The 5 World-Class Miracle Blade Review of 2021

Updated On: June 20, 2021

When it comes to high-quality cutlery sets, Miracle Blade has made a great name of its own in the industry. With some well-defined cutlery sets comprising of knives of different kinds, they are beneficial for home and beyond.

Miracle Blade comes with various cutlery sets to choose from, and the selection can be a tough job. The choice mostly depends on the knives, slicers, and shears included in the cutlery sets and the improved features they come with.

To make the best choice, you should go through our miracle blade review and study all the essential details included.

To minimize your work, we’ve arranged some of the most suitable Miracle Blade knife-sets with all the necessary traits required. You can make your final decision after obtaining proper knowledge of their essential features and essential properties.

Miracle Blade Kitchen Knife and Cutlery Reviews

There are many options to choose from Miracle Blade cutlery sets, which include their Perfection series, World Class blade series, etc. Each knife set comes with different types of knives, and you should choose them depending on your requirement.

Miracle Blade III Perfection Series 11-Piece Cutlery Set

Miracle Blade III Perfection Series 11-Piece Cutlery Set

  • High Quality German Stainless Steel Composition
  • Comfortable Composite Handles Offer A Safe, Secure, Slip Free Grip
  • Best Option For Supreme Quality Kitchen Sets For Gift Purposes

This 11-piece cutlery set is the best option if you’re looking for supreme quality kitchen sets for gift purposes. The knives, shears, and slicers in this set are meet most of the kitchen requirements. Both the quality and outline of this cutlery set are top-notch compared to most miracle blades.

The set comes with different essential knives like four utility knives, a paring knife, a boning knife, a curved Rock ‘n Chop knife, a fillet knife, and a straight-edge knife. A combination of so many knives makes it suitable for cutting meat, fishes, fruits, and vegetables.

It also comes with a pair of all-purpose kitchen shears, an all-purpose slicer, and a Miracle Blade slicer. The shears are designed explicitly with opening boxes and clipping leafy vegetables. All-purpose slicers are probably the most useful kitchen tool since it makes it easier to dice fruits and veggies.

Moreover, the composition of the knives, slicers, and shears includes German stainless-steel blades. The advantage of these blades is that they do not need any sharpening, and they never become dull. These knives also come with comfortable and composite handles. Such handles ensure a secure and slip-free grip.

Additionally, the set also includes a Tips & Guide booklet with Chef Tony recipes for cooking enthusiasts. It is also a lovely set and will please anyone as a gift.

Apart from the quality and looks, this set is entirely a handy set for all-purposes like chopping, slicing, cutting, and dicing. Overall, it is one of the best Miracle Blade sets out there!


  • Extremely sharp in appearance
  • Thin and lean blades
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for good grip
  • High-quality German stainless steel composition
  • No need for sharpening


  • Poorly weighted
  • Slight tendency to rust
Miracle Blade World Class 13 Piece Knife Set

Miracle Blade World Class 13 Piece Knife Set

  • Blades Are Made Of Stainless Steel Are Sharp And Strong
  • The Knives Come With Well Balanced Composite Handles
  • Combination Of All Purpose Knives

Another addition to the Miracle Blade series, this 13-piece set is an excellent option for people looking for all-purpose cutlery sets. It comes with some great knives, which are unique for carrying out some heavy-duty kitchen chores. The quality and durability of this knife set are also top-notch and spectacular.

Among the 13 pieces, there are two slicers and a pair of kitchen shears. These slicers are perfect for dicing almost anything, and the shears are great at snipping herbs, cutting food packaging, trimming crusts, etc.

The other pieces include different forms of knives for various purposes. There are four steak knives, a Carving Knife, a Rock & Chef knife, a Chop & Scoop knife, a Filet Knife, a Cheese Knife, and a Paring Knife.

All the knives included are suitable for use for cutting meat and fish, disjointing cuts, carving dense meats, and slicing them. They are also useful for slicing roasts and steak pieces, chopping nuts, etc.

