Everything You Know About Forged in Fire Chef Knives

Updated On: June 20, 2021

Your journey to become a decent cook often begins with choosing the correct set of knives. Being a chef is a long process that requires a good lot of skill and intent, but the first stepping stone in your road to glory has to be these blades.

If you’re looking for quality knives to kick-start your training, this forged in fire chef knife review will surely come handy!

Forged in Fire is a top-rated show where they craft and recreate ancient weapons. Inspired by the show, Halex Holdings decided to join the market and commercially sell forged blades with the same name. Time for us to see if their products speak for themselves or not!

Forged in Fire Chef Knife Review

Picking the right set of knives can prove to be a hassle for most people, and if you’re a newbie, you might get confused to choose from a broad set of blades. Fear not, we reviewed a couple of premium chef knives for making your work a lot easier. Keep reading to know more about them!

Forged in Fire Chef Knife Ultimate Review

In this section, we’ll review the chef knife and paring knife from the brand. Read on to know its features and props and cons.

Forged In Fire Stainless Steel Chef and Paring Knife

Forged In Fire Stainless Steel Chef and Paring Knife

  • The Knife Set Is Made From Hammered, Surgical Stainless Steel
  • The Comfort Grip Handle Ensures You Have A Firm u0026 Safe Hold On Your Blade
  • The knives Weigh Around 12 Ounces u0026 Are 6.5 x 1.13 x 18.13 Inches In Dimension

One of the core reasons why people are gradually getting interested in forged knives is the easy-to-use handy features alongside the premium materials.

The chef knife and pairing set knives are multipurpose tools that will come in handy for most of your household chores. From slicing avocados alongside the seed to cutting raw meat– it can do everything.

Moreover, these are reliable knives that can be a long-term solution to your household cutting problems. If you want a premium, top-tier quality knife set- this should be your pick.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of this knife-set is the sharpness. It is, indeed, one of the most well-built knives out there, and the toughness knows of no bounds. Imagine getting a knife that can cut through almost anything, that too with ease and perfection!

It might come as a surprise to many, but sharper knives are the safest ones because most knife injuries come from the lack of smoothness while cutting. The Forged in Fire Chef Knife here is much safer. It ensures clean cuts with professionally sharpened blades.

Additionally, a comfortable and robust grip ensures you don’t slip, ever.

Through these top-quality blades, the manufacturers paid respect to the bladesmiths in the famous show ‘Forged in Fire.’ They tend to ensure their blades to be just as good, if not better. Coming at a relatively affordable price, this is undoubtedly a knife to look at if you’re starting as a chef.

The manufacturers stated that they use quality ‘surgical steel’ as the core material.

Of course, this can mean many things, but with the proper use of performance enhancers like chromium or carbon, they can be one of the sharpest metals out there. The knives weigh around 12 ounces and are 6.5 x 1.13 x 18.13 inches in dimension.


  • Super sharp and robust blades
  • Safe and easygoing handles
  • A good option for heavy cutting
  • A paring knife can cut through smaller foods well
  • Stable and sturdy blades


  • Might need constant sharpening
  • Handles may crack or get displaced at times

Forged in Fire Chef Steak Knife Review

Here, we present you with the finest steak knife from the brand. We’ll discuss its features and advantages in detail here.

Forged In Fire 4 Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knives

Forged In Fire 4 Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knives

  • Made From Surgical Steel That Is Both Hammered And Stainless Steel
  • A Comfortable Grip Comes Alongside One Of The Most Refined Steel    Finish
  • The Most Important Feature These Knives Do Not Require High Maintenance

Steak knives are generally made from forged steel- the hammered steel and the flat steel. While both kinds have their attributes, the particular steak knife we’ll be reviewing is said to have been made from hammered steel.

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Cutting through juicy medium-rare steaks might seem like a simple job, but trust me on this, unless you get a proper steak knife- you might face all kinds of troubles slicing through that ribeye you love so much.

Fear no more, though, because the Forged in Fire Chef Steak Knife will provide you with the one thing that can make sure your steak-eating fiasco goes smooth- clean and precise cuts.

One thing that would catch your eye regarding this steak is the steak knife design made for cutting through even the thickest of tomahawks.

A comfortable grip comes alongside one of the most refined steel finish out there. There’s very little to complain about these premium steak knives. Steak knives are infamous for their safety concerns. However, this blade is simply as safe as it can get!

Made from surgical steel that is both hammered and stainless- this is a steak knife you can rely on. The rigid, sturdy body and longevity make it one of the most lucrative products available. The professional sharpening process adds the cherry on top.

Non-slip handles are for safety, but a crucial feature that makes this knife appealing is the edge. Razor-sharp, firm, and smooth, this edge does not blunt even if you try out some of the toughest of steak meats out there.

Moreover, these knives do not require high maintenance, so if you’re as lazy as us- you might give it a go! Even though these forged steak knives are relatively more expensive than their alternative, stamped knives- they still get the edge because of the features!


  • Robust and sturdy metal blade
  • Sharp knives designed for precise cuts
  • Non-slip handles for extra safety
  • Quite attractive design with sharp edges
  • The sharpness doesn’t wear off easily


  • The knives are not hand-forged
  • Handle a bit too short

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which one is better- Forged or Stamped Knives?

A: Stamped knives are machine-made knives. Cheaper than the forged ones, and are widely available. Forged knives often require both craftsmanship and machinery help- and the outcome is a much more robust and long-lasting knife.

With premium materials comes a hefty price, so they are relatively expensive. But apart from the cost, quality-wise, Forged Knives are generally much better.

Q: Are the tests they show in videos real?

A: A few commercials and online videos often test these Forged in Fire chef knives with methods like these, and quite surprisingly, most of the results came in favor of the knives! From trying to slice ice cubes to slicing down another knife- these blades succeeded in most of them.

So regardless of the materials used- the knife sure can slice through most of the visible materials, and yes, the tests seem real.

Q: Why do I need a paring knife alongside a chef knife?

A: Chef’s knives are, expectedly, quite significant. So if you’re given a task to peel a small potato, maybe using your 8-inch knife won’t be a smart decision. This is where paring knives come in. Usually coming in for free with the chef’s knife, these smaller knives can cut through just as good on smaller objects.

Q: Does the warranty cover everything?

A: No, unfortunately, there are a few issues that the warranty doesn’t cover. For example, the everyday wear and tears of your knives won’t be covered by the warranty. Similarly, mistreating your product or damaging it will not be covered by the warranty either.

Moreover, there’s a shipping cost with every warranty or replacement that comes with it.

Q: How safe are these forged knives?

A: Forged knives generally have very sharp edges, and the stainless steel can cut through your flesh quite easily. These knives are still one of the safest out there unless you use it for a different purpose other than cooking!

The non-slip handle and proportional weight ensure maximum possible safety for you.

Final Words

While it is pretty clear from the Forged in Fire chef knife review that it may not be the ideal option for master-chefs, it can be a perfect choice for beginners.

So if you plan to set your career track in the culinary arts someday- this chef knife can provide you with a head start- one that will help you in the long run!

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