How to Store Steak Knives

Updated On: July 10, 2021

Knives are the most crucial weapon a chef can take to a culinary war. Therefore, you need to keep them well-maintained all the time!

And when it is about steak knives, sharpening isn’t the only thing you can do to maintain their top-notch condition. If they are not ideally stored, you will end up butchering a delicious piece of meat every time.

So how to store steak knives, you ask? That’s what we will discuss today!

How to Store Steak Knives in Your Kitchen

The knowledge of storing knives in your kitchen is essential as your safety depends on it.

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And if you have children in your house, you need to take proper precautions to avoid any accidents. Moreover, when the steak knives are not stored ideally, they can become rusty or lose their sharpness.

Well, you don’t have to worry that if you follow all the tips, we will share them with you. So without wasting much time, let’s get started.

In-drawer Knife Block

This organizer will put an end to your habit of throwing everything in a single drawer. It is an in-drawer version of a knife block that you can get according to your compartment’s size. Just lay a dry towel on it and place the knives categorically for easy access.

And if you keep the drawer locked, your pets and kids will be safe from any hazard; that’s a relief!

Magnetic Knife Holder Strip

If you don’t want to keep a drawer occupied just for knives and want to clear some counter space, a magnetic knife holder strip is all you need. It is an excellent organizer for those who live in a tight area.

You can easily install a wooden or metal strip on your kitchen and decorate it if you want. However, it isn’t a safe option if you live in a house full of children or pets.

Leather Knife Roll

There is something elegant about the leather knife rolls, don’t you think? You will always see professional chefs open up their roll organizer and use the blade of their choice!

Well, you can use a leather roll too if you want. It is a space-saver option and offers you the ease of portability. Moreover, the leather will keep your steak knives well-maintained.

However, every time you draw a knife from the roll, you have to open the whole thing! If you can deal with this struggle, you can go with this organizer.

No-slot Knife Blocks

Well, these knife blocks look like regular ones minus the slot. These slotless organizers are effortless to clean and easy to access.

But when you take out a knife, you need to be careful as you can easily hurt yourself as there is no protection between the blades. And they tend to take a lot of counter space.

Magnetic Knife Block

Magnetic knife blocks are super convenient as you can draw a knife pretty quickly anytime you want. Moreover, the blades will not be in contact with each other, which is pretty impressive.

These organizers are very easy to maintain, and every block is moisture-free. Therefore, your steak knives will be in perfect condition.

However, your kids can easily access the knives, and if you improperly drag the blades, they will get dull easily.

Wrap up

So here was on our guide on how to store steak knives properly in your kitchen. If you follow these tips, you won’t have any trouble with maintaining your blades ever again.

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