them a bit awkward to use at first. Over time, though, you get used to the feeling. It’s then that you’ll start enjoying these dishwasher safe steak knives.



  • Total of 15 pieces, including a chef, utility, paring, & serrated knives
  • Stainless steel blade & handle resist dishwasher cycles
  • Ergonomic handle design guarantees a comfortable experience
  • Capable of retaining a sharp edge


  • Handle of the steak knives feels a bit awkward
KitchenAid 16-Piece Classic Dishwasher Safe Cutlery Set

KitchenAid 16-Piece Classic Dishwasher Safe Cutlery Set

  • This Knife Made Of High Carbon German 1.4028 Stainless Steel
  • The Knives Come With An Ergonomic Handle Featuring Full Tang And Bolster
  • The Triple Steel Rivets Included Also Help Improve Stability

When you have cutlery this good-looking, the last thing you want on them is a bit of corrosion or rust. Luckily, due to the high-grade stainless steel build, these knives are more than capable of putting up with dishwasher cycles and come out shiny clean.

As the name mentions, this set offers a total of 16 pieces, including chef, slicer, utility, Santoku, and paring knives. Besides the high resistance, the stainless steel material provides a sharp cutting edge that slices through a variety of ingredients effortlessly.

All of the knives come with an ergonomic handle featuring full tang and bolster. Regardless of the size of your hand, you’ll be able to get a firm grip to cut the food using your favorite techniques. The triple steel rivets included also help improve stability and the strength of the handle.

Plus, the handle looks nice, which is always a plus.

As a side bonus, the set includes a knife block to keep your knives organized after coming out of the dishwasher. This block also has a useful built-in sharpener.

Before first using these knives, a bit of sharpening may be necessary. Once you get past that, each piece included in this set will satisfy your demands while offering the convenience of being dishwasher-safe utensils.



  • 16 knives suitable for a variety of tasks/ingredients
  • High-quality German stainless steel resists dishwasher cycles
  • Ergonomic triple-rivet handle with full tang & bolster is comfortable
  • Block included has a built-in sharpener


  • Knives require sharpening before first use
Maison 19-Piece Premium Rustproof Kitchen Knife Set

Maison 19-Piece Premium Rustproof Kitchen Knife Set

  • The Blades Feature High Carbon Stainless Steel Of The Highest Quality
  • Each Black Handle Is Triple Riveted For Superior Japanese Strength
  • Anti Fatigue Ergonomic Handle Feels Comfortable

When you’re looking for a professional, rustproof knife set, not many options are as good as this one.

This set contains every type of knife you could need for many types of cutting; you get a chef’s knife, paring knife, carving knife, serrated knife, and a utility knife, among many more.

To complete the set, you also receive a knife sharpener, scissors, a knife block, and a set of eight steak knives.

The blades feature high-carbon stainless steel of the highest quality. Among the benefits to expect, this material provides resistance, durability, and outstanding edge retention properties for long-lasting and efficient performance.

Once you get capable blades, what you need is equally capable handles. That’s why the knives come with black, triple-riveted handles that resist well against problems caused by moisture.

Plus, the handle provides a firm grip, allowing you to create your favorite dishes at home.

Out of all the items provided by this set, the steak knives are the only ones with flaws. While using them, you’ll notice that they don’t feel as balanced as the rest of the knives, which can be a bit off-putting.

Either way, a bit of practice is all the steak knives need before you get the hang of it.


  • Complete set of knives with a sharpening tool, shears & knife block
  • High resistance to rust, corrosion & stains
  • Ergonomic handle feels comfortable
  • All knives hold a sharp edge


  • Steak knives feel unbalanced, which can be off-putting
Marco Almond 14-Piece Dishwasher Safe Rainbow Knife Set

Marco Almond 14-Piece Dishwasher Safe Rainbow Knife Set

  • The Stainless Steel And Titanium Coating Used For The Build
  • This Knife Block Goes Beautifully With Any Kitchen Decoration
  • This knife Set Will Come With A Gift Package Box

Out of the many sets included on our list, this one is perhaps the most capable of getting everyone’s attention in a matter of seconds. Not for nothing, the rainbow titanium coating and the turquoise handle are eye-catching. However, the knives are more than just good looks.

First and foremost, the stainless steel and titanium coating used for the build of these knives already makes them dishwasher-safe utensils. Issues like rust or corrosion often created by chemicals won’t affect this set of knives, as the stainless steel material puts up enough resistance.

Thanks to that resistance level, this set is ideal for home or professional use.

The set offers a total of 14 pieces, and it includes kitchen sears and a knife block. For the most part, the shears do serve their purpose. However, the quality of the block is questionable. Some slots don’t have proper depth, meaning the knives don’t fit properly.

When it comes to the handles, even though they’re not the greatest, they still provide a comfortable grip. The ergonomic design gives you the comfort and balance needed to cut, slice, and mince effortlessly.

While people may not expect much out of these knives, the truth is that they’re more than capable of getting the job done.


  • Good-looking titanium coating with turquoise handles
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle design
  • Includes kitchen shears & knife block
  • Offers many types of kitchen knives for different applications


  • Knife block doesn’t fit some of the knives
Home Hero Steak Knives Set of 8 – Dishwasher Safe

Home Hero Steak Knives Set of 8 – Dishwasher Safe

  • Covered In A Durable Nonstick Coating Is The Best Trait Of These Knives
  • Polypropylene Handle Is Durable & Comfortable
  • Comes With A Rust Protective Coating Ideal For The Dishwasher

How about something a little bit different? The following set of serrated steak knives are among the most good-looking out there, featuring a black design that looks incredible.

