Rapala Fillet Knife Review for Fish Lover In 2021

Updated On: June 20, 2021

If there’s one thing that’s more fun than catching fish, it’s sitting down with your family at the dinner table while munching down on a freshly-caught fish fillet. However, cutting up fish can be a difficult task, let alone for a fillet.

The ideal tool for accomplishing this time-consuming and challenging task is a Rapala fillet knife. Knives like these have blades that are perfect for cutting up fish without creating a mess and within a short period.

Rapala Fillet Knife

In our Rapala fillet knife review, we’ll guide you to the best fillet knives from the Rapala brand.

4 Rapala Fillet Knife Review

Here, we have compiled a thorough review of some of the best options from Rapala available in the current market. Read on to discover the product that will suit your needs the best.

Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Knife With Sheath

Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Knife With Sheath

  • Swedish Stainless Steel As Blade Material
  • Includes Genuine Leather Sheath And Single Stage Sharpener
  • The Handle Is Made Of Wooden Birch

The Fish ‘N Fillet Knife is a perfect candidate for cutting up fish easily because the knife will allow you to go through the fish with utmost precision. The brand has been around for almost 50 years now, and that shows that they know how to build amazing knives.

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This product upholds its legacy proudly through its superior craftsmanship. Similar to its predecessors, it provides stellar sharpness and incomparable durability. To cut up fish in a clean and efficient manner, the tool sports a slim and angular blade. This will help you make delicate slices on the fish with great precision and accuracy.

User safety gets major emphasis on this product as the superior grip is evident thanks to the use of wood on its handle. Having a pure wooden handle also further contributes to the overall performance of the knife too.

And the longevity and portability of this product are commendable as well, which stems from its use of stainless steel blades. Its blade balances out beautifully in hand with assistance from the wooden handle and makes cutting up fish quite easy.

Another excellent addition to this knife feature is its sheath, which has pure leather as its build material. So the leather build provides an additional layer of protection to the knife and itself.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this knife also stems from one of its major features too. The wooden handle is too short in comparison to its blade. Thus, it’s best to be aware of this issue before settling on the purchase.


  • Wooden birch handle
  • Fitted with a safety notch
  • Includes a pure-leather sheath
  • Single-stage sharpener included for blade maintenance
  • Swedish stainless steel as blade material


  • The handle is comparatively smaller
  • The blade is easily damageable
Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet Knife With Sheath

Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet Knife With Sheath

  • Made Of Rapala Stainless Steel Blade With A Soft Grip
  • Excellent Ration In Terms Of The Handle To Blade
  • Blade Sharpening Time Doesn’t Exceed 10 Seconds

When it comes to thinking about user comfort, the Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet is an obvious choice. It uses the world-class Rapala stainless steel blade with a soft grip to ensure maximum user comfort. The overall balance of the knife is also highly commendable due to the excellent ratio between blade and handle.

This fillet knife also has a single-stage sharpener as an attachment, which is a great tool for keeping the blade sharp. The sharpener will help to increase the overall efficiency and longevity of the knife. Users can use this product at a stretch without feeling any need to replace it.

The longevity of the product itself and consistency in cutting is also something worth looking forward to thanks to Rapala’s reputable finish. Although there is a lot of wear and tear that may occur when using fillet knives for a long period of time, the smoothness that users experience from using this product is second to none.

And this knife is also the perfect companion for hunting and outdoor events. This is because these knives come with their very own black sheath. Users can easily fit the sheath around their waist, thus giving it a slight boost in portability without any chances of dropping off when hosting backyard parties.

One issue to be careful of when using this fillet knife is the massive difference in the bolster and the spine. It increases the difficulty in placing precise and accurate cuts. Therefore, it’s important to be cautious in finding a path before cutting on it.

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  • Ideal blade inch of 7 ½”
  • Has a no-slip to provide a strong grip
  • Excellent ration in terms of the handle to blade
  • Blade sharpening time doesn’t exceed 10 seconds
  • Extremely thin blade


  • No sealing around the hilt
  • The excessive gap between bolster and spine
Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

  • Made Of Highest Quality Material
  • Being Perfectly Safe For Use In Dishwashers
  • With Double The Speed And Triple The Power

The Heavy-Duty Electric Knife by Rapala is an ideal Rapala electric fillet knife. This is because it receives power from an electric cord, which makes the entire process of making fillet cuts super easy. And this product is easily cleanable compared to other similar electric knives in the market.

