How to Dispose of Old Kitchen Knives Safely – Step by Step Guide

Updated On: July 10, 2021

Perhaps you know how to sharpen the kitchen knives once it gets dull. But do you know how to dispose of kitchen knives?

Well, arguably you invest a lot of money in buying kitchen knives and when the blade gets blunt you try to regain the sharpness.

In fact, it’s not a wise idea to throw away or alter kitchen knives every time it gets dull. There are plenty of ways to bring it back to life.

Now question being, when will you stop the perpetual sharpening and throw them in the trash can?

And how are you going to do it? Well, to help you resolve all the dilemmas, I have outlined a guide on how you can make a safe disposal of your kitchen knives.

Check it out below!

When Should I Throw My Old Knives?

Your knives might be old but not necessarily blunt. If your knife still works and cuts through decent food objects, then there’s no need to throw them out.

Even if there’s a tiny bit of possibility that you can rejuvenate the sharpness, you should try to regain it. But when exactly are you supposed to dispose of them?

Well, first thing first, if your knife is broken due to excessive pressure or any inconvenience, then you definitely shouldn’t use it further.

Secondly, check out for some visible chips. If there’s any trace of large chips, then it’s time your knife should retire.

Broken Kitchen Knife

Why Safe Disposal Is Necessary?

Trash Collector Injuries

Perhaps you don’t know, but there are legit laws and principles for using knives. Mostly for professional chefs who carry them along with their commutes. The law itself governs how you should store it and how they need to be taken care of.

And the law exists so that there’s no imminent danger of severe or minor injuries. If you throw the knives in the garbage can without taking any safety precautions, then chances are there that they will cut through the trash bags and breed chronic injuries.

Also, the people who collect trash can witness the same consequences. Furthermore, you should think about the animals such as stray dogs, birds, and street cats who survive on the garbage food. Needless to say, there’s a risk of potential harm. Hence you should always follow the safe disposal rules when your kitchen knives are no longer needed.

Disposing Kitchen Knives- Explained!

Here I will tell you how to dispose of knives legally. Let’s wade through the steps!

  • Step 1

The very first step is to cover the knife properly with thick paper, bubble wrap, or cardboard.

  • Step 2

In order to secure the shield you have created around the knives you need some tapes. So, once you have the tapes in hand start wrapping the papers firmly. Make sure the grip is stable and rigid enough.

  • Step 3

Consider purchasing a cork for the tip of your blade. Because even after the knife is terribly damaged and chipped, the tip can still be pointy enough to penetrate. Hence use a cork to cover the tip of the blade

  • Step 4

Find a puncture-proof metal container. And now keep the concealed knives inside the container. Once you place it inside, make sure you close the lid and secure it with some tapes.

  • Step 5

This step is the most underrated and overlooked one. But trust me it’s necessary! So what you are going to do in this step is to make a label written “sharp item” or “caution” and attach it to the container. It will be very helpful for the people who gather garbage from your locality.

  • Step 6

Lastly, it’s time to throw them in the trash can. The legal of disposing of old knives are quite the same. If you are living in the UK, then make sure you place the old knives in the curbside general waste bin.

Don’t forget to wrap them and secure them how I mentioned above. The reason why you have to throw them in this particular place is that the trash will be burnt to produce energy later.

Where to Donate Old Knives?

It can either be any local charity shop or your local police station. The thing with police stations is that some of them have knife amnesty bins.

And donating them to a police station is one of the best ways to say goodbye to your old kitchen knives. Besides, there’s plenty of websites which are open to taking knife donation.

You can check out in this regard.

Does Goodwill Take Kitchen Knives?

I have been noticing this one question whether does goodwill take kitchen knives or not in quora for the last few months.

And I have done my research to assess the authenticity of the news. So, the thing is yes, goodwill accepts old kitchen knives.

In fact, they are in desperate need of it. However, don’t forget to mention that the kitchen knives are damaged because old knives can be recycled or revived.

But damaged ones might not. Hence, it’s better to clarify for the people who might be anticipating something else.

End Quote

I believe now that you know how to dispose of kitchen knives, you won’t be pondering what to do with old knives anymore.

In my opinion, you should consider recycling as well. You just need to contact your local recycling center or civic amenity site where stuff like that is recycled.

But no matter which way you resort to dispose of the kitchen knives, you have to follow the rules of wrapping them up and keeping yourself and others safe from impending injury.

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