Most of the kitchen chores are quickly done with the combination of all these knives. The paring knife and Chef Knife are the most useful knives for regular cooking purposes.

Furthermore, the composition of the blades includes high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel of such good quality makes the edges sharp and robust. They do not require sharpening and do not dull quickly. So, these are very durable and long-lasting.

Also, the knives come with well-balanced composite handles. Such handles provide firm and secured grip during handling. Another advantage of these knives is that they are dishwasher-safe.

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So you can clean them easily without manual clean-up. Manual clean-up often results in injuries with such sharp knives. So, these are safer for cleaning.


  • Sharp and robust blades of stainless steel
  • Safe and secured handles
  • Combination of all-purpose knives
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Tendency to rust
Miracle Blade Black 7-piece Ceramic Knife Set

Miracle Blade Black 7-piece Ceramic Knife Set

  • Sharp Blades Made Of High Quality Ceramic
  • There Are Comfortable Composite Handles Included In The Knives
  • The Feature Of Precision Engineered Blade Edge In These knives

Miracle Blade Ceramic Knife set is another remarkable addition to the family with its exclusive properties and sophisticated style. This 7-piece ceramic knife set comes with some well-defined knives that will make your kitchen chores easier. It will also serve as a great and helpful gift option for cooking enthusiasts.

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It offers a feature of precise control, which assists in easy cutting and slicing. Apart from cutting and slicing, you can obtain easy dicing and chopping properties from this unique cutlery set. There is also a sturdy handle that offers a firm grip while handling the knives.

The set includes seven knives along with sheaths, including a 6-inch Chef’s Knife, 5-inch Santoku Knife, and a World-Class Ceramic Peeler. These knives are perfect for quick chopping, dicing, slicing almost anything.

You can use them for slicing steaks, roasts, and even chopping nuts. All the knives are flash-forged and thus remain sharp over time.

And the composition of the knives includes Diamond Hard Zirconium Oxide Ceramic. The presence of such ceramic makes it highly durable, challenging, and healthy. Blades made of such strong ceramic tend to last long. Sheaths enclosed with the knives are perfect for preventing frequent wear and tear.

There is also the feature of Precision Engineered Blade Edge in these knives. This feature prevents them from losing any precision cut. It also provides resistance against rust, stain, and discoloration.

Besides, there are comfortable composite handles included in the knives. So, you can obtain a firm and comfortable grip, and there is no occasional slipping and sliding.


  • Sharp blades made of high-quality ceramic
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable and secure grip
  • Precision engineered blade edge for precise control
  • Less prone to rust and stain


  • Poorly weighted
Miracle Blade 18 Piece Knife Set Including Block

Miracle Blade 18 Piece Knife Set Including Block

  • Knives Are Flash Forged Hardened And Tempered Stainless Steel
  • Combination Of Almost All Kinds Of Essential Knives
  • Revolutionary Contoured Handles For Optimal Comfort And Safety

The 18-piece set of Miracle Blade World Class Series is one of the best cutlery sets out there. Its supreme quality and classic outline play a significant role in its popularity. It comprises sharp knives suitable for cutting through anything!

These 18 pieces knife-set comes with different knives designed for multiple purposes and a knife block. The blades included are Steak knife, Carving knife, paring knife, Slicing knife, cheese knife, Fillet knife, and a rock & chef knife.

Besides, also included in the set are kitchen shears, all-purpose slicers, and a wood-block knife holder.

Knives Included in the set are designed to meet all requirements starting from slicing to cutting, chopping, dicing, etc. Carving dense meats, disjointing cuts, slicing steaks, and roasts are all possible through these well-defined knives. Shears included in the set are perfect for package opening and trimming herbs.

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The material of the blades is stainless steel, and they are sharp enough to slice through almost anything. The stainless steel is hardened and tempered, so there is good sharpness. It is also very durable and lasts a long time without sharpening. They, too, do not dull over time and thus are considered severe and robust.