Being perfectly safe for use in dishwashers, it is extremely convenient in maintaining cleanliness. The product’s blades are reciprocating. This helps add an additional protective measure when being washed in a dishwasher, thus eliminating the chances of any type of malfunctions or damages that can happen.

Veteran chefs and fishing enthusiasts will also appreciate its high longevity, which stems from its stainless steel blades. Furthermore, the vibration emission is very mild when the device is in operation, which makes it quite an excellent pick.

With double the speed and triple the power, this knife is comparatively more efficient than its competitors. Thanks to the extra power it receives from its motor, it can easily cut off fish like its butter. The problem that a user might face when using this fillet knife is the need to change it often.

Moreover, the device cannot last for more than a year in any circumstances. The blade is not as durable as other Rapala fillet knives. Therefore, it is quicker to experience damage and dents. Users should be wary and ready to make purchases often if they plan to commit to this product.


  • 110V power motor for greater efficiency
  • Highly durable motor
  • Doubles in power in comparison to other similar knives
  • Greater control when cutting fish
  • Power cord with an 8-foot length


  • Cannot last longer than 6 months
  • Blades are of cheap quality
Rapala Black Electric Fillet Knife With Fork

Rapala Black Electric Fillet Knife With Fork

  • Crafted From The Highest Quality Materials
  • Easily Adjustable In A Tackle Box
  • Reciprocating Blades For Easy Use

When it comes to tools that help cut up, fillet, and skewer fishes on the spot, the Rapala Electric Fillet Knife is a great choice because of all the accessibility it provides for a corded knife.

Although it is not as convenient as a Rapala cordless fillet knife or a Rapala lithium ion cordless fillet knife, it can certainly do the job easily compared to other models. The reason it is more efficient than the above-mentioned models is its herculean power, which stems from connectivity with a direct source of electricity.

Straight off the bat, you will absolutely enjoy how easily it is adjustable into a tackle box. With a 7 ½” blade that is reciprocating, it is perfectly suitable for carrying around in small spaces like this with comfort.

The attachments that come with this knife is perfect for holding a freshly caught fish in place to carve out choice fillet cuts. A lot of people love the fillet fork that comes with this knife. It’s an excellent addition to lending support in cutting up fish and meat alike.

Another noteworthy feature of this knife is its power consumption rate. For a corded knife, it is very economical in electricity consumption while also maintaining enough space to move around thanks to the 7-foot long power cord.

However, many people are not exactly aware of the power this knife packs when purchasing it. This knife is packed with more strength than most other electric fillet knives. Therefore, a strong arm is necessary when operating this tool. Otherwise, users run the risks of accidents and haphazard cuts.

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  • Easily adjustable in a tackle box
  • Fillet fork included with every purchase
  • Long 7-foot power cord
  • Reciprocating blades for easy use
  • Overall weight of only 11.2 ounces


  • High-velocity results in difficult control
  • Thick blades can’t assist in filleting small fish

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Rapala fillet knives:

Q: How to sharpen a fillet knife?

A: The simplest way to sharpen a fillet knife is by rubbing it with a sharpening stone. It will help you determine the level of sharpness you want your knife to have. Although you need to know the proper technique to execute this method properly, this is the most convenient process. Click here to more know.

Q: What type of steel is used in the Rapala fillet knife?

A: Rapala fillet knives promise incomparable durability and efficiency. Therefore, most of their fillet knives use Swedish stainless steel as the blade. Swedish stainless steel is the best version of stainless steel currently.

They are incredibly thin and have great longevity, which ensures the smoothest cuts. And they are also quite easy to maintain and clean.

Q: How many volts does a Rapala ion fillet knife consume?

A: Rapala ion fillet knives are purchased for their portability. These knives do not consume more than 110V in any case. However, there are very rare exceptions that have an electricity consumption rate of 150V.


There are many options among Rapala fillet knives and even many more replicas. Nonetheless, now you know how to select the perfect fillet knife for yourself.

Hopefully, our Rapala fillet knife review will help you determine exactly what you need. So head out and grab the product that suits you best. Without further ado, let the filleting commence!

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