Why Does a Tomato Knife Have Two Points? Everything You Need to Know

Updated On: September 6, 2021

Have you wondered something very specific while holding your tomato knife? Like, why does a tomato knife have two points? And, what purpose does it even serve?

This question, in particular, has plagued many people, and in this post, we are going to provide the backdrop.

So, if you are always wondering about this neat little point, then think no more. All your questions are about to be answered, and you will be surprised to learn a lot more than you signed up for!

The Knife Point

First thing is first, let us discuss what the point is because many people still have confusion about this particular term.

When buying a tomato knife, this is undoubtedly what you first noticed, and we can guarantee everyone else did too.

To be very specific, the knife’s end, which is the tip of the blade, is what we call the knife’s point. It is the point at which the edge and the spine of the knife intersect and end off.

The knife’s profile is such that it also meets up at the point, and this is what makes it pointy. When it comes to the pointed tip, there are several variants available in the market.

Some are like a needle, with precise and needle-like thickness. Others are like a spear and are called spear points.

In a tomato knife, the single point splits into two serrations. That gives it the look of two tips.

This may look like a mistake in the design, but as you read on, we will explain why this two pointed design is quite the cutlery marvel.

Some knives even have multiple points, but that will not be the topic of today’s discussion.

Why Does a Tomato Knife Have Two Points?

As we just mentioned, the double-pointed design has its purposes, and here we will break them down one by one.

Adds Stability to the Tip

The tip is used for precise cutting and markings. That means it requires a good deal of stability and balance.

The dual tip nature means more balance is available in the knife, and it becomes much easier for the user to slice and dice with it.

Assists in Better Scraping of the Insides

Sometimes it so happens that you may have to remove little bits and pieces of food from the board or corners.

It does not have to be tomatoes per se; it could be any other fruit or vegetable. Even meat might get stuck in the pan, and you will be amazed at how well the double tip can scrape it out.

Furthermore, tomatoes, in particular, are rather soft and mushy on the inside. That means there is a real risk of damaging the insides when scooping up the contents found within.

A double-pointed knife will negate this issue, as you can carefully scoop up and remove the flesh without causing any damage to the area.

The single-tipped knife will not work as well as the double-pointed one in this regard, as the flesh will not sit well on the single tip.

Makes it Easier to Remove the Core

When chopping up a tomato, you will have to admit that one of the most annoying and sometimes the most difficult things is to remove the core with precision and accuracy.

If not removed properly, it will ruin the inside of the tomato, and you will not get clean cuts later on. However, when you have dual ends, the task becomes amazingly straightforward.

All you need to do is scoop into the core and remove it. That is quite hard to do properly with a single edge, but you can try it out if you want to experiment.

Helps Get Rid of Seeds

Another key point of having dual tips is that you can easily remove those pesky seeds.

This does not just apply to tomatoes; of course, you can remove seeds from other fruits as well, such as guavas and apples.

The two tips can remove seeds much better than a single end can, making the process much faster.

Should I Get a Tomato Knife?

The answer to this is yes! A tomato knife does not have to be for tomatoes only. As we discussed above, you can use it on other fruits as well, with equal efficacy. So it is worthwhile investing in a double-ended tomato knife.


So why does a tomato knife have two points? The answer to this is to make life easier. It is something truly worth investing in as it will contribute to improving your speed and culinary skills in no time!

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