These knives are flash-forged, which makes the steel blade stronger. So, these knives keep an edge for a longer time. There is Precision Control present in the knife edges for easy slicing and cutting.

In this way, the knife does not miss a precise cut. Contoured and comfortable handles in the blade also provide secured gripping.


  • Combination of almost all kinds of essential knives
  • Has razor-sharp blades
  • Long-lasting composition
  • Precise control
  • Flash-forged blades


  • Lightweight plastic handles
  • Tendency to rust
Miracle Blade World Class Series Steak Knives Serrated

Miracle Blade World Class Series Steak Knives Serrated

  • The knives Come With Well Defined Serrated Blades
  • These knives Are Flash Forged, So They Are Strong And Durable
  • It Is A Perfect Gift Option For Cooking Enthusiasts

A relatively different set of knives, this one comes with eight steak knives suitable for slicing and cutting through steaks and roasts. It is a perfect gift option for cooking enthusiasts. You can quickly get this set for using them as good utility knives as well.

These steak knives are perfect for slicing through steak pieces. Apart from cutting steaks, you can use them for purposes like cubing cheese, coring apples, slicing sandwiches, etc. Another fair use of this steak knife is for trimming fat portion from the meat. Overall, they serve as good utility kitchen knives.

This 8-piece knife-set includes eight pieces of 4-inch steak knives. The knives come with well-defined serrated blades. Serrated blades act perfectly well when slicing through thick, challenging, and more fibrous portions of meat.

More so, these blades have the upper hand, especially when the steaks are overcooked. The serrated edges stay sharp for a longer time than straight-edged blades.

Furthermore, these knives are also flash-forged, so they are strong and durable. The stainless steel blades are of good quality and tend to last long. They are tempered and hardened enough to ensure maximum sharpness. It does not require sharpening and does not dull quickly.

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Precision control included in the blades ensures better cutting and slicing movements. So, you can obtain a precise control when making a cut or slice. The grip is firm and easy due to comfortable handles. The handles are elevated enough, and there is no chance of slipping or sliding.


  • Sharp knives with stainless steel blades
  • Serrated edges
  • Offers great precision
  • No sharpening required
  • Does not dull easily


  • Rusts easily over time
  • Plastic handles are lightweight and low quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a serrated blade better or a straight blade better for a steak knife?

A: Serrated blades come with multiple small ridges underneath the base of the knife blades. With a serrated edge, it tears through the meat and shreds them well. They also stay sharper than straight blades.

Due to their property of cutting through thick and fibrous meat portions quickly, they are considered better blades for steak knives than straight edges.

Q: What is the function of the Rock & Chop knife?

A: The blade of the Rock & chop knife is more massive than regular knives and is a curved blade. You can use it to cut and cleave meat perfectly well. Although most cleavers have a straight-edge blade, cleaving meat with a curved blade is easier.

Q: Why are the knives flash-forged?

A: The Miracle Blade knives come flash-forged, which adds to their resistance and strength. Flash-forging also makes the steel blade tough and durable. With a flash-forged stainless steel blade, no sharpening is needed. Ultimately, these knives can keep an edge for a prolonged time.

Q: Are these knives rust-proof?

A: No, they are not rust-proof. Frequently cleaning the knives through the dishwasher can result in the appearance of rust spots. The stainless steel blades have a moderate tendency to develop rust over time. Ceramic blades have minimum chances of rusting compared to the steel ones. Click Here to know how to remove rust from the knife.

Q: What is the role of the precision-engineered blade edge?

A: Precision Engineered Blade Edge in the Miracle Blade knives is a relatively new feature to ensure maximum control. This feature helps the user from losing any precision cut. It also provides resistance against rust, stain, and any form of discoloration.


Summing it up, it can be said that Miracle Blade knives are highly unique and smartly designed knives to fulfill maximum kitchen requirements.

It is essential to go through a miracle blade review to have a clear idea about the particular features, composition, and use. Our categorization of some good Miracle Blade knife-sets will be easy and helpful for you to make your final choice.

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