Don’t let it fool you, though; behind all of that black lies resistant stainless material that makes this set offer some of the best dishwasher safe steak knives out there.

All eight knives feature serrated blades, which are ideal for particularly tough ingredients such as meat or steak. As mentioned before, the blades are stainless steel, which is durable, resistant, and holds a sharp cutting edge.

The rust protective and non-stick coating is the best trait of these knives. Because of their reliable construction, the blades cut through meat smoothly, allowing you to enjoy a fine-quality meal instead of a shredded mess.

This coating also keeps the meat from sticking to the surface of the blade, allowing the dishwasher to clean food leftovers in a quick washing cycle.

Another dishwasher-friendly feature is the handle, made of highly resistant polypropylene. Other than allowing users to get a firm grip with no slips, this material passes through the dishwasher without complications.

Unfortunately, these knives don’t do well with fragile fruits or vegetables like tomatoes. In those cases, the blade shreds them if you’re not careful. Being extra careful while using the knives for these purposes will certainly save you from creating a mess.



  • Simple yet effective build to prepare meat/steak
  • Polypropylene handle is durable & comfortable
  • Comes with a rust protective coating ideal for the dishwasher
  • Easy to clean


  • Not most suitable for fragile ingredients like tomatoes
SKY LIGHT 4.5 Inch Dishwasher Safe Steck Knife Set

SKY LIGHT 4.5 Inch Dishwasher Safe Steck Knife Set

  • Precisely Forged By Extraordinary Quality Stainless Steel X50CrMoV15
  • The Blade Has A 17-Degree Bevel On Both Sides
  • The Ergonomic Design Full Tang And A Triple-Riveted Build Is Top-Notch

This set of four steak knives feature a 4.5-inch blade with a razor-sharp edge out of stainless steel each, making them perfect cutlery to create clean, smooth, and precise cuts in steak, fruits, and vegetables. In areas where serrated knives fail, these come in to save the day.

Sharpened at a 17° angle per side, the blades offer a surprising cutting edge to slice through cooked meat effortlessly. Due to the stainless steel build, the knives are non-sticky, keeping food residue from leaving permanent stains until the dishwasher gets them clean.

Other than putting up against stains, the blades resist corrosion and rust. Thus, the set easily makes it pass the dishwasher test with satisfying results.

Though many customers didn’t like the handle, there’s nothing wrong with it, technically. In fact, the ergonomic design featuring full tang and a triple-riveted build is top-notch. It provides a secure, non-slip, and comfortable grip overall.

As a minor disadvantage, the edge retention of these knives isn’t that high. The blades get dull fairly quickly, requiring you to resharpen them regularly. Still, considering the price, a few minutes with the sharpening tool is nothing but a mild inconvenience.


  • Straight-edge blade with a curved tip allows clean cuts
  • German stainless steel resists corrosion, rust & stains
  • Full tang handle is comfortable & resistant
  • Balanced weight allows users to perform their preferred cutting techniques


  • Blades get dull very quickly, requiring regular sharpening

How to Care for My Dishwasher Safe Knife Set?

Finding the best dishwasher safe knives set doesn’t mean we can just forget about them and let the dishwasher do everything. There are several tips that you can follow to make sure everything goes perfectly, improving the lifespan of your knives. Here’s how you care for them properly.

  • After using them, rinse the knives under running water briefly. This small task keeps leftover food from sticking to the blade.
  • Put the knives in the cutlery basket, preferably with the handle facing down.
  • Make sure to use the amount of detergent as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Once the dishwasher starts working, let it do its job, and open it only when it completes the washing cycle.
  • Give some attention to your knives. Use a dishtowel to dry them, which should help you keep water stains away.
  • Lastly, washing the knives by hand is always a more gentle process than putting them in the dishwasher. If you have the time, dedicating some time to your beloved cutlery improves their lifespan significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a dishwasher safe knife set?

A: Visually, a dishwasher safe knife set is like any other set of knives. However, the main difference between the two is that the former features resistant materials capable of putting up against chemicals, detergent, and long exposure to water.

Additionally, these knives hold their edge surprisingly well too.

Q: Why would I need this dishwasher safe knife set?

A: The obvious reason would be convenience. Though most experts recommend washing the knives by hand, we don’t always have the time to do it. Other reasons why you’d want dishwasher-safe utensils are due to their higher durability, improved resistance, and reliability for constant use.

Q: Why do my knives rust in the dishwasher?

A: The causes of rust in knives could be many, from low-quality cutlery to corrosion issues in the pipes that lead to rust in the water supplying the dishwasher.

Nonetheless, the most common reason why knives rust in the dishwasher is because of the strong chemicals that strip away the coating that protects them, like chromium oxide.

Q: Are stainless Steel knives dishwasher safe?

A: The answer to this question is yes. Generally regarded as a dishwasher-safe material, even experts say stainless steel is a material with enough resistance to put up with the washing cycle of a dishwasher.

Q: Are all knives dishwasher safe?

A: No, not all knives are dishwasher-safe. In fact, you’d have to think twice before putting anything other than stainless steel knives in the dishwasher.

Final Words

The best dishwasher safe knife set depends entirely on the materials used for the manufacturing process. If the blade material isn’t resistant, then the knives will inevitably face rust issues not long after putting them through the dishwasher.

However, if you stick to the information discussed here, as well as the different products we recommend, you won’t have to worry about those issues. On the contrary, you’ll be capable of letting the dishwasher do the dirty work of cleaning the knives for you.


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