How to Fillet a Redfish – A Quick & Easy Guide

Updated On: June 29, 2021

Before getting the proper knowledge, I thought filleting a redfish is one of the most challenging tasks in the world! But trust me, it’s easier, and anyone can complete the particular job quickly and successfully.

But that doesn’t mean you can pick your typical kitchen knife to get the job done. Having a particular fillet knife is your first duty. And then, you have to follow the five simple steps given below. So, let me show you how to fillet a redfish like a pro!

Step-By-Step Guideline To Fillet a Redfish

To help you understand better, I’m going to show you every process through this step-by-step guideline:

Step-1: Using a Sharp Fillet Knife

Having a sharp knife is the key element when it comes to fish cleaning. So, you should select a fillet knife that has a comfortable grip as well as perfect flex on the handle. Also, remember to sharpen your older knife before you make the first cut.

Step-2: Cutting the Redfish

Make your first cut behind the pectoral fin’s aft and the gill flap. Then, position the knife in the upward direction.

Follow the downward cutting until you reach the spine. Then, to cut along the direction of the tail and in the upper dorsal fins, you can use the tip of your fillet knife. After all, you’re just cutting an inch of flesh and the skin.

Be sure you cut above the spine while you are poking the knife around the anal fin. Then, you can cut down the tail and fillet connection.

Step-3: Meat Separation

Now, separate the meat from the bones using the tip of your knife. Lift the meat so that you can see the uncut connection. Afterward, follow the bone as your guide to cut a small section at a single time.

After you reach the center (spine), cut it over and upward. But, you have to double-check whether you left a meat layer in the spine or not. Once you remove the entire fillet from one side, you can flip the fish and repeat the whole thing for the opposite side.

Step-4: Peeling Off the Skin

Hold the fillet by the tail-end and start the peeling process. Also, hold the knife at an outward position to cut forward the skin.

Though it’s difficult to define the angle of the knife, you can assume the angle should be around 30 degrees outward. Try to make back and forth cutting while you hold the skin. It would be much easier to cut down this way.

Step-5: Removing the Bones

Once you go down the fillet’s centerline, you’ll find some red meat that contains rib bones (dorsal bones) above the rib section.

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So, to get the meat out, you have to cut the center and separate bones from the meat. Slice up the fillet into two pieces and start separating.

Special Step: Removing Bone from a Tricky Spot!

In general, Redfish have a special spot where you can find several bones. So, you must find that spot and remove the bone immediately.

Keep in mind; you have to trim right up the centerline and cut in the upward direction from the “head-end” of the fillet to the rear.

Thus, you can successfully remove these higher bones. Then, try to check once again through your finger to make sure there are no bones left. That’s all!

Wrapping Up!

I tried my level best to teach you how to fillet a redfish with ease. And I also believe that this won’t be a challenging task anymore since I’ve shown you each and every basic technique.

Don’t forget to get a “razor-sharp fillet knife” that can help you go as deep as possible to fillet your favorite Redfish!

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